Positive Words That Start With B – (With Definitions)

There are many positive words that start with the letter B.

Here, we expand on some words that start with b – words that encourage, uplift and inspire positive thoughts and connotations. They can be used in a variety of ways, check the list and their definitions to see what stands out for you.

Positive Words Starting With B

Here are some of the most commonly used positive words, along with their definitions:


Ballsy: a slang term to describe someone who is particularly confident and determined.


Beam/beaming: whilst beam can have a few different meanings, the positive verb we are talking about here is to shine brightly. For example, ‘she was simply beaming with happiness.’


Beautiful: when something, someone or somewhere is attractive and pleasing to look at.


Beautify: to improve the physical appearance of.


Becoming: concerned with appearances, becoming means something looks good and/or is considered suitable.


Believable: a convincing or realistic situation or event. For example, ‘to him, winning gold was always a believable goal.’


Believe: to accept and trust that something is true – particularly when it can’t be seen with the eyes.


Beneficial: resulting in advantageous outcomes to someone or something.


Benefits: advantages that are received from someone, something or a particular act.


Best: the most desirable type or quality of something.


Beyond: the further side of something. For example, ‘we need to think beyond our past goals to make bigger, more exciting goals.’


Big: of considerable size or importance.


Blasting: to break apart, blow up or be very loud.


Blazing: very hot or heated – for example, ‘they had a blazing argument about household chores’.


Bless: to give praise.


Blessed: to feel appreciative or grateful of something or someone.


Blessings: to receive good thoughts, wishes and hope from another.


Bliss: a state or feeling of absolute joy and happiness.


Blossom: used to mean when a flower produces flowers and when someone transforms or develops to become better, stronger, happier.


Bold: a confident approach, willing to take risks and show courage.


Bona fide: when something or someone is authentic and genuine.


Bonus: extra advantage of something. For example, ‘she was running to get fit but the bonus was that is also helped her mental health.’


Bonzer: slang for excellent.


Boost: help or encouragement to uplift or improve.


Bounce: in relation to positive words, bounce can mean to rebound or show resilience.


Boundless: to know no limits to something. For example, ‘he always has boundless energy’.


Bountiful: abundant in quantity of something.


Brain: often used to describe someone’s intelligence or mental abilities.


Brainstorm: an activity that can be done alone or with others, where ideas and problem solving is encouraged.


Brainy: someone who shows high intelligence about something.


Bravado: when someone shows a high level of confidence about something.


Brave: the ability to face an unpleasant or dangerous situation with courage.


Bravo: an endorsement of approval from others.


Breakthrough: a major advancement or step forward in something.


Breathtaking: so spectacular that it takes one’s breath away, causing a pause.


Breeze: when something is extremely easy to do.


Bright: a shining light, or an intelligent plan. For example, ‘what bright idea has she come up with now?’


Brighten: to make something even better by enhancing it, cheering someone up or adding light.


Brilliance: intense brightness and/or exceptional mental intelligence.


Brimming: to fill something up so much that it is about to overflow or reach it’s full capacity.


Broadminded: the ability to keep an open mind and to consider things from all perspectives.


Build: to make something from scratch or to strengthen on something already existing. To make better.


Buoyant: the ability to be optimistic, happy and carefree.


Bustling: full of activity and/or moving around energetically.


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