80+ Negative Words Starting With O (With Definitions)

Here is a thorough list of negative words that start with the letter O.

We’ve included interesting adjectives, verbs and nouns that all have negative implications and connotations. From opprobrium to outlandish, these words can describe feelings of disapproval or offense, as well as feelings of confusion and dismay. The list also includes words that express a strong level of stubbornness and determination, such as obstinate and onerous.

Ultimately, this list helps us better understand the nuances of language and how different words can convey different meanings. These words can be taken as an insult, so be sure to use them appropriately.

negative words starting with o

List of Negative Words Starting With O


Oaf – a clumsy, stupid person; a boorish and awkward individual.

Oafish – clumsy and awkward in movement or behavior.

Obdurate – hardened in feeling, resistant to persuasion or softening influences.



Obese – excessively overweight.

Obfuscate – to make obscure, unclear, or unintelligible; confuse.

Objectify – to treat as an object; to view or represent as a physical object.



Oblique – not straight or direct; deviating from the normal course.

Obliquity – divergence from normal standards of truthfulness, accuracy, etc.; crookedness.

Obliterate – to obliterate completely; destroy utterly.



Oblivion – the state of being forgotten or disregarded, total forgetfulness.

Obnoxious – highly offensive; causing displeasure, aversion, or ridicule.

Obscure – not easily seen, heard, or understood; vague or indistinct.



Obsequious – obedient and subservient; fawning.

Obsolete – no longer in general use; outmoded.

Obstinate – stubbornly refusing to change one’s opinion or course of action.



Obstreperous – noisy, boisterous; difficult to control.

Obstruct – to hinder or block the progress of; impede.

Obtrude – to intrude or thrust oneself forward in a crude manner.



Obtrusive – tending to intrude upon or interfere with others; pushy.

Obtrusive: Unpleasantly noticeable; intrusive.

Obtuse – dull, stupid, or insensitive.



Obviate – to anticipate and make unnecessary, preclude the need for.

Occlude – to obstruct, shut off, or block.

Odd – strange or peculiar in a manner that is not typical; deviating from what is ordinary or expected.



Odious – evoking or deserving hatred or repugnance; hateful.

Offend – to cause resentment or anger; affront.

Offender – someone who has committed a crime or done something wrong.



Offensive – causing displeasure, anger, or resentment.

Offhand – without preparation; spontaneous; casual.

Ogle – to look at in an improper, lascivious manner; to leer.



Omit – to leave out or exclude, especially intentionally.

Omnipotent – having unlimited or universal power; all-powerful.

Onerous – burdensome, laborious, or oppressive.



Opaque – not allowing light to pass through; impenetrable to vision.

Opaqueness – lack of clarity or transparency.

Opine – to express a personal opinion; speculate.



Opinionated – stubbornly and often unreasonably attached to one’s own opinions.

Oppose – to be against; contend against; resist.

Opposition – a hostile act aimed at frustrating an opponent’s objectives.



Oppress – to keep down by unjust use of authority or power, to burden with cruel or unjust impositions.

Oppressive: Exercising excessive and unjust control over the freedom of others.

Opprobrious – expressing contempt or disapproval; disgraceful, insulting, abusive.



Opprobrium – strong disapproval, harsh criticism, public disgrace.

Oppugn – to attack verbally; oppose with arguments, objections, or censure.

Oppugnant – hostile, unfriendly, or antagonistic in nature.



Oracular – Given to making pronouncements in a mysterious or ambiguous way.

Ordeal – a severe, trying experience or test.

Ordinary – common; usual; normal.



Ornamental – serving as decoration only; not having any practical purpose.

Ornery – Bad-tempered;

Orphan – a person who has lost both parents; deprived of parental care.



Oscillate – to waver between different opinions, beliefs, or courses of action.

Ossify – to harden, petrify; to become rigidly fixed in a conventional or conservative pattern of thought, behavior, etc.

Ostensible – appearing or professing to be one thing, but actually being another; pretended.



Ostentation – the practice of displaying wealth, status, and power in an excessive manner; showiness.

Ostentatious – characterized by pretentious display; showy.

Ostracize – to exclude from a group or society by common consent.



Otiose – producing no useful result; pointless.

Outlandish – strikingly strange or unusual; bizarre.

Outlaw – someone who has broken the law and is beyond the protection of the law.

Outmanoeuvre – to gain an advantage over by greater skill or cunning.



Outmoded – no longer fashionable; old-fashioned; out of date.

Outpace – to move faster than, be quicker than.

Outrage – a strong feeling of indignation and anger caused by an unjust act; an action that arouses such a feeling.

Outrageous – going beyond all reasonable limits; shockingly extreme.



Outsize – excessively large or disproportionate in size or extent.

Outstrip – to surpass in speed, excellence, or achievement; excel.

Outwit – to gain an advantage through cleverness and cunning.

Overambitious – having excessive ambition.



Overbearing – exhibiting arrogant superiority; domine

Overconfident – having too much confidence in one’s ability.

Overcritical – too severely critical; finding fault too easily.

Overemphasize – to give excessive or undue emphasis to something.



Overindulgent – excessively indulgent; too lenient.

Overlook – to fail to notice, observe, or take into account; ignore.

Overrate – to value too highly, overestimate.

Override – to nullify or set aside by superior authority; take precedence over.



Overshadow – to be much greater in importance than something else; dominate or overshadow.

Overshoot – to exceed the mark; go too far in pursuit of something.

Oversimplify – to simplify to an excessive degree, making something seem easier than it really is.

Overt – open or plainly visible; not hidden or secret.



Overtake – to catch up with and surpass another in some activity or pursuit.

Overturn – to overthrow completely; upset or reverse.

Overweening – arrogantly confident of one’s ability or superiority.

Overweight – having more weight than is normal or desirable.



Overwhelm – to overpower in thought or feeling; to overcome completely by superior force.

Overwhelmed – to be completely overpowered or overcome in thought or feeling; to be completely defeated.

Overzealous – excessive in enthusiasm and intensity; too eager.

Owe – To be under an obligation to pay or repay in return for something received.


These negative words that start with O are all a bit icky, so be sure to use them in the correct context!

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