Positive Words That Start With R (With Definitions)

This list of positive words, all begin with R and can help motivate and encourage people to make positive changes in their lives.

Radiant, rebound, renew and rejuvenate are just a few examples of powerful words that can help guide individuals on the path towards growth and success by encouraging more positive thinking.

positive words that start with r

List of Positive Words Starting With R

Radiance: A brilliant light or glow; a quality of great beauty and vitality.

Radiant: Shining brightly and vividly; emitting a brilliant light or warmth.

Radiantly: Splendidly; in a way that is bright and full of energy.

Rapprochement: The process of restoring friendly relations between two parties that had been at odds; reconciliation.

Rapscallion: A mischievous and playful person who often gets into trouble.

Rapture: A feeling of overwhelming joy, pleasure, or delight; an ecstatic state of mind.

Rapturous: Overwhelmingly joyful; filled with exuberant bliss and ecstasy.

Rapturous: Extremely joyful; overwhelmed with pleasure and delight.

Rationale: A logical explanation for an action, behaviour, or belief; a set of reasons to justify something.

Reaffirm: To make a statement again in order to emphasize its truth or importance; to strengthen one’s commitment to a belief.

Reassurance: The act of restoring someone’s confidence in a situation, often by offering words of comfort and support.

Reawaken: To bring someone or something back to life or activity; to revive something that had become dormant.

Reawakening: The act of causing something to come back to life or consciousness after a period of dormancy.

Rebirth: A new beginning; the process of being reborn, often in a spiritual sense.

Rebound: To recover quickly from a setback; to bounce back after a fall or failure.

Recede: To move back and away, often gradually; to withdraw.

Receptive: Open to new ideas, willing to listen and consider them objectively; able to take in information.

Reciprocity: A mutual exchange of goods, services, or benefits between two parties.

Reclaim: To take back something that was lost, stolen, or taken away; to reclaim one’s rights.

Recognition: The act of acknowledging or appreciating something or someone; to show admiration for a person’s achievements.

Reconcile: To make two parties in disagreement become friendly again; to come to an agreement despite differences.

Reconciliation: The restoration of harmony between two parties; the process of bringing about understanding and forgiveness.

Reconstruct: To build or rebuild something, often from existing parts or materials.

Recuperate: To recover health or strength after an illness; to regain lost energy.

Redeemer: One who provides salvation or redemption from sin, suffering, or evil.

Redemption: The act of freeing someone from guilt, punishment, or debt through payment or sacrifice.

Reflective: Contemplative and introspective; thoughtful and deep in meaning.

Refocus: To shift one’s attention or concentration onto a new topic; to direct energy and resources to a different goal.

Reformation: The act of reforming or transforming something to make it better or more satisfactory.

Refresh: To make something new and full of life again; to restore vigor, energy, or enthusiasm.

Refreshed: Revitalized after a period of rest; feeling renewed and energized.

Regard: Consideration for others; a sense of respect and kindness.

Regarded: To be treated with respect and admiration; to be highly esteemed or regarded by others.

Regenerate: To restore something to a new and improved condition; to recreate or rebuild.

Regeneration: The act of restoring something to life, often referring to physical or spiritual healing.

Rehabilitate: To restore someone from guilt, punishment, or debt through payment or sacrifice.

Rehabilitation: To help someone return to a normal life after an injury, illness, or other traumatic event.

Reinvent: To create something in a novel or innovative way; to make anew.

Reinvigorate: To give new energy and vitality to; to revitalize, refresh, or renew.

Reinvigoration: The act of restoring energy, vitality, vigor, or enthusiasm.

Rejoice: To feel great joy and happiness; to be filled with delight.

Rejoiceful: Feeling or expressing great joy and delight; overflowing with happiness.

Rejuvenate: To make someone or something look, feel, or act younger and fresher; to restore youthful energy.

Rejuvenated: Restored with new energy or strength; revived and invigorated.

Rejuvenation: The process of restoring a person or thing to its former vigor and vitality; the act of making something new again.

Rejuvenator: One who restores something to its original condition, often making improvements in the process.

