Positive Words That Start With J (With Definitions)

When we think of positive words that start with J we might think of joke and jest. Joke refers to a humorous remark or story, while jest describes the act of speaking humorously or in a playful manner. Other positive words that start with J include justification, juxtaposition and joy.

A list of positive words that start with the letter J can be found below, all with a short, simple definition.

positive words that start with j

List of Positive Words Starting With J

Jaunt – A short journey or outing for pleasure.

Jauntiness – A carefree, lighthearted attitude or demeanor.

Jest – To speak humorously or in a playful manner; joke.

Jocular – Characterized by jesting, joking, or wittiness.

Jocund – Playful and merry in disposition; full of good humor.

Joke – A humorous remark or story.

Jolly – Cheerful, lively, and full of good humor.

Journal – A written record of the thoughts, feelings, and observations of a person.

Journaling – The practice of recording one’s thoughts, feelings, and experiences.

Journey – A trip from one place to another.

Jovial – Cheerful, friendly, and good-humored.

Joviality – The quality of being cheerful and light-hearted in disposition.

Joy – A feeling of great pleasure and happiness.

Joyful – Showing great happiness and delight.

Joyfulness – The feeling of being full of joy and happiness.

Joyous – The feeling of great happiness and delight.

Jubilance – A feeling or expression of joy or triumph.

Jubilant – Feeling or expressing great joy and triumph.

Jubilate – To show great joy or jubilation over something.

Jubilation – A feeling of great joy or delight.

Jubilee – A special anniversary celebration.

Judgment – The ability to make considered decisions or come to sensible conclusions.

Judicious – Sound in judgment; using reason.

Judiciousness – The quality of being wise in judgment and prudent in action.

Just – Acting or done in accordance with what is morally right.

Justice – The quality of being fair and reasonable in treatment or judgment.

Justifiable – Able to be defended, supported, or explained.

Justification – Defense or proof in support of a belief or action.

Justly – In a fair and reasonable manner; properly, rightly, or correctly.

Justness – Being exactly right; correct.

Juxtapose – To place two things side by side for comparison or contrast.

Juxtaposition – The act of placing two objects side-by-side for comparison or contrast.


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