Positive Words That Start With G (With Definitions)

Positive words that start with G can be used to describe the beauty of nature, people who exhibit courage and strength, those who are kind and generous, or even something that inspires awe.

No matter what it is, showing appreciation through these positive words is always sure to make a difference! 

positive words that start with g

List of Positive Words Starting With G


Gaiety – A high-spirited feeling of joyfulness or jubilance;

Gain – To acquire or obtain as a result of effort or action.

Gainful – Profitable and financially rewarding.

Gallant – Brave and chivalrous; polite and attentive.

Gallantness – Courageous and honorable behavior; chivalry.

Gallantry – Brave, courteous, or chivalrous behavior, especially toward women.

Gallop – To run at full speed, as if riding a horse; also used figuratively to describe rapid progress.

Galvanize – Stimulate, excite, or animate into sudden activity.

Galvanize – To stimulate and energize, often with sudden enthusiasm for something; to shock into action.

Gaze – To look steadily and intently; to stare.

Generosity – The quality of being kind and generous to others.

Generous – Willing to give more than is expected or needed; unselfish.

Geniality – Kindness and friendliness of disposition; sociability.

Genius – Exceptional intelligence or skill; extraordinary ability.

Gentle – Kind, tender, and considerate in one’s attitude or behavior.

Gentlemanly – Characterized by courtesy, politeness, and consideration.

Gentleness – Kindness, tenderness, and consideration in one’s attitude or behavior.

Genuine – Authentic; not counterfeit or copied.

Giddy – Characterized by or affected with levity; lighthearted.

Gift – Something given voluntarily without charge.

Gifted – Having a natural talent or ability; highly talented.

Giggle – To laugh in a light, silly way; to giggle.

Gilded – Covered in gold or having a golden color; luxurious.

Glad – Feeling or expressing joy, happiness and delight.

Gladness – Joyfulness or cheerfulness; delight.

Glamour – Alluring charm, beauty, or fascination; an air of compelling attractiveness.

Gleam – To shine brightly with a steady but subdued light.

Glean – To gather gradually and laboriously; piece together.

Glee – Joyful delight; great merriment; joyfulness.

Glimmer – Shine faintly with a wavering light; glisten.

Glimpse – A brief, incomplete view of something; a quick look.

Global – Of or relating to the entire world; worldwide.

Glorify – To praise highly.

Glorious – Magnificent and splendid; filled with joy or splendor.

Glow – To emit a steady, warm light without flames; to shine brightly.

Godliness – Righteousness in accordance with God’s will or law.

Go-getter – A person who is highly ambitious and driven by success.

Good – Having admirable qualities; kind and generous.

Good-Natured – Having an easygoing and cheerful disposition.

Goodness – Kindness and benevolence of spirit; moral excellence.

Goodwill – Kindly interest in the welfare and happiness of others.

Goofy – Playfully silly; amusing and lighthearted.

Gorgeous – Splendidly beautiful or attractive; magnificent.

Gorgeousness – Remarkably beautiful or striking; splendid.

Grace – Elegance and beauty of form, manner, or action.

Graceful – Moving in a smooth, attractive, or elegant way.

Gracefulness – Moving in an attractive or elegant manner; poise.

Gracious – Characterized by kindness, courtesy, and consideration.

Graciousness – Kind and considerate behavior; politeness.

Grandeur – Magnificence or stateliness in appearance or impression.

Grandiose – Impressive in scope or grandeur; majestic.

Grandiosity – Magnificence or impressiveness; grandeur.

Grateful – Feeling or expressing appreciation for kindness or benefits received.

Gratefulness – The quality of being thankful; thankfulness.

Gratification – Pleasure derived from achieving one’s desires.

Gratify – To please or satisfy, especially by granting a wish or desire.

Gratitude – A feeling of appreciation or thanks for kindness or benefits received.

Gratuity – A token of appreciation or thanks given voluntarily.

Gravity – Seriousness and solemnity of demeanor; gravity.

Great – Possessing or displaying admirable qualities, skill, or intelligence.

Greatest – Unsurpassed; the best or most extreme.

Greatness – Being of extraordinary importance, ability, or eminence.

Gregarious – Seeking and enjoying the company of others; sociable.

Grin – To smile broadly, especially with pleasure or amusement.

Grit – Determination and courage in the face of difficulties; fortitude and perseverance.

Groomed – Properly dressed or groomed; well-prepared.

Growth – The process of increasing in size; development.

Guardian – A protector; someone who looks after another’s safety or welfare.

Guidance – Direction or advice offered with regard to prudent future action.

Guide – A person who shows others the way, either literally or figuratively.

Guileless – Innocent, pure, and open-hearted; truthful and honest.

Gumption – Good sense, resourcefulness, and initiative; wit.

Gush – To flow forth suddenly with great force and abundance.

Gusto – Enthusiasm and energy in pursuit of a goal; vigor.



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