Positive Words That Start With O (With Definitions)

This list of positive words all start with O and are great tools to have in your arsenal when it comes to communicating with others.

Outlandish, ostentatious, optimism, outshine, outgoing, ovation, overflowing, oneness, operative and outperform are all words that could be used to describe someone or something positive.

positive words that start with o

List of Positive Words Starting With O

Obedient: Willing to follow rules and instructions without question.

Objective: Having a clear goal or aim; focusing on the desired end result.

Obligation: Something that one is required to do; a duty or responsibility.

Obliging: Willing to do favors or services for others.

Observant: Paying careful attention to details; noticing subtle changes and nuances.

Omnipotent: All-powerful; having unlimited power or authority.

Omniscient: All-knowing; having knowledge of all things past, present, and future.

Oneness: Unity; feeling connected to another person, group, idea, or thing on a deep level.

Open: Ready to receive something; willing to discuss or accept something.

Open-hearted: Willing to reveal one’s feelings or thoughts and being receptive to those of others.

Open-minded: Willing to consider new ideas; receptive to alternative points of view.

Openness: Being willing to share ideas and information with others; having a receptive attitude.

Operative: Effective; having the power to produce a desired result.

Opportune: Well-timed; at the most favorable moment or juncture.

Opportunely: Happening at a favorable time or juncture.

Opportunist: Someone who takes advantage of opportunities for personal gain.

Opportunity: A chance to do something or take advantage of a situation.

Optimism: Believing that good outcomes are likely; expecting positive things in the future.

Optimistic: Believing the best will happen; having a positive attitude.

Optimizing: Making the best of a situation or circumstance; finding the most effective solution.

Oratorical: Having the skill of speaking in a persuasive and compelling manner.

Orchestration: The act of arranging elements in a harmonious way.

Ordained: Being appointed or chosen for a specific purpose; destined.

Orderly: Organized and systematic; neat and tidy.

Organically: In a natural and harmonious way; without artificial additives.

Organized: Methodical and systematic; in an orderly manner.

Organizer: One who arranges people, resources, and activities in an effective way.

Oriented: Directed towards a particular purpose or goal.

Original: Thinking and expressing oneself in an independent and creative way.

Ornamentation: Decorative embellishments; something that adds beauty to an object or place.

Ornamented: Decorated; embellished with decorative elements.

Ostentatious: Showing off wealth, power, or importance in an extravagant manner.

Outgoing: Friendly and sociable; willing to engage with others.

Outlandish: Bizarre, strange, and unconventional.

Outpace: To move faster, be ahead, and stay in the lead.

Outperform: To do better than something else; to exceed expectations.

Outreach: Extending oneself beyond one’s comfort zone in order to connect with others.

Outshine: To shine brighter than something else; to stand out from the crowd.

Outspoken: Not afraid to speak up about one’s opinions.

Outstanding: Making an exceptional contribution to a field or endeavor; deserving special recognition.

Outwit: To be more clever than another person and gain the upper hand in a situation.

Ovation: A very enthusiastic demonstration of approval or admiration.

Overachieve: To do more than what is expected or required.

Overcome: To be able to manage and move past difficult circumstances with success.

Overflowing: Generous and abundant; having more than enough.

Overjoyed: Feeling extremely joyful.

Overpowering: Having enormous strength, influence, or effect.

Overture: An opening offer or suggestion, often in an attempt to start negotiations.

Overwhelmed: Feeling overcome with emotion; feeling a great deal of admiration, awe, or respect for something.

Ownership: Possessing or having control of something; taking responsibility for one’s actions.


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