Negative Words Starting With F (With Definitions)

A list of negative words starting with F. 

Negative words can be powerful tools to express our feelings and thoughts, but they can also be quite hurtful or even harmful when used inappropriately.

A word may be perceived as negative if  it has a negative connotation or history of being used to express bad behavior, attitudes, malice, hatred, or prejudice. Some examples include: frivolous, forlorn, frenzied, fidgety and furor. It is important to understand the context in which these words are used in order to determine their appropriateness.

Negative Words Starting With f

List of Negative Words Starting With F


Fabricated – invented for the purpose of deceiving; not based on truth or reality

Fabrication – the intentional act of creating a false or misleading statement.

Facetious – not serious; humorous in an inappropriate way.

Factionalism – promoting or advocating for a particular faction in a political or social situation.

Factious – inclined or disposed to form cliques and factions; contentious.

Faded  no longer vivid or radiant; worn away by time.

Failure – a lack of success in achieving a goal.

Faint – lacking strength or vitality; weak.

Faithless – not true or loyal; disobedient and unreliable.

Fake – dishonest; not genuine; not based on truth or reality.

fakery – something that is made to look genuine but is actually counterfeit or fake.

Fallacious – containing a mistake in reasoning;

False – not real or genuine; based on a lie or error.

Falter – to be uncertain or hesitant; to hesitate or waver in one’s purpose.

Fatigue – exhaustion, especially as a result of prolonged exertion.

Fatigued – tired, worn out, or exhausted; weary.

Fatuous – showing a lack of good sense or intelligence; foolish.

Faulty – containing errors, defects, or mistakes; not working correctly.

Fear – an unpleasant emotion caused by the threat of danger, pain, or harm.

Fearful – filled with fear; scared or terrified.

Feckless – incompetent; careless and irresponsible.

Feeble – lacking strength; not well-developed or vigorous.

Feebleminded – having a limited mental capacity; not able to think clearly or deeply.

Feebleness – a lack of strength or vigor; weakness.

Feint – a deceptive action designed to draw attention away from one’s true intentions.

Ferment – to cause intense activity or disruption; to stir up trouble or discord.

Ferocious – savagely fierce; extremely violent and cruel.

Fester – to become worse over time; to remain unresolved or unaddressed.

Festering – decaying slowly and painfully; gradually becoming worse.

Fetid – having a strong, unpleasant smell; foul-smelling.

Fiasco – a complete failure; a disastrously bad situation.

Fickle – liable to sudden unpredictable change, especially regarding affections or attachments.

Fidget – to move around restlessly; to be uneasy or restless.

Finicky – excessively particular or fastidious; overly fussy.

Fishy – arousing suspicion; suspicious or dubious in nature.

Fizzle – to fail completely

Flagrant – shockingly and blatantly obvious or offensive; glaringly evident.

Flaw – an imperfection or weakness in something, typically one that affects its quality.

Flawed – containing errors or imperfections; having faults.

Fleeting – lasting for a very short time

Flimflam – to deceive or trick someone, especially for financial gain.

Flimsy – weak, unsubstantial, and easily broken down; insubstantial.

Flippancy – treating serious matters with disrespect or levity; frivolousness.

Flounder – to act in an awkward, confused, and ineffective way.

Flummox – to confuse or perplex; to bewilder.

Fluster – to cause confusion and agitation; to disconcert or perplex.

Fool – a person who is tricked or deceived; a gullible person.

Foolish – lacking sound judgment; silly or unwise.

Forbearance – patience and self-control; refraining from taking immediate action.

Forfeit – to lose rights to something

Forgery – the act of producing a counterfeit document or object with the intent to deceive or defraud.

Forget – to be unable or to fail to remember; to disregard or overlook unintentionally.

Forgetful – tending to forget things easily; absentminded.

Forlorn – feeling sad and lonely due to abandonment or sorrow; desolate.

Formidable – awe-inspiring or intimidating; causing fear.

Forsake – to abandon someone or something; to leave behind or give up on.

Forsworn – solemnly sworn to do something and then breaking that promise.

Foul – extremely unpleasant; disgusting or offensive.

Foul-mouthed – speaking in an obscene or vulgar manner.

Fracas – a noisy argument or disturbance; an uproar.

Fracas-mongering – deliberately stirring up trouble or discord; instigating conflict.

Fragile – easily broken, damaged, or destroyed; delicate.

Frailty – the condition of being weak, fragile, or delicate; vulnerability.

Frantic – wild with excitement, fear, or other strong emotion; agitated.

Fraud – the intentional use of deceitful practices in order to gain an unfair advantage.

Fraudulent – done with the intention to deceive; based on false information.

Frenetic – frenzied or chaotic in nature; frenziedly

Frenzied – characterized by a great commotion and confusion; chaotic.

Frenzy – a state of wild excitement, confusion, or agitation; a fit of frenzy.

Fretful – worried and annoyed; irritable and anxious.

Friction – the force that resists relative motion between two surfaces in contact with each other.

Fright – an intense feeling of fear, horror, and anxiety.

Frightening – causing fear or terror; horrifying.

Frightful – terrifying; causing fear and dread.

Frustrate – to prevent from succeeding or fulfilling a desire, to cause someone to feel upset.

Fugacious – lasting for a very short time; fleeting.

Fugitive – someone who is fleeing from prosecution or punishment, an escapee.

Fumble – make an awkward or careless mistake, especially one involving dropping or mishandling something.

Fumbling – awkward and clumsy in movement or speech; bungling.

Furor – an outburst of intense public anger or excitement; a frenzy.

Furtive – done in a secretive and stealthy manner; surreptitious.

Furtiveness – the act of doing something secretly, often with malicious intent.

Fury – extreme and violent anger; uncontrolled rage.

Fussy – overly particular or fastidious; finicky.

Futile – having no useful result; completely ineffective.

Futilely – in a manner that is unproductive and ineffective; vainly.

Futility – pointlessness or uselessness, especially of an effort or endeavor.


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