Positive Words That Start With M (With Definitions)

This list of positive words all start with the letter M and include their own positive definition.

From merry to majesty, these words can be used to describe a person or situation with positive characteristics or emotions.

They can be used in everyday conversations and situations, in writing and literature, and even as a personal motto or affirmation.

positive words that start with m

List of Positive Words Starting With M


Magic: the power of apparently influencing the course of events by using mysterious or supernatural forces.

Magical: of, relating to, or resembling magic; enchanting.

Magnanimity: generosity of spirit, especially towards someone who has done wrong; noble-mindedness.

Magnanimous: generous in forgiving; generous and noble-minded.


Magnetism: the attractive power of a magnet; charm or charisma.

Magnificence: grandeur and impressiveness; high quality.

Magnificent: beautiful and impressive in appearance; stately.

Magnify: to make larger, more powerful, or more significant; amplify.


Magnitude: the importance, size, or extent of something; greatness.

Majestic: having an impressive appearance or grandeur; noble and awe-inspiring.

Majesty: the quality of being majestic or grand; impressiveness.

Malleability: the ability to be shaped or moulded; flexibility.


Malleable: able to be shaped or formed into something else; adjustable.

Manifestation: something that reveals the existence of something else; evidence.

Manifold: many and varied; having multiple forms or components.

Manners: polite and considerate behavior; civility.


Marvel: something that causes surprise, admiration, or wonder; a prodigy.

Marvellous: causing wonder, delight, or admiration; extraordinary.

Master: a person who has great skill in a particular field; expert.

Masterful: skilful; accomplished in a particular subject or activity with great expertise and authority.


Masterpiece: a work of exceptional skill, artistry, or craftsmanship.

Maturity: the state of being fully grown or developed; ripeness.

Maverick: an independent person who does not conform to accepted practices or conventions.

Meander: to move along in a winding, leisurely fashion; wander.


Meditation: the practice of focusing one’s thoughts in order to achieve mental clarity and emotional calmness.

Meditative: relating to or characterized by meditation; contemplative.

Meliorism: the belief that the world can be improved through human effort.

Mellifluence: the quality of being pleasing and convincing in speech; persuasiveness.


Mellifluous: having a smooth, sweet sound; melodic.

Mellifluousness: the quality of having a smooth, sweet sound; melodiousness.

Mellowness: the quality of being soft, gentle, and calming; soothing.

Melodious: having a pleasant sound; harmonious.


Melody: a sequence of pleasing musical tones forming a coherent whole; a sweet sound.

Mentality: a way of thinking; a mental attitude.

Mentor: an experienced and trusted advisor; a teacher or guide.

Mentorship: guidance and support given by a more experienced or knowledgeable person.


Merciful: compassionate and forgiving towards someone who is in one’s power; clemency.

Mercy: leniency and compassion shown toward someone whom it is within one’s power to punish or harm; clemency.

Merit: excellence that deserves recognition and respect; value.

Meritocracy: a social system where power is based on abilities and talent rather than wealth or privilege.


Meritorious: deserving reward or praise.

Merriment: gaiety and good humour; joviality.

Merry: light-hearted and cheerful; jolly.

Metamorphosis: a profound change in form or appearance; transformation.


Metaphysical: relating to the abstract nature of things; beyond physical matter.

Meticulous: very careful and precise; paying attention to detail.

Meticulousness: the quality of being very careful and precise in one’s work; attention to detail.

Mettle: strength of spirit or temper; courage and determination.


Might: physical strength, power, authority, or influence; potency.

Mindful: paying attention to something; alert and aware.

Mingle: to mix together, blending into one another; combine.

Miracle: an extraordinary event manifesting divine intervention in human affairs.


Miraculous: causing wonder; amazing and seemingly impossible.

Mirror: an object that reflects light in such a way as to produce an image of what is before it; reflection.

Mirth: laughter and amusement.

Mirthful: causing joy, laughter, and conviviality; jovial.


Mirthfulness: cheerfulness; joyful laughter or amusement.

Miscellany: a collection of various and miscellaneous things; assortment.

