450+ Positive Words That Start With E – (With Definitions)

There are many positive words that start with the letter E, and we’ve collated an enormous list of e words that inspire, encourage, motivate and uplift.

These words can be used in a variety of different ways, depending on their definition and the context of a situation.


positive words that start with e

Positive Words That Start With E


Each: Every one of two or more considered individually.

Eager: Enthusiastic and keen to do something.

Eagerly: With keen interest or enthusiasm.

Eagerness: The quality of being keen or enthusiastic.

Eagle: A large bird of prey with a powerful build and keen eyesight.

Ear: The organ of hearing and balance in humans and animals.

Early: Happening before the usual or expected time.

Earn: Obtain money in return for labor or services.

Earnest: Showing sincere and intense conviction.

Earnestly: In a sincere or serious manner.

Earth: The third planet from the sun, home to humans and known for its ability to support life.

Earthlight: The reflection of sunlight off the Earth, especially as seen from the Moon.

Earthlike: Resembling the Earth, especially in terms of its ability to support life.

Ease: Absence of difficulty or effort.

Easement: A right to cross or otherwise use someone else’s land for a specified purpose.

Eases: Relieves from pain or discomfort.

Easily: Without difficulty or effort.

Easing – making something less difficult or painful. 

Easy: Not hard or difficult; free from worry or pain.

Easygoing: Relaxed and unconcerned; not easily upset.

Eat: Consume food.

Eating: The act of consuming food.


Ebb: The movement of the tide out to sea; a decline or reduction.

Ebony: A very dark black color, often referring to a type of wood.

Ebullient: Bubbling with enthusiasm or excitement.

Eccentric: Unconventional and slightly strange.

Eclat – Brilliant display or effect.

Eclectic: Made up of elements from various sources or styles.

Eco: Related to the environment or ecology.

Eco-friendly: Not harmful to the environment.

Economical: Giving good value or service for the amount of money spent.

Ecstasy: Overwhelming happiness or joy.

Ecstatic: Overjoyed or extremely happy.

Edible: Suitable or safe to eat.

Edit – to revise or make changes to something for the better. 

Educate: Impart knowledge to or instruct someone to do something.

Educated: Having received a good or specified level of education.

Education: The process of receiving or giving systematic instruction, especially in a school or university.

Effect: A change that results when something is done or happens.

Effective: Successful in producing a desired or intended result.

Effectively: In a way that achieves a desired outcome or result.

Effectiveness: The degree to which something is successful in producing the desired result.

Effectual: Effective; adequate.

Effervescence: Bubbles in a liquid; fizz.

Effervescent – Bubbly; lively.


Efficacious: Producing the desired effect; effective.

Efficacy: The ability to produce the desired result or effect.

Efficiency: The state of achieving maximum productivity with minimum wasted effort.

Efficient: Achieving maximum productivity with minimum wasted time or effort.

Efficiently – do something in an efficient way.

Effort: A vigorous or determined attempt.

Effortless: Achieved with admirable ease.

Effortlessly: Without difficulty or struggle.

Effulgent – Shining brightly; radiant.

Effusing: Emitting or giving off (usually refers to a smell or light).

Effusion: The act of pouring out a liquid or gas, or an instance of a gas or liquid being poured out.

Elaborate: Involving many careful details or many detailed parts.

Elaborately: Done with great attention to details.

Elate – Make someone ecstatically happy.

Elated: Extremely happy and excited.

Elation: Great happiness and exhilaration.

Elder: A person of greater age than someone else, often used to denote seniority or a position of respect.

Elective: Relating to or being a subject that is chosen, or an operation that is not essential.

Electric: Of, relating to, or operated by electricity.


Electricity: A form of energy resulting from charged particles.

Electrify: Excite or thrill, or to charge with or provide electrical power.

Electrifying: Extremely exciting.

Electronic: Relating to devices using or operated by the movement of electrons in a semiconductor, vacuum tube, or gas.

Electrons: Subatomic particles with a negative electric charge.

Elegance: The quality of being graceful and stylish in appearance or manner.

Elegant: Pleasingly graceful, stylish, and sophisticated.

Elemental: Relating to or being an essential component.

Elementary: Relating to the most rudimentary aspects of a subject; basic.

Elevate: To raise or lift something up to a higher position.

Elevated: Raised or set at a higher level or position.

Elevates: Raises or lifts up.

Elevation: The action of raising or being raised to a higher level.

Eleven: The number following ten and preceding twelve.

