Positive Words That Start With Q (With Definitions)

When it comes to positive words that start with Q, there is a wealth of quality options to choose from.

Quintuple and quadruple are adjectives that stand for five or four times as great, respectively. And quaintly and quixotically capture old-fashioned charm and lofty romanticism, respectively.

For those seeking peace and stillness, there’s quietude or quiescence. Alternatively, quick-witted and quirkily describe someone with witty intelligence and an unconventional personality.

So, whilst the list of positive Q words may not be as long as other letters, there is still no shortage of options for adding flair and flavor to your writing.

Positive Words Starting With q

List of Positive Words Starting With Q

Qi (noun): A vital force or energy that is believed to animate living beings in Chinese philosophy.

Quadruple (adjective): Four times as great or as many.

Quadrupling (verb): To be four times as great or as many.

Quaint (adjective): Attractively old-fashioned; charmingly unusual.

Quaintly (adverb): In an old-fashioned, charmingly unusual way.

Qualified (adjective): Having the necessary abilities, knowledge, or experience to do something successfully.

Quality (noun): An essential character or an attribute of something; a degree of excellence.

Quality-wise (adverb): In terms of quality; with regard to excellence.

Quantifiable (adjective): That can be precisely measured, estimated, or numbered.

Quantitatively (adverb): In terms of quantity; in measurable amounts

Quasi (prefix): A prefix meaning “similar to” or “almost like.”

Queen (noun): The female ruler of an independent state, especially one who inherits the position by right of birth.

Queenly (adjective): Belonging to, suitable for, or befitting a queen; majestic.

Querying (verb): To ask questions; to seek information or answers.

Questing (verb): To search for something; to seek out.

Questor (noun): One who embarks on a quest or search.

Quick (adjective): Acting or capable of acting with speed; prompt.

Quickened (verb): Having been made active, come alive, or given increased speed.

Quickening (verb): To become active; to come alive.

Quick-witted (adjective): Possessing or exhibiting mental acuity and skill.

Quiescence (noun): A state of being still and at rest; tranquillity.

Quiescent (adjective): Being at rest; tranquil; still.

Quiescently (adverb): In a manner that is still and at rest; tranquilly.

Quiescing (verb): To become still and at rest; to come to a tranquil state.

Quietude (noun): A state of peace and stillness; serenity.

Quintessence (noun): The perfect embodiment of a quality.

Quintessential (adjective): Representing the perfect example of a quality or type.

Quintessentially (adverb): In the most perfect and accurate way.

Quintuple (adjective): Five times as great or as many.

Quintupled (verb): To be five times as great or as many.

Quip (noun): A witty remark or statement.

Quirky (adjective): Peculiar and amusing in an endearing way.

Quirkily (adverb): Eccentrically and unconventionally.

Quirkiness (noun): The quality of being odd or eccentric.

Quivering (verb): To tremble or shake with fear, excitement, or eagerness.

Quaveringly (adverb): In a trembling or shaking manner.

Quixotic (adjective): Having lofty and romantic ideals or impractical plans.

Quizzically (adverb): In an inquiring or playful manner.

Quotable (adjective): Worthy of being repeated as a quotation; memorable.

Quotably (adverb): In a way that is worthy of being quoted or repeated.

Quote-worthy (adjective): Deserving or suitable for being quoted; memorable.

Quotidian (adjective): Occurring daily; commonplace

Quotidianly (adverb): In an everyday or commonplace manner.


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