Positive Adjectives That Start With N – Positive N Words & Definitions

A list of positive adjectives that start with n and can be used to describe positive actions, people, events and things.

Describing words are a great way to add intensity, feeling and detail to your written and verbal language.

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For now, here’s a great list of describing words starting with the letter N and their definitions.

Positive Adjectives That Start With N  


  • nacreous – possessing an iridescent, pearly or lustrous appearance or quality.


  • na├»ve –  often meaning someone who lacks knowledge in some area, however naive can be a very positive word when describing an innocent, natural or unaffected person.


  • naked – not only can naked mean without clothes, but it can also describe expressing feelings and sharing undisguised vulnerability with others. 


  • namaste – technically a noun, namaste is often used colloquially as an adjective to describe calm, peace and gentle greetings or goodbyes. 


  • national – describes a characteristic or common interest of a whole country.


  • native – describes someone, something or groups that belong, come from or associates with a place of origin. 


  • natty – a word to describe someone who is fashionably dressed or styled.


  • natural – we might say that a person is a ‘natural’ if they find something easy or we may say something is natural if it is derived from nature and has not had interference from humankind. 


  • naturalistic – something that is or closely imitates nature or real life.


  • navigator – a noun, but navigator can also be used when describing someone who is leading the way, teaching or showing someone where to go or how to do something.


  • near – not too far away or ahead now.


  • nearby – not far away, but close.


  • neat – well organized, tidy and in good order.


  • necessary – something that is needed to be done or achieved. Considered essential.


  • nectar – used to describe a great tasting liquid.


  • needed – required, necessary, desired or wanted.


  • negotiable – flexible, open and willing to discuss or modify.


  • neighborly – used to describe someone or a group of people who are kind, friendly, helpful etc and usually located within your community.


  • neoteric – something (or someone) that is considered new, modern or innovative.


  • nerdy – often thought in a derogatory way, nerdy can also be used to positively describe someone who is obsessive with a particular subject or interest (in a good way).


  • nested – next to or pressed close to someone or something for protection or affection.


  • never-ending – something that does not have an end-date. Often used in a complaining way, we can also want many things in our life to be ‘never-ending’ too.


  • new – something that has just been created, produced, introduced or discovered. 


  • newborn – a child or animal that has recently been born. Some people may also use the word newborn to describe a reawakening or a brand new creation of theirs.


  • newfangled – a new idea or item that has been introduced.


  • newfound – another word used to describe something fresh, new or recently discovered.


  • nice – someone or something that is pleasant, good, satisfactory, attractive or appealing. 


  • nifty – a way to describe a person or item that is stylish, innovative or particularly skilful. 


  • nimble – someone who is quick, agile, flexible or light-footed in their movement.


  • nippy – a word that can be used much in the same way as nimble (to move quickly) or can also mean the weather is a little on the colder side.


  • nirvana – technically a noun, but also colloquially can be used to describe a blissful state, or enlightenment.


  • nobby – a slang word to describe someone who is stylish, fashionable and appears superior.


  • noble – describes someone who displays high moral standards, and can also be used to describe someone who is born with an aristocratic title or rank.


  • noetic – thinking and reasoning of the mind.


  • noisy – making a lot of noise; in a positive way this can relate to laughter, giggling, singing and having fun.


  • non-belligerent – a person, group, organization or country that does not fight or engage in conflict or war.


  • nonchalant – a relaxed and calm state of being.


  • nonpareil – someone or something that tends to be that good that they are unrivalled, having no match or equal.


  • normal – a standard way of doing something. 


  • nostalgic – a sentimental feeling of good times and memories from the past.


  • notable – someone or something that is remarkable and worthy of attention or recognition. 


  • noted – famous, prominent or well known for something. 


  • noteworthy – something or someone that is interesting and worthy of attention.


  • noticeable – used to describe something or someone that is easy to see or obvious.


  • nourishing – often used to describe a food or drink that is healthy, nutritious and good for us.


  • novel – as an adjective, novel means something that is new, fresh or innovative.


  • novelty – can be used to describe something or someone that is new, interesting or creates curiosity.


  • now – an adjective that is used to describe someone or someone that is fashionable or up to date.


  • nuanced – subtle and sometimes complex qualities or characteristics. Not straight forward or easy to describe.


  • numberless – far too many to count – completely immeasurable.


  • numerable – having the capacity to be measured and countered.


  • numerous – a high number.


  • numinous – a person who is considered highly spiritual and may have a mysterious, divine presence.


  • nursing – feeding and caring for a child.


  • nurturing – providing support, food, love, care or protection for someone or something.


  • nutritious – positive, healthy, good food and drink that nourishes.


  • nuzzled – a way to describe an affectionate caress from or to a person or animal.


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