Positive Adjectives That Start With P – Positive P Words & Definitions

A list of positive adjectives that start with p and can be used to describe positive actions, people, events and things.

Describing words are a great way to add intensity, feeling and detail to your written and verbal language.

For a an entire list of positive adjectives from A to Z be sure to check out: Positive Words List A-Z & How to Use Them More Often!

For now, here’s a great list of describing words starting with the letter P and their definitions.

Positive Words That Start With P 


  • pacey – moving or progressing quickly.


  • palatable – used to describe when food or drink tastes good.


  • pally – a friendly, close relationship between two or more people.


  • paradise  – technically a noun, but paradise can be used to describe a beautiful or desirable place.


  • particular – while it can mean a certain individual or thing, it can also mean to pay extra special attention to something.


  • passionate – intense feelings and showing strong beliefs towards something or someone.


  • partisan – fiercy supportive and loyal to a cause.


  • paternal – while paternal means relation by father, it can also mean to show feelings, support, guidance etc as if a father figure.


  • patient – the ability to calmly accept delays, problems or setbacks without showing strong negative emotion.


  • peaceful – a tranquil feeling, free from disturbance, stress, upset, war or violence.


  • peachy – can be used to describe an actual peach,  but can also be used to describe a situation where everything is going well.


  • penetrating – the ability to make progress or get through something.


  • perceptive – the ability to see and sense things, feelings etc from other people and situations.


  • perfect – as good as can possibly be.


  • perky – used to describe when someone appears very cheerful and happy.


  • persistent – the ability to keep going, staying determined and committed.


  • personable – when someone has a pleasant manner and way of dealing with, speaking with and being around others.


  • persuasive – the ability to convince or compel themselves or others to do something.


  • pert – attractive, cheerful and youthful.


  • pertinent – describes a close relevance.


  • petite – used to describe something or someone of a small size.


  • phenomenal – describes someone or something that is remarkable or exceptionally good.


  • philanthropic – charitable, caring and generous interests in helping others.


  • philosophical – used to describe a way of relating or analyzing reality and existence, but also used to describe a calmness or stoic attitude towards challenges or difficulties.


  • picturesque – a way to describe something that is visually appealing. 


  • pilot – as an adjective, pilot means to experiment or test a way of doing something.


  • pioneering – new, innovative ways of doing something.


  • pious – used to describe someone who is deeply religious.


  • piquant – a way of describing a strong, yet appealing flavour or an interesting, stimulating idea.


  • pivotal – a crucial or central importance to the follow through or success of something else.


  • placid – used to describe someone who is calm and not easily upset or emotional.


  • plausible – when something appears reasonable, true or probable.


  • playful – light-hearted and open to playing and having a laugh with others.


  • pleasant – when someone is happy, friendly, likeable or when something is enjoyable.


  • pleasing – when something is satisfying.


  • plentiful – abundant qualities of something.


  • plus – greater than something (at least 50 degrees plus) and a way to describe a positive thing or situation.


  • plush – a way to describe something that is expensive, luxurious or extravagant. 


  • poetic – relating to poetry, poetic can describe an emotional and descriptive way of expressing oneself.


  • poised – describes calm, self-assured manner.


  • polished – can be used to describe something that has been made shiny, or can be used to describe something that is elegant, refined or sophisticated in appearance and manner.


  • polite – behaving in a way that shows respect and consideration for others.


  • posh – describes something or someone that is elegant, stylish or luxurious.


  • positive – an optimistic, upbeat and confident approach to thinking and behaving.


  • possible – used to describe something that may happen, may be achieved etc but it’s not a certainty – still a possibility.


  • potent – a great power or effect.


  • potential – having the skills or capability to achieve something in the future.


  • powerful – describes having a great strength, force or power.


  • practical – a real-life approach to viewing something or getting something done – rather than focusing on theories or ideas only.


  • pragmatic – a sensible way of dealing with something – a very practical and sensible approach.


  • praiseworthy – when approval is deserved and commended.


  • prayerful – when a person spends time in prayer.


  • precious – to describe someone or something of great value.


  • precise – an accurate and detailed way of expressing something.


  • pre-eminent – usually describes an expert, a leader or someone who is distinguished in their field of knowledge.


  • preferable – describes the more desirable option.


  • prepotent – used to describe someone who is greater, more influential or more powerful than others.


  • present – as an adjective, present means to be in attendance and focused in attention on the now.


  • prestigious – to describe a level of respect, good standing or solid reputation.


  • pretty – usually to describe an attractiveness.


  • prevailing – existing in a current situation.


  • priceless – something or someone considered so precious that no monetary value could be determined.


  • primal – a basic, vital and fundamental way of life.


  • primo – the top quality or very best of something.


  • principal – the main, biggest, highest rank or most important.


  • principled – to describe someone who maintains their integrity and lives by their values and morals.


  • pristine – a clean, original, as new or perfect condition.


  • privileged – lucky and/or having been provided advantages.


  • probable – something that is likely to occur in the future.


  • productive – the ability to produce, make or complete something that is required.


  • professional – someone who is an expert, particularly good at, qualified and/or a leader in their field.


  • prosperous – successful and financially flourishing.


  • proud – a feeling of satisfaction and pleasure from one’s own achievements.


  • prudent – showing thought and care for the future in some way.


  • punchy – having impact in some way that others notice.


  • punctual – being somewhere or turning up at the agreed upon time.


  • purposeful – having or acting in a way that shows a dedicated and useful purpose.


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