Eligible: Having the right to do or obtain something; qualified.

Elite – Best of a group.


Elk: A large deer with antlers, found in North America and northern Eurasia.

Elongate: To make something longer; to extend.

Eloquence: Fluent or persuasive speaking or writing.

Eloquent: Fluent or persuasive in speaking or writing.

Eloquently: In a fluent or persuasive manner.

Elusive: Difficult to find, catch, or achieve.

Embassy: The official residence or office of an ambassador.

Embellish: To make something more attractive by adding decorative details.

Embellishment: A decorative feature added to make something more attractive.

Embers: Glowing remnants of a fire.

Embodiment: A tangible form of an idea, quality, or feeling.

Embody: To be an expression of or give tangible form to an idea, quality, or feeling.

Embolden: To give someone the courage or confidence to do something.

Embrace: To hold or receive fondly or enthusiastically; to accept a belief or change.

Emerald: A green gemstone; a variety of the mineral beryl colored green by chromium or vanadium.

Emerge: To come into view or out from concealment.


Emerged: Came into view or out from concealment.

Emergence: The process of emerging.

Emerging: Beginning to develop or become prominent.

Emeritus: (often following a formal title) retired but retaining the title as an honor, often used to describe professors.

Emery: A hard mineral used for grinding, filing, and as an abrasive.

Eminence: High rank, fame, or acknowledged superiority within a particular sphere.

Eminent: Distinguished and prominent in or as a particular field.

Eminently: To a notable degree; very.

Emollient: A substance that softens or soothes the skin.

Emotion: A natural instinctive state of mind deriving from one’s circumstances, mood, or relationships.

Emotional – relating to emotions.

Empath – someone who is able to understand and share the feelings of another person.

Empathetic: Showing the ability to understand and share the feelings of another.

Empathize: Understand and share the feelings of another.

Empathy: The ability to understand and share the feelings of another.

Emphatic: Expressing something forcibly and clearly.


Employ: Give work to someone and pay them for it.

Employable: Having the skills, qualifications, or experience required for a particular job.

Empower: Give the authority or power to do something or to make someone stronger and more confident.

Empowered – having the authority or power to do something.

Empowering – Giving power or authority to.

Empowerment: The process of becoming stronger and more confident, especially in controlling one’s life and claiming one’s rights.

Empty: Containing nothing; not filled or occupied.

Enable: Give (someone or something) the authority or means to do something.

Enabled: Having been given the authority or means to do something.

Enabling – making it possible for someone to do something.

Enact: Make (a bill or other proposal) law.

Enamor: To charm or captivate.

Enamored: Having a feeling of love or admiration.

Encamp: Set up a camp, especially a temporary one.

Enchant: Delight greatly; put under a spell.

Enchanted: Under a spell; charmed or captivated.


Enchanting: Delightfully charming or attractive.

Enchantress: A woman who enchants or delights; often implying magical abilities.

Encircle: Surround or form a circle around.

Enclosed: Closed in or surrounded; confined.

Encompassing: Surrounding or enclosing entirely.

Encore: An additional performance given by performers after the planned show has ended, usually in response to audience applause.

Encores: Plural of encore.

Encounter: Unexpectedly experience or face something.

Encountered: Came across or met unexpectedly.

Encourage: Give support, confidence, or hope to someone.

Encouragement: The action of giving someone support, confidence, or hope.

Encourager: A person who gives encouragement.

Encouraging: Giving hope or confidence.

Endear: Cause to be loved or liked.

Endearing – Inspiring affection or warmth.

Endearment: A word or phrase expressing love or affection.

Endeavor: Try hard to do or achieve something.

Endless – Having no limit or end.

Endlessly: Without end or interruption; constantly.

Endorse: Declare one’s public approval or support of.

Endow: Provide with a quality, ability, or asset.


Endowed – having a quality, ability, or asset.

Endowment: A quality or ability possessed or inherited by someone.

Endurance: The ability to endure or withstand something challenging.

Endure: Suffer patiently; tolerate.

Enduring: Lasting over a period of time; durable.

Energetic – Full of energy.

Energetic: Showing or involving great activity or vitality.

Energize – to fill with energy or enthusiasm.

Energized: Filled with energy; activated.

Energizer: Something that imparts energy or vitality; often refers to a brand of batteries.

Energy: The capacity for doing work; it may exist in potential, kinetic, electrical, or various other forms.

Enfranchisement: The act of giving someone the right to vote or a more general sense of granting rights or privileges.

