Positive Words That Start With Z – (With Definitions)

Z is the last letter of the alphabet, and it’s often seen as being final or definitive in some way.

But there’s something about the letter Z that feels a bit more playful than that. Maybe it’s the way it looks, like a zigzag or a jagged line. Or maybe it’s because it’s such a rare letter, appearing less often than any other in the English language. Whatever the reason, z seems like a fun, positive letter to me.

positive words that start with z


There are all sorts of words that start with z, from “zippy” and “zigzag” to “zen” and “zero.” And there are plenty of interesting words that end with z too, however today we’ve got a list of positive words that start with Z and their definitions for you:

Positive Words That Start With Z

  • Zany – (noun) a crazy or eccentric person; (adjective) playful or humorous in a crazy or exaggerated way.
  • Zazzy – (adjective) very bright and colorful
  • Zeal: great energy, dedication, or enthusiasm.
  • Zealot – (noun) a person who is fanatical and uncompromising in pursuit of their beliefs
  • Zealotry – (noun) excessive enthusiasm or dedication to something; fanatical devotion to a
  • Zealous: eager and enthusiastic.
  • Zen – (noun) a state of focus, tranquility, and clarity that can be achieved through meditation and other mindfulness practices; (adjective) relating to or suggestive of Zen Buddhism.
  • Zenful – (adjective) achieving a state of Zen or having qualities associated with Zen Buddhism, such as simplicity, tranquility, and focus.
  • Zenith – (noun) the highest point, level, or degree that can be.
  • Zephyr – (noun) a gentle breeze; (adjective) of or relating to the west wind.
  • Zero – (noun) the point from which a scale, such as temperature, is measured and from which positive or negative numbers indicate increase or decrease; (verb) to adjust (a measuring
  • device) so that it registers zero.
  • Zest – (noun) the peel of a citrus fruit used as flavoring; (verb) to rub the peel of a citrus fruit on something in order to add its flavor; (noun) great enthusiasm or enjoyment.
  • Zestful: full of enthusiasm and energy.
  • Zestfully – (adverb) in a zestful manner; with great enthusiasm and energy.
  • Zesty – (adjective) full of strong or exciting flavors; (adjective) vigorous and enthusiastic.
  • Zigzag – (noun) a series of sharp turns or angles in alternate directions; (verb) to move or cause to move in a series of sharp turns or angles; (adjective) having a series of sharp turns or
  • angles.
  • Zing – (noun) a sudden burst of energy, enthusiasm, or excitement; (verb) to move or cause to move suddenly and energetically.
  • Zinger – (noun) a remark or joke that is amusing and often surprising or critical.
  • Zip – (noun) quick and energetic movement or activity; (verb) to move quickly and energetically.
  • Zipper – (noun) a device consisting of two rows of teeth on opposite edges of a strip of fabric or plastic, used for fastening clothing or other items by drawing the rows together.
  • Zippy – (adjective) moving or able to move quickly and energetically; (noun) a small car that is designed for quick and efficient city driving.
  • Zirconia – (noun) a hard, glittering, colorless or yellowish-brown mineral that is used as a gemstone and in making ceramic materials.
  • Zonary – (adjective) relating to or arranged in zones or rings.
  • Zone – (noun) an area or region with defined boundaries within which particular conditions obtain; (verb) to divide an area or region into separate zones.
  • Zoning – (noun) the process or act of dividing an area or region into separate zones.
  • Zonked – (adjective) exhausted, sleepy, physically or mentally tired.
  • Zoom – (verb) to move suddenly and rapidly toward or away from someone or something.
  • Zootomy – (noun) the dissection of animals, especially for veterinary purposes.
  • Zootrophic – (adjective) relating to or providing nourishment for animals.
  • Zowie – (interjection) used to express surprise, excitement, or admiration; (adjective) very impressive or attractive.


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