WELCOME TO the goal chaser

Where We Encourage Doing As Well As Dreaming!

We know that mindset is the secret sauce in life, and we apply that concept – to absolutely everything🚀.

The Goal Chaser is a website where we explore everything from mindset shifts, life hacks, science-backed research on self-development, stoicism, and real-world strategies for ‘self-help’ theories.

This platform is a reminder to live deliberately, to harness the power of intention, and to craft a life that resonates with you. Here, the pursuit of possibilities is not just encouraged—it’s expected.

Our Philosophy: Live Life On Purpose!

It’s so easy to drift along in life, getting pulled along by circumstances and external influences. But, when we stop and really look at how we want to spend our precious time, we can design a life we love, and start making some amazing course corrections.

Our Story

Gemma Kate, writer and human resource analyst, founded The Goal Chaser in 2016. Setting out to share her extensive human development expertise and a love of delving into the power of mindset.

And now in 2024 she’s built a team of equally passionate and knowledgeable writers, who also love sharing inspiring content.

Our Mission

We aim to share inspiring words and ideas, and instead of sprouting ‘motivational’ quotes that are quickly forgotten, we delve into them to learn more, and encourage action taking.

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