Engage: Occupy or attract someone’s interest or attention; participate.

Engaged: Having formally agreed to marry; busy; occupied.

Engagement: A formal agreement to get married; an arrangement to do something at a particular time.

Engaging – Charming; interesting.


Engine: A machine designed to convert energy into useful mechanical motion.

Engineer: A person who designs, builds, or maintains engines, machines, or structures.

Engineering: The branch of science and technology concerned with the design, building, and use of engines, machines, and structures.

English: Relating to England or its people or language; the language spoken by the people of England and used internationally.

Engrave: Cut or carve a design or lettering on a hard surface.

Engross: Absorb all the attention or interest of.

Enhance: Intensify, increase, or improve the quality, value, or extent of.

Enhanced: Improved in quality, value, or extent.

Enhancement: An increase or improvement in quality, value, or extent.

Enjoy: Take pleasure in.

Enjoyable: Pleasurable; providing delight or amusement.

Enjoyment: The state or process of taking pleasure in something.

Enlarging: Making or becoming bigger in size.

Enlighten: Give (someone) greater knowledge and understanding about a subject or situation.

Enlightened: Having or showing a rational, modern, and well-informed outlook.

Enlightening: Providing new information or understanding. 

Enlightenment: The state of having knowledge or understanding; a European intellectual movement of the late 17th and 18th centuries.

Enlist: Enroll or be enrolled in the armed services.

Enliven: Make lively or entertaining.


Enlivened – Make something more entertaining, lively, or appealing.

Ennoble: Give (someone) a noble rank or title.

Enormity: The great or extreme scale, seriousness, or extent of something perceived as bad or morally wrong.

Enormous: Very large in size or extent.

Enormously: To a very great degree or extent.

Enough: As much or as many as required.

Enrapture – Give intense pleasure or joy to.

Enrich: Improve or enhance the quality or value of.

Enriched: Having been made richer or more valuable.

Enriching – making someone’s life better or more enjoyable. 

Enrichment: The action of improving the quality or value of something.

Enroll: Register or enter on an official list or directory.

Enrollment: The action of enrolling or being enrolled.

Ensconce – Establish or settle in a comfortable place.

Ensure: Make sure that a certain thing will occur or be the case.

Enter: Come or go into.

Enterprise: A project or undertaking, often requiring boldness or effort.

Enterprising: Having or showing initiative and resourcefulness.

Entertain: Provide with amusement or enjoyment.

Entertained: Have been provided with amusement or enjoyment.

Entertainer: A person who entertains others, especially professionally.


Entertaining: Providing amusement or enjoyment.

Entertainment: The action of providing or being provided with amusement or enjoyment.

Enthrall: Capture the fascinated attention of.

Enthralled: Fascinated and captivated.

Enthralling: Captivating and fascinating.

Enthuse: Express eager enjoyment, interest, or approval.

Enthusiasm: Intense enjoyment, interest, or approval.

Enthusiast: A person who is highly interested in a particular activity or subject.

Enthusiastic: Showing intense enjoyment, interest, or approval.

Enthusing – causing great excitement or interest.

Entice: Attract or tempt by offering pleasure or advantage.

Enticing: Attractive or tempting.

Entire: Whole or complete, with no part left out.

Entirely: Wholly or fully.

Entrance: A point or place of entering; an impressive or wonderful quality.


Entranced: Filled with wonder and delight.

Entrancing: Filling with wonder and delight.

Entrepreneur: A person who sets up a business or businesses, taking on financial risks in the hope of profit.

Entrepreneurship: The activity of setting up a business or businesses.

Entrust: Assign the responsibility for doing something to someone.

Enveloped: Covered or wrapped up.

Enviable – Highly desirable.

Enviable: Arousing or likely to arouse envy.

Environment: The surroundings or conditions in which a person, animal, or plant lives or operates.

Environmental: Relating to the natural world and the impact of human activity on its condition.

Environmentalist: A person who is concerned with the preservation of the environment.

Envoy: A messenger or representative.

Eon: An indefinite and very long period of time.

Ephemeral: Lasting for a very short time.

Epic: Relating to or characteristic of an epic; grand or heroic.

Epicure: A person who takes particular pleasure in fine food and drink.

Epigrammatic: Of the nature or in the style of an epigram; concise, clever, and amusing.

Equable: Calm and even-tempered.

Equal: Being the same in quantity, size, degree, value, or status.

