120+ Negative Words Starting With U (With Definitions)

A list of negative words that all start with the letter U.

When we think of negative words that start with U we might think of all the ‘uns’ such as: Unattainable, Ungrateful, Unsatisfactory, Undervalued, Unproductive, Untrustworthy, Unlawful, Unjust, Unrealistic and Unbalanced.

However, these aren’t the only words that contain a negative connotation. There are also words such as: ugly, useless and upsetting.

This list includes a large number or words that all have negative connotations and meanings.

List of negative words starting with u

List of Negative Words Starting With U


Ugly: unpleasant or unattractive to look at; ugly.

Unable: without the power or ability to do something.

Unacceptable: not satisfactory for the purpose intended.

Unattainable: impossible to reach or attain.

Unattractive: lacking in beauty or charm.

Unauthorized: without permission.

Unavoidable: certain to happen and cannot be prevented.

Unavoidable: certain to happen and cannot be prevented.

Unbalanced: not in a state of equilibrium or harmony.

Uncaring: showing no concern or compassion for others.

Unceremonious: lacking ceremony or politeness.

Uncertain: not sure of the outcome.

Uncertainty: the state of being unsure or uncertain about something.

Uncivilized: exhibiting a lack of manners and civility.

Unconscionable: shockingly unfair or unscrupulous; immoral.

Uncontrollable: difficult to manage or restrain.

Uncouth: crude, vulgar, and socially unacceptable.

Underappreciated: not fully recognized or appreciated for its worth or value.

Underbelly: a sinister and often criminal aspect of a society or situation.

Underestimated: judged as being less important than it actually is.

Underhanded: sneaky, dishonest, and deceitful.

Underhanded: using deceitful methods.

Underhandedness: stealthy and secretive methods of operation.

Undermined: weakened so as to diminish effectiveness or confidence.

Underperformance: an effort that falls short of expectations; underperformance.

Underprivileged: lacking resources or opportunities due to poverty or other disadvantages.

Underutilized: not taking full advantage of potential resources or capabilities.

Undervalued: not properly recognized in terms of value and worth; overlooked.

Underwhelming: not creating the desired level of excitement or enthusiasm.

Undeserving: lacking merit or justification for reward.

Undesirable: not wanted or desirable; unwelcome.

Undignified: not showing proper respect or restraint.

Uneasy: unsettled; anxious.

Unenthusiastic: lacking enthusiasm or excitement.

Unequal: not the same in terms of quality, quantity, or status.

Uneven: not consistent or even in quality or amount.

Unexceptional: common, average, and nothing special.

Unexciting: lacking in excitement, interest, or enthusiasm.

Unexpected: unpredicted and unanticipated.

Unexplainable: not able to be explained.

Unexplained: lacking a logical explanation.

Unfair: partiality based on prejudice or favoritism.

Unfathomable: incomprehensible or beyond understanding.

Unfavorable: not likely to be successful or favorable.

Unforgivable: inexcusable or unpardonable.

Unforgiving: unwilling to forgive or pardon.

Unforthcoming: not willing to give information or help.

Unfortunate: having bad luck.

Unfriendly: unfriendly, hostile, and unkind in attitude.

Unfulfilled: potential which has gone unrealized due to a lack of effort or resources; unfulfilled potential.

Ungentlemanly: not exhibiting the qualities of a gentleman; boorish.

Ungovernable: uncontrollable; unmanageable.

Ungracious: rude, discourteous, and offensive in behavior.

Ungrateful: feeling or showing no gratitude.

Unguarded: without protection or caution.

Unguided: lacking direction or guidance.

Unhelpful: not providing assistance; not useful or beneficial.

Unhinged: not functioning properly.

Unimaginative: having no imagination.

Unjust: treating someone unfairly and without regard for their rights.

Unkind: lacking sympathy and understanding; cruel.

Unlawful: breaking or going against the law.

Unmanageable: unmanageable and difficult to control; uncontrollable.

Unmotivated: lacking the drive or enthusiasm to do something.

Unnatural: contrary to nature or the natural order of things.

Unnecessary: not needed and excessive.

Unnerving: causing anxiety or fear.

Unpleasant: disagreeable and offensive.

Unprecedented: never before seen or experienced.

Unpredictable: not able to be predicted.

Unproductive: failing to produce a desired outcome or result.

Unprofessional: lacking in skill, care, or expertise.

Unrealistic: expecting too much or aspiring to something impossible.

Unreasonable: not fair, rational, or sensible.

Unreasonably: unreasonably demanding or excessive.

Unrelenting: relentless and unyielding in pursuit of a goal; unrelenting.

Unreliable: not dependable or consistent.

Unremitting: relentless and persistent.

Unrewarding: producing no satisfactory result.

Unruly: disorderly, wild, and disobedient.

Unsafe: presenting danger, risk, or harm.

Unsatisfactory: falling short of acceptable standards; inadequate.

Unsavory: having an unpleasant taste, smell, or character; disreputable.

Unscrupulous: dishonest and without moral principles.

Unsettling: causing distress, disquiet, anxiety, or uneasiness.

Unsociable: not inclined to be friendly or sociable.

Unsolicited: not requested or invited; unsolicited.

Unsophisticated: lacking refinement or complexity; simple and naive.

Unsound: having a defect that harms its value, integrity, or safety; unsound.

Unspeakable: too terrible or offensive to be expressed in words; indescribable.

Unstable: lacking stability; liable to change unexpectedly.

Unstoppable: incapable of being stopped or halted.

Unsuitable: inappropriate for a particular purpose or situation; unsuitable.

Unsustainable: not able to be maintained over a long period of time; unsustainable.

Untamed: wild, uncontrolled, and unruly; unruly.

Untenable: incapable of being maintained or defended.

Untouched: left unchanged or unaffected; untouched.

Untoward: improper; inappropriate.

Untowardly: causing annoyance, disturbance, or distress; untowardly.

Untrusting: suspicious or wary of others’ intentions; untrusting.

Untrustworthy: not reliable or trustworthy.

Untruthful: not telling the truth; lying.

Unusual: out of the ordinary; unusual.

Unwanted: not wanted or desired.

Unwarranted: unjustified or excessive in degree; unwarranted.

Unwelcoming: lacking hospitality and warmth; unwelcoming.

Unwholesome: morally wrong or harmful.

Unwise: displaying a lack of practical wisdom; ill-advised.

Unyielding: inflexible and not willing to change.

Upsetting: causing distress, agitation, or annoyance; upsetting.

Useless: having no purpose or value.


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