Positive Words That Start With Y (With Definitions)

The list of positive words that start with Y are quite short, however, they all carry a strong sense of joy and optimism.

Yokemate, for example, is used to refer to a close friend or companion that one can rely on. Yippee is often used as an exclamation to express excitement and joy, while yes-man refers to someone who always agrees with requests regardless of the circumstances.

Positive Words Starting With y

List of Positive Words Starting With Y

Y words that are positive include:


Yakking: To talk enthusiastically or at length about something.

Yare: Nimble and agile; quick-witted.

Yarn: A tall tale, usually highly embellished.

Yawp: A vigorous shout or cry, usually in celebration.

Yay: An expression of joy or excitement.

Yea: An expression of joy and enthusiasm, usually used to celebrate victories or successes.

Yearn: To have an intense desire for something that you don’t yet have.

Yearning: A deep emotional state of longing for something.

Yes: A positive response, usually indicating agreement.

Yes-man: Someone whose only answer is yes to all requests, regardless of the circumstances.

Yesteryear: The past, especially in relation to a simpler time or older

Yield: To surrender control or power to another.

Yielded: To have given in to something; to have yielded to something.

Yielding: Giving way to other people and their opinions; being flexible.

Yieldingly: Willingness to be flexible and open to change.

Yieldingness: A willingness to be flexible and open to change.

Yippee: An expression of joy and excitement.

Yippee-ki-yay: An expression of joy and excitement, often used as an exclamation when celebrating victories or successes.

Yippity-doo-da: An exclamation expressing happiness and excitement.

Yodel: To sing a type of traditional music characterized by sudden changes in vocal style.

Yodelay-hee: An expression of joy or exuberance; often used to celebrate a victory or success.

Yodelayheehoo: A phrase used to express joy and excitement.

Yodeller: Someone who sings a type of traditional music characterized by sudden changes in vocal style.

Yodelling: A type of vocal music characterized by sudden changes in vocal style.

Yoga: A physical, mental, and spiritual practice originating in India.

Yogic: Pertaining to the practice of yoga and its principles.

Yokemate: A close friend, companion, or collaborator.

Yore: An old-fashioned phrase for the distant past.

Young-at-heart: Holding on to a youthful outlook and energy despite physical age.

Youngish: Falling somewhere between young and old, usually referring to a slightly older person with youthful energy.

Youthful: Representing the freshness, vigor, and innocence of youth.

Youthfulness: Representing the freshness and vigor of youth.

Yule: The Christmas season in the Northern Hemisphere.

Yummy: Deliciously appealing or enjoyable.


list of positive words starting with y

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