Positive Words That Start With X (With Definitions)

A list of positive words that start with X is, as expected, quite short. 

However, the words in this list are special because they each hold unique definitions that can be very helpful when constructing positive thoughts and messages.

positive words that start with x

List of Positive Words Starting With X

Xanthic: Having a bright yellow colour; tending towards yellow.

Xanthous: A bright, cheerful outlook on life.

Xenagogue: To guide or lead people in a helpful way.

Xenia: Friendly hospitality given by a host to a stranger or guest.

Xenial: Friendly, hospitable and generous.

Xeniality: Feeling of warmth or friendship expressed by a host towards a guest.

Xenodochia: Kind, friendly and hospitable to strangers.

Xenodochy: Acts of kindness and hospitality towards strangers.

Xeno-economics: Economics focused on the global flow of goods and services.

Xenomania: An intense enthusiasm for foreign culture or customs.

Xenophile: Someone who is attracted to foreign cultures and customs.

Xeric: Requiring little water to survive; dry.

Xeriscape: Landscaping with low water-use plants and efficient irrigation methods.

Xerophyte: A plant adapted to dry or arid environments.


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