Equality: The state of being equal, especially in status, rights, or opportunities.

Equalize: Make the same in quantity, size, or degree throughout a place or group.

Equally: In the same manner or to the same extent.

Equestrian: Relating to horse riding.

Equip: Supply with the necessary items for a particular purpose.

Equitable – Fair and just.

Equitable: Fair and impartial.

Equity: The quality of being fair and impartial; ownership interest in a company.


Era: A significant period in time.

Eradicate: To eliminate or destroy completely.

Eras: Distinct periods of history.

Erudition: Profound scholarly knowledge.

Escape: Break free from confinement or control.

Escort: A person accompanying another for protection or as a courtesy.

Especial: Unusual and significant.

Especially – more so than usual.

Essayist: A person who writes essays.

Essays: Short pieces of writing on a particular subject.

Essence: The intrinsic nature or quality of something.

Essential: Absolutely necessary; extremely important.

Establish: Set up on a firm or permanent basis.

Established: Recognized and accepted.

Esteem: Respect and admiration.

Esteemed: Held in great respect.

Esthetic: Relating to the appreciation of beauty.

Estimate: A rough calculation.

Estimation: Judgment or calculation.

Etching: A print made from an engraved plate.


Eternal: Lasting or existing forever.

Eternally: In a way that lasts forever.

Eternities: Endless periods of time.

Eternity: Infinite time; endlessness.

Ether: The clear sky; upper regions of air.

Ethereal: Extremely delicate, light, and not of this world.

Ethic: A set of principles of right conduct.

Ethical: Relating to morals; morally right.

Ethically – morally good; virtuous.

Ethics: Moral principles that govern behavior.

Etiquette: The customary code of behavior in society.

Eudaimonia – A contented state of being happy and healthy.

Eulogy: A speech or writing in praise of a deceased person.

Eunoia – Beautiful thinking; a well-mind.

Euphonious: Pleasing to the ear.

Euphoria: A feeling of intense excitement and happiness.

Euphoriant: Producing a feeling of euphoria.

Euphoric: Extremely happy or excited.

Eureka: An exclamation to celebrate a discovery or invention.

Europe: A continent located in the northern hemisphere.


Evade: To escape or avoid.

Eve: The day before an event; the first woman, according to Christian theology.

Even: Level or smooth; equal in degree.

Evenly: In a uniform manner.

Evenness: The quality of being uniform or consistent.

Eventful: Marked by notable happenings.

Ever: At any time.

Evergreens: Plants that keep their leaves throughout the year.

Everlasting: Lasting forever.

Evermore: For all future time.

Every: Each member of a group without exception.

Everybody: Every person.

Everyday: Routine or commonplace.

Evident: Clearly seen or understood.

Evidently: Obviously or apparently.

Evocative: Bringing strong feelings or memories to mind.

Evoke: Bring about or recall to the conscious mind.

Evoked: Brought about or recalled.

Evoking: Bringing about a feeling, memory, or picture.

Evolution: The gradual development of something.

Evolve: Develop over time.

Evolving: Gradually developing.

Exact: Precise and accurate.

Exactly: Precisely.

Exalt: Hold in very high regard.


Exaltation: A feeling or state of great joy.

Exalted: Elevated in rank or character.

Examine: Inspect closely.

Example: A representative form or pattern.

Exceed: To go beyond a limit.

Exceedingly: To an unusual degree; very.

Excel: Be exceptionally good.

Excellence: The quality of being outstanding.

Excellency: An honorary title.

Excellent: Extremely good.

Excellently: In an excellent manner.

Exceptional: Unusually good or impressive.

Exceptionally: To an exceptional degree.

Excitable: Easily excited.

Excite: Cause strong feelings of enthusiasm.

Excited: Feeling or showing great enthusiasm.

Excitedly: In an excited manner.

Excitement: A feeling of great enthusiasm.

Exciting – Causing great enthusiasm and eagerness.

Exclusive – not admitting or allowing others to participate; limited to a certain group.


Exemplary – Serving as a desirable model.

Exhibition: A public display of works of art or other items.

Exhilarate: To make someone feel very happy or animated.

Exhilarated: Feeling extremely happy or elated.

Exhilarating: Making one feel very happy or animated.

Exhilaration: A feeling of excitement or elation.

Exist: To have objective reality or life.

Exonerate: To absolve from blame.

Exotic: Attractive or striking because unusual.

Expanded: Made larger; increased in size.

Expansion: The process of becoming larger.

Expansive: Covering a wide area.