Rekindle: To reignite a feeling, emotion, relationship, or memory that was dormant or forgotten.

Rekindling: To cause something that was dormant or forgotten to become active again; to bring back to life.

Relaxed: Free from stress and worry; feeling at ease with the world around you.

Relegate: To assign a task or responsibility; to entrust someone with an important job.

Reliance: Dependence on someone or something for support; the act of trusting in another.

Relief: A feeling of comfort, relaxation, or freedom from pain or distress.

Relinquish: To give up something that is desired or held dear; to surrender something willingly.

Relish: To savor something with great pleasure; to enjoy or take delight in.

Remedy: A solution to a problem; something that brings relief, healing, or cure.

Renaissance: A period of great cultural awakening and renewal, often seen as a return to classical principles.

Renascent: Experiencing a revival or rebirth; rising up again after a period of decline.

Renew: To restore something to its original strength and vigor; to reinvigorate or refresh.

Renewal: The act of refreshing or reviving something that had declined; the process of restoring vitality, life, or freshness.

Renovate: To restore something to a new and improved condition; to restore to a former better state.

Renovation: The process of restoring something to its original condition, usually with improvements.

Renovator: One who restores something to its original condition, often making improvements in the process.

Renown: Widely known and respected; having great fame or honor.

Repeat: To do or say something again; to reiterate.

Replenish: To fill again; to replace or restore something that has been used up or depleted.

Rescue: To save someone from danger or a difficult situation; to liberate another from suffering.

Rescuer: One who saves another from harm, danger, or distress.

Resilience: The ability to bounce back, recover quickly, and adjust to changing circumstances.

Resolute: Unwavering in determination; firm and unwavering in purpose or belief.

Resolve: A firm determination to do something; a strong sense of purpose.

Resonance: A strong feeling of connection with someone or something, usually of an emotional or spiritual nature.

Resonate: To cause a feeling of understanding, sympathy, or agreement with another’s thoughts or beliefs.

Resourceful: Adept at finding quick and clever solutions to difficult problems.

Resourcefulness: The ability to solve problems quickly and creatively; the skill of making use of whatever is available.

Respect: A feeling of deep admiration for someone or something elicited by their abilities, qualities, or achievements.

Respectability: The quality of being esteemed and honored by others; deserving honor, respect, and admiration.

Respectable: Having esteem and admiration in the eyes of others; deserving honor and respect.

Resplendence: Great beauty, brilliance, or magnificence; a dazzling display of glory.

Resplendent: Characterized by a brilliant, eye-catching appearance; dazzlingly beautiful.

Responsible: Being accountable for one’s actions; being dependable and reliable.

Rest: To take a break from activity; to give the body and mind time to refresh and recharge.

Restoration: The act of bringing something back to the way it was before; the process of returning something to its original condition.

Restorative: Something that restores health and vitality; reviving and refreshing.

Resurgence: A sudden reappearance of an activity, event, or trend after a period of inactivity.

Reunite: To come together again after a long separation; to be reunited with a person or thing.

Revelation: A sudden or unexpected understanding; a moment of insight or clarity.

Reverence: Deep respect and awe for someone or something; to show homage, admiration, or honor.

Revitalize: To give new life, energy, or vigor to something that had become dull or stagnant.

Revitalized: Brought back to life and vigor; renewed, refreshed, and energized.

Revival: To bring back into active use; the process of restoring something to its former condition.

Revive: To bring back to life, consciousness, or activity; to restore from dormancy or inactivity.

Revolutionary: Someone who advocates for drastic changes or radical reforms.

Rhapsody: An ecstatic expression of feeling or enthusiasm; an inspired work of art.

Righteous: Acting in accordance with what is just and good; morally upright.

Rigor: Intensity, forcefulness, or strictness; a level of difficulty requiring great effort.

Ritual: A set of activities performed in a certain order, often for religious or spiritual purposes; the repeated performance of certain acts.

Ritualism: The practice and adherence to established customs, practices, or ceremonies.

Robust: Characterized by great strength and vitality; vigorous, hearty, and flourishing.

Robustness: Strength or durability of character; the ability to withstand stress.


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