Negative Words Starting With K (With Definitions)

There aren’t too many negative words that start with K, but we’ve collated a list nonetheless. Some of these negative words will be common, but some are quite peculiar in their pronunciation and meanings.

If you like a good kaput, and kerfuffle, then you will enjoy this list, even if they are negative words overall.


negative words starting with k


List of Negative Words Starting With K


Kafuffle – a commotion or to-do; a disturbance.

Kakistocracy– a state or society governed by the worst or least qualified people.

Kakistocratic– relating to a kakistocracy; governed by inept or corrupt people.

Kamikaze – someone who performs reckless or loss of life acts.

Kaput – out of order; broken.

Katzenjammer– loud and confused noise; chaos.

Kerflop– to fall down or collapse suddenly, often with a loud sound.

Kerfuffle – a confusing uproar; chaos in motion.

Kerfuffling – to cause confusion and disorder.

Kibitzer– someone who offers unwanted advice or opinions.

Kibosh – an authoritative stop; to put an end to something.

Kill – cause the death of.

Killer – someone who terminates or takes a life; murderer.

Killjoy- someone who spoils other people’s fun.

Kinless – having no relatives or family.

Klatch – a small informal gathering, usually for socializing or gossiping.

Klatchian– of or relating to a klatch; gossipy.

Kleptocracy – government by those who seek only personal gain.

Klutz– an awkward, clumsy person; a dummy.

Klutziness– the state or quality of being clumsy.

Knave– an untrustworthy, dishonest, or unscrupulous person; scoundrel.

Knaveries– dirty dealings and shady practices; underhandedness.

Knavery– deceit, fraud, and dishonesty; craftiness.

Knobble– to disable or incapacitate someone; thwart.

Knockabout – a disorderly or chaotic situation; uproar.

Knockout – to utterly defeat or overwhelm.

Knuckle-dragger – an uneducated person with crude behavior.

Knucklehead– a stupid or foolish person; num

Knuckleheaded– having poor judgment; foolish.

Kook– an eccentric, strange or crazy person.

Kookiness– the state or quality of being peculiar; oddness.

Kowtow – show servile deference; grovel.

Kowtowing – servile submission; grovelling behavior

Kvetch– to complain incessantly and unreasonably, whine.

Kvetcher – a person who complains frequently and loudly.

Kvetchin– to complain in a whining, petulant manner.

Kvetchiness– the quality of being a compulsive complainer.

Kvetching– to complain in a whining manner, nagging.

Kvetch-monger – someone who complains constantly.


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