Mischief: playful behavior that causes mild trouble, disruption, or annoyance; teasing.

Mission: a purpose that guides someone’s actions; a task assigned by another.


Mitigation: to make something less severe or intense; lessen.

Moderate: avoiding extremes of behaviour, opinion, or expression; sensible and controlled.

Moderation: the quality of being measured or reasonable; temperance.

Modest: humble; not boasting or bragging about one’s accomplishments or possessions.


Mojo: personal charm, magnetism, or appeal; charisma.

Moldable: able to be shaped or formed into something else.

Memento: a souvenir, remembrance or keepsake; a reminder.

Momentous: very important or significant; momentary.


Momentum: the force or speed of movement gained by a body in motion; impetus.

Monumental: remarkable and impressive; monumental in size.

Morale: the confidence, enthusiasm, and discipline of a person or group at a particular time.

Moralistic: relating to or expressing moral principles or judgments.


Morals: principles of right and wrong that govern an individual’s behaviour or the functioning of society.

Mother: a female parent; matriarch.

Motion: the act or process of changing position; movement.

Motivate: to encourage or inspire someone to do something; urge on.

Motivated: driven by ambition; inspired to get the job done.


Motivating: giving someone enthusiasm and desire to do something; encouraging.

Motivation: the internal drive that prompts someone to take action and have enthusiasm.

Motivational: providing motivation and enthusiasm for pursuing a goal; encouraging.

Motley: made up of many different elements, colors, or styles; diverse and varied.

Multifaceted: having many different aspects or characteristics.


Multifarious: made up of many diverse parts or elements; varied.

Multitude: a large group or number; an immense amount.

Muscle: physical power, strength, or force; energy.

Muscular: having or showing well-developed muscles.

Muse: a person or thing that serves as an inspiration for creative work; a source of inspiration.


Museful: being inspired by a topic or idea; having creative thoughts and ideas.

Musing: thoughtful or contemplative meditation or reflection on a subject; reverie.

Mutual: existing between two or more people, groups, or things; shared by all parties involved.

Myriad: a very large number; countless numbers.


Mystical: relating to mysteries or beliefs that are based on spiritual intuition.

Mysticism: beliefs or practices involving belief in mysterious spiritual forces or realities.

Mystifying: creating an atmosphere of mystery and excitement; bewildering.

Mystique: a feeling of mystery, awe, and admiration surrounding something; fascination.


Positive Spiritual Words Starting With M

These words that start with M can be considered spiritual because they relate to concepts or experiences that are often associated with a connection to a higher power:

Mindfulness: The practice of being present and fully engaged in the current moment, without judgement.

Mercy: Compassion or forgiveness shown to someone who has wronged or offended you.

Miracles: Events or experiences that cannot be explained by natural or scientific laws, often attributed to a divine power.


Meditation: A practice of focusing the mind to achieve a state of calm and relaxation, often used for spiritual or religious purposes.

Manifestation: The process of bringing something into reality through focused thought, intention, and action.

Mystical: Relating to a spiritual or transcendent experience that is beyond ordinary human understanding.


Metta: A Buddhist term meaning loving-kindness, or the cultivation of an attitude of kindness and compassion towards all beings.

Morality: Principles of right and wrong behavior, often based on religious or spiritual beliefs.

Magnificence: Greatness or grandeur, often associated with the divine.


Mysticism: The pursuit of a direct experience of the divine or spiritual reality, often involving meditation, contemplation, or other practices.

Majesty: Dignity, power, or beauty that inspires awe or reverence, often attributed to a divine or royal presence.

Mystery: Something that is difficult or impossible to understand or explain, often associated with spiritual or supernatural phenomena.


Metamorphosis: A transformation or change, often used to describe a spiritual or personal transformation.

Moksha: A Hindu and Jain term meaning liberation or enlightenment, often associated with spiritual liberation from the cycle of rebirth.

Magic: The use of supernatural or mystical powers to achieve a desired outcome, often associated with spiritual or religious practices.

Mirth: Happiness, joy, or laughter, often seen as a positive aspect of spiritual or emotional well-being.


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