Positive Words That Start With K (With Definitions)

There are many positive words (adjectives, nouns and verbs) that all start with the letter K. 

Each one of these words has its own meaning and connotations that can be used to express different feelings or ideas.

By understanding the definitions and associated meanings of each word, people can use them to add nuance to conversations, letters, emails, or even just a heartfelt message. Whether it’s expressing love with someone special, admiration for an accomplishment, or even just appreciating the small moments, these words are sure to come in handy. 

positive words that start with k

List of Positive Words Starting With K


Kaleidoscope – something that is constantly changing, usually referring to a pattern or set of colors.

Kaleidoscopic – having a complexly beautiful pattern of colors and shapes.

Kaleidoscopically – having a complexly beautiful pattern of colors and shapes.

Karma – the sum of a person’s actions in this and previous states of existence, viewed as deciding their fate in future existences.

Keen – showing a strong interest in enthusiasm for something.

Keenly – in an eager, enthusiastic or intense way.

Keenness – having an eager desire to do something; enthusiasm.

Keepsake – a memento of a special occasion or person.

Kerfuffle – a fuss or commotion over something insignificant.

Key – of utmost importance; vital.

Kiddish – having the qualities of a young child;

Kin – a group of related people; a family.

Kind – exhibiting care and gentleness towards others.

Kind-hearted – having or showing sympathy, understanding and generosity towards others.

Kind-heartedness – exhibiting or feeling sympathy, understanding, and generosity towards others.

Kindle – to arouse or inspire.

Kindliness – the trait of being friendly, generous and considerate.

Kindness – showing a warm and tender feeling of care towards others.

Kindred – persons related by blood or marriage; having similar feelings, thoughts or interests.

Kingdom – an orderly community or society, especially one under the control of a monarch.

Kingly – possessing the qualities befitting a monarch such as wisdom, justice and authority.

Kinship – a close connection based on shared characteristics, interests or experiences.

Kinswoman – a female relative; a woman related by blood or marriage.

Kismet – fate or destiny; having luck in one’s fortunes.

Kiss – showing deep affection through a touch or gesture.

Knack – a special skill, aptitude or talent for something.

Knackery – an aptitude for doing something with ease; skilful and adept performance.

Knightly – having the qualities expected of a knight, such as courage, honor and loyalty.

Knit – to unite closely; form strong connections with others.

Knowingness – the ability to understand something with a deep insight.

Knowledge – having awareness and understanding of facts, truths or ideas.

Knowledgeable – having or showing knowledge, understanding, and information about a particular subject.

Koan – a story, question or saying that is used as an aid to meditation in Japanese Zen Buddhism.

Kookiness – an eccentric or unusual way of behaving.

Kooky – strange, funny or odd in an amusing way.

Kosher – conforming to Jewish religious law and dietary customs.

Kudos – deserved praise and admiration for an achievement.

Kvell – to be extremely proud and delighted about something.


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