Positive Words That Start With S (With Definitions)

This list of positive words that start with S  provides a great range of descriptive words to use when speaking or writing.

All of these words are used to describe something that is excellent, remarkable, or admirable and they are a mix of adjectives, verbs and nouns.

Whether it’s referring to someone’s character, attitude, or actions – these words can help you express your appreciation with more detail and greater accuracy. Use them in everyday conversations, letters, presentations, or even in your own personal notes to remind yourself of the positive qualities around you.

By focusing on these words, we can begin to create a more positive mindset and outlook for ourselves – which will eventually have an overall uplifting effect on our lives.

positive words that start with s

List of Positive Words Starting With S

Sacred: treated with reverence and due respect; held to be holy or divine.

Sacrosanct: treated as holy and kept free from violation or criticism; inviolable.

Safe: free from danger or harm; secure and protected.

Sagacious: having or showing keen mental discernment and good judgment.

Sagaciousness: the quality of being sagacious; shrewdness, wisdom, and insight.

Sage: wise beyond one’s years; possessing great wisdom and knowledge.

Salubrious: promoting health or well-being; beneficial.

Salutary: producing a beneficial effect; favorable or advantageous.

Sanguine: having or expressing optimism, hope, and cheerfulness.

Sanguineous: characterized by optimism and good cheer; cheerful and confident.

Sapience: wisdom and good judgment; insight into the ways of human nature.

Satisfied: pleased with a given outcome; content and fulfilled.

Satisfying: fulfilling one’s expectations or needs.

Savant: a person of great knowledge or learning.

Savory: pleasing or agreeable in taste; tasty.

Savvy: having knowledge, intelligence, and skill; shrewdness or insight.

Scintillating: sparkling; brilliant and exciting.

Scrumptious: extremely tasty or delicious.

Scrupulous: acting with extreme care and attention to detail; exacting.

Secure: free from danger; protected and safe.

Selenian: relating to the moon goddess Selene; luminous and mysterious.

Self-assured: having confidence and an assured manner; poised and confident.

Self-confident: having a strong feeling of self-assurance and belief in one’s abilities.

Selfless: unselfish; not motivated by personal gain or advantage.

Self-reliant: having the ability to rely on oneself for motivation and strength.

Sensational: extremely impressive or stimulating; breathtaking.

Sensible: showing sound judgment and understanding; reasonable.

Sensitive: having or showing a quick, acute awareness of the feelings of others.

Sensual: relating to the gratification of the senses or physical pleasure.

Sensuous: relating to physical pleasure or gratification.

Sentient: having sensation and awareness; responsive to external conditions.

Serendipitous: marked by fortunate accidents or unexpected discoveries; lucky.

Serendipity: the occurrence and development of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way.

Serene: calm, peaceful, and untroubled; tranquil and unruffled.

Serenely: in a manner that is serene; calm and peaceful.

Sharp: quick in thought, perception, or action; keenly perceptive.

Shimmering: reflecting light in a flickering or sparkling manner.

Shine: to emit or reflect light; to glow with a bright, clear light.

Shining: reflecting light brightly; glowing.

Shrewd: having or showing sharp powers of judgment; astute.

Silent: refraining from speaking; not making a sound.

Simple: not complicated; requiring little effort to understand.

Sincere: revealing a feeling of earnestness, honesty, and genuine intent; without deception or fraud.

Skilful: having or showing skill; accomplished with ease and dexterity.

Skilled: highly proficient; expert.

Smart: having or showing quick intelligence; clever.

Smile: a facial expression characterized by an upward curving of the corners of the mouth and indicating pleasure, amusement, or derision.

Smilingly: with a friendly, cheerful expression on the face; pleasantly beaming.

Smooth: even and without roughness; uniform in texture.

Smoothly: with ease, precision, and efficiency; without difficulty or delay.

Snazzy: stylish and attractive; eye-catching.

Sociable: friendly and outgoing; fond of the company of others.

Sojourn: a temporary stay or visit; an extended period of residence in a place.

Solicitous: expressing care or concern; thoughtful and attentive.

Solicitousness: having a thoughtful and watchful attitude, especially in regards to the needs of others.

Solid: having no weak points; firm and dependable.

Soothing: calming and comforting; relieving stress and anxiety.

