Positive Words That Start With I (With Definitions)

This list of positive words all start with the letter I.

From imagination and illuminating to iconic and incredible, these words are all positive and inspiring.

positive words that start with i

List of Positive Words Starting With I


Icon – a representation of an idea, concept or object; an iconic figure.

Iconic – having enduring fame, recognition or importance; a symbol of greatness.

Ideal – representing the best possible example; perfect and faultless.

Idealistic– having high principles or standards; believing in the perfection of people, societies and systems.

Idolize – to admire or revere someone or something highly.

Idolized – highly admired and adored; revered.

Idyllic – peaceful and tranquil; perfect in its beauty and simplicity.

Illuminate – to enlighten someone with knowledge; to clarify a situation.

Illuminating – enlightening and clarifying; shedding light on a situation.

Illustrated – portrayed in a vivid and graphic way; made clear or evident by the use of images.

Illustrious – famous, well-known and highly respected.

Imagination – the ability to form mental images or concepts of external objects not present to the senses.

Imaginative– having a creative ability to form new ideas or images in the mind.

Imbued– filled with emotion; inspired by enthusiasm and strong feeling.

Impartial– unprejudiced and unbiased; fair and just.

Impassioned – filled with enthusiasm, excitement and fervor.

Impeccable– without fault or flaw; perfect in quality or action.

Imperturbable – calm, composed and unruffled; not easily disturbed.

Impervious – unable to be penetrated or affected by something, such as pressure, heat, or concen-

Impressive – making a strong and lasting impression; remarkable or awe-inspiring.

Impulsive – acting or speaking without thinking; spontaneous.

Inclusive – open-minded and accepting of all people regardless of differences.

Incomparable – beyond comparison; having no equal.

Incorruptible – incapable of being corrupted; incorrupt and honest.

Incredible – astonishing, unbelievable or improbable in nature.

Indefatigable – tireless, showing extreme energy and determination; relentless in pursuit of an objective.

Indelible – unable to be erased, forgotten or removed in any way.

Independent – not controlled or influenced by others; self-reliant and autonomous.

Indispensable – absolutely necessary or essential; irreplaceable.

Individual – unique and distinct from others; not part of a larger whole.

Indomitable – unconquerable; impossible to subdue or defeat despite any adversity.

Industrious – hardworking, diligent and productive.

Inestimable – too great or valuable to be estimated or computed.

Inexhaustible – seemingly endless; boundless in energy or creativity.

Influential – having influence over others; capable of affecting change.

Ingenious – clever, inventive and resourceful.

Initiator – taking the first step, starting something new.

Innate – naturally occurring, existing within oneself from birth or since infancy without having been learned.

Innovative– introducing new ideas, methods or products.

Innovator – one who introduces or implements a new idea, method or product.

Insightful – having an understanding and perception of a situation or person with clear vision.

Inspirational – providing motivation, having the capacity to incite enthusiasm.

Inspire – to motivate, encourage and fill someone with enthusiasm.

Inspired – created or drawn from an inner source of creativity; motivated by something.

Inspiring– providing motivation, having the capacity to incite enthusiasm.

Integral– necessary for completeness, forming an essential part of a whole.

Integrity– moral uprightness, honesty and fairness.

Intellectual– possessing intelligence and mental acuity; knowledgeable and shrewd.

Intelligent – possessing a sharp and inquisitive mind.

Intense – of great strength, power, concentration or intensity.

Interactive – involving two-way communication, allowing for response and discussion between individuals.

Interesting– arousing curiosity; captivating and engaging.

Intrepid– having courage and bravery in the face of danger or difficulty.

Introverted – tending to be shy, inwardly focused and introspective.

Intuitive– having a quick understanding of complex situations; operating on instinct.

Invaluable– extremely precious and invaluable.

Inventive– having the ability to create something new or original.

Invested – dedicated and committed to achieving a goal.

Invigorate – to energize, revitalize and refresh someone’s spirit.

Invigorating– energizing and stimulating; refreshing and revitalizing.

Invincible – unconquerable; unbeatable.

Inviting– friendly, welcoming and alluring.

Invulnerable – incapable of being damaged, wounded or hurt in any way.

Ironic– containing unexpected and surprising coincidences; a situation with amusingly contradictory qualities.

Irrefutable – indisputable; not able to be disproved or refuted by argument.


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