Expectant: Having or showing expectation.

Expected: Regarded as likely to happen.

Expecting: Pregnant.

Expediency: The quality of being practical or convenient.

Expedient: Convenient and practical.

Expedite: Make happen sooner or more quickly.

Expedition: A journey or trip undertaken for a specific purpose.

Expeditious: Quick and efficient.

Expense: The cost incurred in making something.

Experience: Practical contact with events or things.

Experienced: Having knowledge or skill in a particular field.

Experimental: Based on untested ideas or techniques.


Expert: A person with extensive knowledge or skill.

Expertise: Expert skill or knowledge.

Expertly: In a way that shows expert skill or knowledge.

Explain: Make clear to someone.

Explaining: Providing details or reasons to make clear.

Explicit: Clear and detailed.

Explicitly: In a clear and detailed manner.

Explore: Examine or evaluate.

Explored: Examined or traveled into for discovery.

Explorer: A person who explores an unfamiliar area.

Exploring: Traveling in or through to learn or discover.

Exponential: Increasing more and more rapidly.

Exposure: Being exposed to.

Express: Convey in words or by gestures.

Expression: A look that conveys a feeling or thought.

Expressions: Various displays of feeling or thought.

Expressive: Showing one’s thoughts or feelings.

Expressiveness: The quality of conveying feelings or thoughts.

Exquisite – Extremely beautiful and delicate.


Exquisitely: In an extremely beautiful way.

Extemporized: Composed, performed, or uttered on the spur of the moment.

Extend: Cause to cover a larger area.

Extensive: Covering or affecting a large area.

Extensively: In a widespread manner.

Extent: The size or scale of something.

Exterior: The outer surface.

Extinguisher: A device to put out fires.

Extol: Praise highly.

Extra: Added to an existing or usual amount.

Extract: Remove or take out.

Extraordinaire: Outstanding or remarkable in a particular capacity.

Extraordinary: Very unusual or remarkable.

Extras: Things added to the main thing.

Extravagance: Excessive spending.

Extravagances: Multiple instances of excessive spending.

Extravagant: Exceeding what is reasonable.

Extravagantly: In an extravagant manner.

Extravaganza: A lavish or spectacular show.

Extreme: Very severe or serious.

Extroverted: Outgoing or socially confident.

Exuberance: Filled with energy and enthusiasm.


Exuberant: Full of energy or enthusiasm.

Exude: Display an emotion or quality strongly.

Exult: Show or feel triumphant joy.

Exultant: Triumphantly happy.

Exultation: A feeling of triumphant joy.

Eye: The organ of sight.

Eyeball: The round part of the eye.

Eyeballs: Plural of eyeball.

Eyebrow: The strip of hair above the eye.

Eyebrows: Plural of eyebrow.

Eyed: Looked at.

Eyedrop: A liquid drop for the eyes.

Eyeglass: A lens for aiding vision.

Eyeglasses: Plural of eyeglass; glasses.

Eyeing: Looking at.

Eyelash: One of the hairs growing on the edge of an eyelid.

Eyelashes: Plural of eyelash.

Eyeless: Without eyes.

Eyelid: The skin covering the eyeball.

Eyelids: Plural of eyelid.

Eyes: Plural of eye; the organs of sight.

Eyesight: The ability to see.

Eyewitness: A person who sees an event.

Eying: Looking at closely.


Nice Words That Start With E

Nice words that start with E can include empowerment, elegance, ecstasy, and enlightenment, all of which evoke positive emotions and energies:

positive words that start with e list

Frequently Asked Questions

What are positive words that start with E?

Just some of the positive words that start with E include: eager, enthusiastic, effective, efficient, encouraging, empathetic and environmental.

What are sweet words that start with E?

Sweet words that start with the letter ‘E’ evoke feelings of warmth, positivity, and affection. Sweet words like endearing, enchanting, ethereal, euphoria, elated and embrace immediately come to mind.

What are kind words that start with E?

Kind words that start with the letter E often convey empathy, compassion and positivity. Empathetic, encouraging, earnest, equitable, esteemed and endorse are all kind E words.

What words start with the letter E to describe someone?

To describe someone with the letter E we might use: enthusiastic, eager, entertaining or elusive. For more words to describe someone, check out: Words That Start With E (With Definitions)

For a an entire list of positive adjectives from A to Z be sure to check out: Positive Words List A-Z & How to Use Them More Often!

For more lists of individual positive words, be sure to check out:

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