Sophisticated: having an intelligent, knowledgeable, and refined understanding of a subject or situation; worldlier.

Soulful: deeply felt or expressing deep emotion.

Sound: free from error or fallacy; logical and valid.

Special: being better than usual or typical; remarkable.

Spectacular: inspiring awe, admiration, or wonder by being grand and splendid.

Spirited: exhibiting enthusiasm, energy, and vigor; full of life.

Spiritual: relating to the spirit, soul, or deep inner being of an individual.

Splendid: magnificent, grand, or resplendent in appearance; dazzlingly glorious.

Splendidly: in an impressive and remarkable way; magnificently and gloriously.

Splendiferous: breathtakingly beautiful and splendid; a magnificent spectacle.

Splendiferous: highly ornamental and very impressive; highly decorative.

Stable: not easily influenced or affected by outside fiorces; dependable.

Stalwart: strong, loyal, and resolute in character; dependable.

Staunch: loyal and unwavering in one’s support or allegiance; faithful.

Staunchly: with determination and commitment; faithfully and strongly.

Steadfast: firmly fixed in place or held to a course of action; resolute.

Stellar: of or relating to the stars; brilliant and shining.

Stimulate: to excite, animate, or invigorate someone or something.

Stimulating: arousing interest, excitement, or attention; invigorating.

Stimulative: serving to stimulate or invigorate; quickening.

Stoic: emotionally detached from adversity, pain, or pleasure; impassive.

Straightforward: going directly to a point without hesitation; honest and direct.

Strategic: relating to a plan of action designed to achieve a particular goal; tactically planned.

Striking: eye-catching; causing attention due to its boldness or impressiveness.

Strong: capable of exerting great physical force; powerful.

Strongly: with great force or intensity; powerfully and determinedly.

Strong-willed: having an inflexible will or resolution; determined.

Studious: devoted to diligent study and research; scholarly.

Stunning: exceptionally attractive or striking; breathtakingly beautiful.

Stupendous: immense in size, degree, or extent; remarkable.

Sturdy: strong enough to withstand physical force or pressure; durable.

Sublime: inspiring awe or admiration because of greatness, beauty, or grandeur.

Sublimely: in a manner that is sublime; extremely beautiful, grand, or impressive.

Sublimity: the quality of being sublime; grandeur or majesty that inspires awe or admiration.

Substantial: considerable or strong in size, amount, or extent; solid.

Subtle: delicate and difficult to detect or analyze; hard to understand.

Succeed: to be successful in achieving a desired result; to attain a goal.

Successful: achieving the desired result; attaining a goal.

Super: extremely good, impressive, or powerful; extraordinary.

Superb: excellent; remarkable for its quality, superiority, or skillfulness.

Superior: of the highest quality; excellent and outstanding.

Superlative: extraordinary; surpassing all others in quality, greatness, or extent.

Supple: able to bend freely without breaking; flexible and pliable.

Supportive: providing assistance and encouragement.

Supremacy: a state of being supreme; an elevated position above all others.

Supreme: having the highest rank, authority, or power; surpassing all others.

Supremely: in an extremely impressive manner; exceeding all others in greatness or excellence.

Sure: free from doubt or uncertainty; certain.

Surpassing: exceeding the usual limits; extraordinary in degree or quality.

Surprising: causing astonishment or wonder; unexpected.

Sustainable: able to be maintained at a certain level without depletion or degradation.

Sustained: continuing in the same way over a period of time; enduring.

Svelte: slim and shapely; graceful and stylish in form or movement.

Swashbuckling: adventurous and daring, especially in a romanticized way.

Sweet: having a pleasing taste; pleasant to the senses.

Swift: moving quickly; acting with speed and agility.

Symbiosis: living together in close association, typically to mutual advantage.

Symbolic: representing an idea, quality, or emotion through symbols or images.

Symmetrical: having corresponding parts and measurements; balanced and proportionate.

Symmetry: balanced proportions and harmonious arrangement of parts.

Sympathetic: showing understanding and compassion for another’s feelings.

Synergistic: characterized by the combined power of several elements working together to produce an effect greater than the sum of their individual parts.

Synergy: the interaction of two or more agents or forces so that their combined effect is greater than the sum of their individual effects.



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