Positive Words That Start With A – (With Definitions)

There are many positive words that start with the letter A. 

Positive words are just one of the many powerful tools that we can use to change our mood and perspective. Each word has a unique definition, and by understanding their meanings, we can better utilize these words to impress on our day-to-day lives.


Positive Words Starting With A

Here are some of the most commonly-used positive words, along with their definitions:


abide: to follow, obey or accept a decision, rule or request.

ablaze: usually defined as ‘burning fiercely’, ablaze can also be used as a positive to indicate success, excitement, popularity etc. and can be used interchangeably with ‘on fire’, ‘alight’, ‘blazing’. Example, ‘The room was ablaze with enthusiasm’.

able: having the ability to do something – having the opportunity, resources or the means to, financially, physically or mentally. For example: ‘With her intelligence she was quickly able to understand the math problem.’

abloom: in bloom, flowering or blossoming. For example, ‘Her thoughts were abloom with possibilities.’

above: whilst it can mean physically above, it can also mean at a higher level, ranking, ability, improvement etc. For example, ‘His recent training sessions got him above his PB times.’

absolute: when something is complete, total, or perfect. For example, ‘She gave her absolute best to the project.’

absolutely: to express total agreement about something or someone. It is often used to positively exaggerate a statement. For example, ‘I will absolutely get that done for you today.’

abstract: something that exists as an idea or thought and is not yet in a physical form. For example: ‘Our goals may begin as abstract concepts, but as we work towards them they begin to manifest.’

abundance: a large quality of something, and/or more than enough available for everyone. For example, ‘There is an abundance of opportunity for those who look.’

accelerate: an increase in speed, for example ‘He was able to accelerate his growth by doing more research.’

accept: to agree to something as it is. For example, ‘I accept full responsibility for my part in this.’

acceptable: able to be tolerated. It might not be ideal, but it is allowable – it will do. For example, ‘The quality of work was acceptable.’

accessibility: the quality of being easy to use, access or understand. For example; ‘the accessibility of the lecturer made the course so much more valuable.’

acclaim: praise and acknowledgement for good work or success. For example, ‘she has won critical acclaim for her performance in the play.’

accommodate: whilst this also mean to house people, accommodate also means to fit in with, or around, others – their needs or wants. Example; ‘I want to accommodate my families needs while I also pursue my goals.’

accomplish: to achieve something by completing, realizing or fulfilling it, i.e.; ‘It’s so fulfilling when you accomplish a big goal.’

accountability: taking responsibility for something. For example; ‘Lack of accountability was a big problem at that company, which always caused issues.’

accountable: the requirement to own, answer or justify a decision or action, i.e.; ‘It’s important to be held accountable for your actions.’

ace: an expert or someone who is particularly outstanding at something. ‘He is an ace at tennis.’

aced: past tense for ace, but this means to have done really well at something that has occurred. ‘She aced the test.’

achieve: to succeed in doing something. For example, ‘With lots of training, I was able to achieve a new personal best.’

achievement: an act or instance of achieving a goal. For example, ‘The feeling of achievement was extremely rewarding.’

achiever: someone who continually achieves things. ‘My sister is such an over-achiever.’

acknowledged: recognized or admitted. For example, ‘It’s nice to be acknowledged by the boss for all the hard work we’ve done.’

acquaint: make familiar or known to.

acquire: to obtain, learn or develop something.

act: taking action towards something. For example, ‘It’s great to dream about our goals, but at some point we have to act to make it a reality.’

action: the process of doing something to achieve an aim. ‘With action, we achieve progress.’

activate: to make something active or to get going towards something. For example, ‘In order to start her membership, she had to go in and activate it.’

active: taking an active part in achieving a result. For example, ‘to maintain our fitness, we have to keep our body active.’

admirable: deserving or respect from others. ‘The determination she showed towards her goal was simply admirable.’

admire: a feeling of respect and approval aroused by someone or something admirable. For example, ‘you have to admire someone who will show that much enthusiasm towards a long, difficult project.’

adore: to love someone or something very much.

advance: move forward. For example, ‘After a few years in the job, I was looking to advance further.’

advanced: ahead in progress or development. ‘His level of experience on the subject was quite advanced.’

advantage: something that gives someone an edge, a benefit or opportunity. ‘We can give ourselves an advantage by being prepared for the interview.’

advantageous: helpful or beneficial. For example, ‘it would be advantageous if they had some hands-on experience in the subject first.’

adventure: a daring or exciting undertaking. For example, ‘travelling is always a fun adventure.’

adventurous: willing to take risks. For example, ‘You need to be a little adventurous when you want to make a big change.’

advertise: to praise or promote (someone or something) in a public notice.

aesthetic: the appreciation of visual beauty. For example, ‘she loved the aesthetic of the room.’

affable: the quality of being friendly, easy to talk to and of a good nature.

affectionate: having or showing warmth or fondness.

affirmation: the process of agreeing with something and stating it as fact.

affluent: having an abundance of possessions or money.

agreement: a statement that agrees with or supports another statement.

alive: having life; not dead. For example, ‘Travelling to other countries made her feel alive.’

alluring: a quality of being powerfully attractive or fascinating.

amazing: extremely good or pleasing. For example, ‘she found the training experience amazing’.

ambitious: having or showing determination and ambition.

anticipate: to expect, foresee or forecast that something will occur. ‘I anticipate that the worst will soon be over.’

aphrodisiac: something that stimulates desire in someone.

appealing: someone or something that is attractive, interesting or captivating to someone.

appreciate: to be thankful for something.

appreciation: to understand the worth of something and be grateful for it. For example, ‘one of the reasons for the success of their relationship, was that they constantly showed their appreciation for each other.’

approachable: easy to talk to and approach. For example, ‘the teacher was friendly and approachable, which helped the nervous students.’

approval: the act of approving. For example, ‘he gave his approval for the project to go ahead.’

approve: to accept or agree with someone or something.

aspiration: a strong desire to achieve something.

assertive: showing a confident and bold demeanour or personality. For example, ‘she was assertive in the workplace, which helped during difficult meetings.’

astute: an ability to be able to quickly and shrewdly assess a situation or person and use this to their advantage.

attention: special notice or consideration

attitude: a way of thinking or feeling about something or someone. ‘It’s important to maintain a good attitude when facing obstacles.’

attract: the ability to evoke a reaction of some kind and to draw something or someone towards you.

attractive: features or qualities that are appealing to the senses. For example, ‘the new job offer was looking very attractive.’

audacious: daring and fearless. For example, ‘It’s important to have audacious goals in life.’

authentic: of undisputed origin and not a copy. ‘People today want to see online content that is more authentic.’

automate: to convert something to an automatic process to reduce the hands-on workload required.

autonomous: the ability to act independently. ‘Most progressive workplaces allow autonomous work culture.’

awesome: causing feelings of admiration or respect; very impressive. For example, ‘how they pulled off that launch was awesome.’


Positive words starting with A

By using positive words, we can shift our focus from the negative to the positive, and experience a more joyful and fulfilling life.

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