Negative Words Starting With Y (With Definitions)

This list of negative words that start with Y all show how powerful language can be and how words can both hurt and heal. From yahoo to yokel, these words are used to describe people or situations in an unflattering way.

Therefore, it’s important to think twice before using any of these words, as they can have painful consequences and cause deep emotional pain. We should of course always strive to use language that is respectful and uplifting, not hurtful and negative.


negative words starting with y

List of Negative Words Starting With Y

Yackety-yak: A conversation that is long and tiresome.

Yahoo: A rude, ignorant person.

Yahooism: Behaving in a wild, rude manner.

Yahoos: Rude, obnoxious people.

Yak: A loud, obnoxious person.

Yammer: To complain incessantly.

Yammering: Loud and continuous complaining.

Yammeringly: Complainingly or persistently.

Yank: To pull abruptly or roughly; to jerk.

Yawn: To be bored or disinterested.

Yawner: Something that is boring or uninteresting.

Yawp: To complain loudly and persistently.

Yell: To scream loudly, often out of anger.

Yellowbelly: A coward.

Yikes: An expression of surprise or fear.

Yips: A sudden burst of fear or anxiety.

Yoke: To put someone in a difficult position; to oppress.

Yokel: Someone who is uneducated.

Yokelism: A foolish or ignorant manner of speaking.

Yokelize: To speak in an uneducated or foolish way.

Youngling: Someone immature or inexperienced.

Yowl: To howl in pain or distress.

Yuck: An expression of disgust.

Yuckiness: Something that is disgusting or unappetizing.

Yuckster: One who habitually expresses disgust.

Yucky: Something that is repulsive or disgusting.


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