Positive Words That Start With U (With Definitions)

Positive words that start with U are incredibly powerful and can be used to uplift and inspire others.

Whether you’re looking for a way to express yourself, or simply want to spread a message of positivity, these words will be helpful and meaningful.

positive words that start with u

List of Positive Words Starting With U


Ubiquitous – existing or being everywhere at the same time.

Ultimate – the best that can be achieved; final.

Ultramodern – extremely modern in design and technology, often incorporating the latest inventions and discoveries.

Unaffected – not changed or altered in any way; unchanged.

Unanimous – shared by all people involved in an agreement or decision.

Unassailable– impossible to attack, overcome, or disprove; impregnable.

Unassuming – not arrogant or pretentious; humble.

Unbeatable – impossible to beat; invincible.

Unbelievable – too extraordinary to be believed; incredible.

Unblemished – free from any blemish, flaw, or defect; unspoiled.

Unbounded – having no limits; limitless.

Unbreakable – not able to be broken; indestructible.

Unbridled – unchecked and unrestrained; free from any limitation.

Unceasing – never stopping; continuous.

Unceasingly – continuing without stopping.

Uncompromised – not being weakened or altered; unchanged.

Unconditional – not limited by conditions or exceptions; absolute.

Unconquerable – not able to be defeated; unbeatable.

Unconstrained – unrestricted by rules, conditions or conventions; liberated.

Unconventional – not conforming to accepted rules or standards; unorthodox.

Undaunted – fearless and resolute in the face of danger or difficulty; brave.

Undefeated – never having been defeated or conquered; unbeaten.

Undeniable – impossible to deny or dispute; incontrovertible.

Underlying– lying beneath the surface, often in a hidden way; fundamental.

Underpinning – providing the foundation or basis for something.

Understandable – capable of being understood; reasonable.

Understandingly – showing understanding and kindness towards someone else’s feelings or views.

Understated – not exaggerated or ostentatious; subtle.

Undervalued – not given enough value or recognition; underrated.

Undisputed – not disputed or challenged in any way; unchallenged.

Undoubtedly – without doubt; unquestionably true.

Undying – lasting forever; eternal.

Unequaled – having no equal or rival; matchless.

Unexcelled – having no equal; superior.

Unfailing – never failing; reliable.

Unfettered – free from any restriction or limitation; unfettered.

Unflappable – showing great calmness, poise and confidence in difficult situations.

Unification – the act of combining parts into a whole; unification.

Unified – joined together to form a single unit or whole.

Unimaginable – too incredible to be imagined; inconceivable.

Unimpeded – not hindered or blocked in any way; unimpaired.

Uninhibited – free from restraints, especially socially; unrestrained.

Unique – being the only one of its kind; unparalleled.

Uniquely – being the only one of its kind; unparalleled.

Unison – sounding together in harmony of voices or instruments.

United – joined or linked together as a single entity.

Unity – the state of being united or joined as a whole.

Universal – applicable everywhere and in all cases; common to all.

Unlimited – boundless, without any restrictions or limitations.

Unmistakable – extremely clear or obvious; unmistakable.

Unmovable – not capable of being moved or disturbed; immovable.

Unparalleled – having no equal or match; unique.

Unpredictable – not able to be predicted; erratic.

Unpretentious – simple and natural, without being affected or showy.

Unquenchable – not able to be extinguished; unextinguishable.

Unquestionable – beyond any doubt; unquestionably true.

Unrivaled – having no equal or match; unique.

Unrivalled – having no rival or equal; peerless.

Unselfish – lacking selfishness; altruistic.

Unshakeable – not easily shaken or disturbed; unshakable.

Unstinting – giving generously without reservation or limits; abundant.

Unstoppable – continuing with great force or determination, regardless of any obstacles.

Unsurpassable – having no equal; unrivaled.

Unswerving – unfaltering in one’s loyalty and dedication; unwavering.

Untainted – free from corruption or taint; pure.

Untapped – not yet explored or used for its potential value.

Untarnished – free from blemish, flaw, or defect; pristine.

Untouchable – beyond the reach or influence of anyone; immune.

Unwavering – firm and resolute in one’s purpose; steadfast.

Unyielding– refusing to give way when faced with opposition; unbreakable.

Upbeat – having a cheerful, optimistic attitude or outlook.

Upfront – honest and direct; open and sincere.

Uphold – to support, maintain and defend.

Upholding – to support, maintain and defend.

Uplifting – having a positive effect, resulting in an increase of hope and morale.

Uplink – a connection between two systems by which they can exchange information.

Upright – standing in an upright position, with perfect posture and balance.

Upscale – luxurious, expensive, and of high quality.

Upstanding – having good moral or ethical character; respectable.

Upwardly – increasing or improving over time; progressing.

Urbanity – politeness and courtesy in manner and speech; civility.  ​

Usable – capable of being used; practical.

Useful – having the ability to be put to good use; advantageous.

Usher – one who greets and escorts visitors, guests, or those attending an event.

Ushering – usher in a new era of something; initiate.

Utmost – the greatest possible degree of something; extreme.

Utopia – a perfect world or society, often used as an ideal to strive for.

Utopian – representing an ideal state of perfection, usually in social, political, or economic matters.

Utterly – completely and absolutely; totally.


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