Positive Words That Start With V (With Definitions)

Positive words that start with V can help to build a powerful vocabulary and express feelings, emotions, and concepts with clarity.

From veracity and vivacity, these words encompass many different aspects of life that are worth celebrating or honoring.

Whether used in everyday conversation or in more formal contexts, positive V words can be incredibly useful for expressing oneself with confidence and, well positivity.

positive words that start with v

List of Positive Words Starting With V


Vacation: A period of leisure or relaxation away from one’s regular routine; a temporary respite.

Valediction: A farewell or leave-taking; a conclusion of expression at the end of a discourse.

Valedictory: The act of bidding someone farewell; a parting speech or address given before leaving.

Valiance: Astonishing courage and daring in the face of danger.

Valiant: Brave, heroic, and courageous.

Valid: Legitimate and legally binding; having the force of law.

Valor: Bravery and courage in the face of adversity; fortitude and heroism.

Valorization: To highly value or esteem someone or something; to praise and acclaim with admiration.

Valuable: Highly esteemed or precious.

Vanilla: A flavor that is creamy and sweet, with warm, buttery notes.

Vanquish: To conquer or defeat decisively; overcome completely.

Vanquisher: One who defeats an opponent decisively; someone who overcomes an adversary thoroughly.

Variability: The quality or state of being capable of change or alteration; not constant.

Varied: Having many different features or forms; displaying a broad range of variation.

Variegation: The process or result of displaying different shapes, colors, or patterns; diversity with distinction.

Velitation: To tease, jeer at, or mock someone playfully; to banter in a good-humored way.

Velocity: The speed or rapidity with which something moves, or a rate of motion.

Velour: A soft plush fabric with a nap or pile on both sides; velvet-like in texture and appearance.

Venerable: Worthy of respect due to age, experience, or achievements; possessing high standing in a community.

Venerate: To revere or honor as holy or sacred; to regard with deep respect.

Veneration: Profound respect and honor for someone or something worthy of reverence; high esteem.

Venial: Forgivable and pardonable; an offense that merits only mild punishment.

Veniality: The state of being pardonable or forgivable; deserving only slight punishment for an offense.

Veracious: Honest and truthful.

Veracity: Truthfulness and reliability in one’s words and actions; the quality of being honest and sincere.

Verdant: Abundantly covered with vegetation; lush green.

Verisimilitude: The appearance of truth, something that seems to be true and accurate.

Verity: Something that is true, accurate, and real; a fact which cannot be disputed.

Versatile: Able to adapt to various situations or tasks.

Vestige: A trace, remnant, or surviving mark from a past era; a sign or indication of something that once existed.

Viable: Having the capability to develop and succeed; being capable of working properly.

Viand: A choice food or delicacy; a special treat.

Viator: A traveler on a journey; one who embarks on an adventure.

Vibrant: Full of energy and enthusiasm.

Vibrant: Full of life, vigor, and energy; radiating with activity or exuberance.

Victorious: Successful in achieving a goal.

Vigor: Strength, energy, and enthusiasm; intense activity or liveliness.

Vigorous: Characterized by strength, energy, and enthusiasm.

Vigorousness: Being strong, active, and full of spirit; possessing vitality and enthusiasm.

Virile: Possessing strength, vigor, or masculine energy; strong and manly.

Virtuosity: Possessing great skill, technical ability, and artistic excellence in an art form; mastery.

Virtuoso: A highly skilled and accomplished performer; an individual with exceptional talent.

Virtuous: Moral and upright in character.

Visage: The facial expression or countenance of a person; an aspect or appearance.

Visionary: Having clear foresight based on strong imagination.

Vitality: The energy, vigor, and spirit that characterize a healthy being; the life-giving force of something.

Vivacious: Lively and cheerful in manner or spirit.

Vivacious: Lively, spirited, and energetic; full of vitality.

Vivacity: Liveliness and animation in one’s actions or speech; having spirited enthusiasm.

Vivify: To animate, invigorate, or enliven something; to bring life, vigor, or spirit to a situation.

Volition: The power of making one’s own choices and decisions; the ability to act according to one’s free will.

Volubilis: Being fluent and articulate in speech; having the ability to express oneself with ease.

Volubility: Talkative or fluent in speech; able to express oneself readily and clearly.

Voluble: Talkative with an easy flow of speech; having the ability to express oneself fluently and clearly.

Voluntary: Done willingly without being forced to do it.

Voluptuous: Pleasurable, sumptuous, and luxurious; marked by wealth or abundance.

Voluptuousness: The quality of being pleasurable, luxurious, or indulgent; opulence and abundance.

Voracious: Having an insatiable appetite for something.


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