Negative Words Starting With Q (With Definitions)

A list of negative words that start with the letter Q.

They can describe different situations and emotions, but in general each has a negative connotation associated with it.

Whether it be querulous or queasy, these words all carry a sense of unease and difficulty that are bound to make people feel uncomfortable. It’s important to remember that these words and their definitions may differ depending on the context they are used in and should be used with caution.

Negative Words Starting With q

List of Negative Words Starting With Q


Quack: a person pretending to be a doctor or a specialist, who prescribes unnecessary or ineffective medicines.

Quackery: promoting ineffective treatments in medicine as if they were effective.

Quackish: of or relating to a person who pretends to be qualified in some field but is actually unqualified.

Quaggy: marshy, muddy soil that is difficult to traverse.

Quagmire: a difficult or precarious situation; a swampy or boggy area.

Quagmiry: a situation that is difficult and complicated to escape.

Qualm: a feeling of uneasiness or doubt; a sudden misgiving.

Qualmish: having a feeling of uneasiness or disgust.

Quarrelsome: having an argumentative, hostile, or combative nature.

Quarrelsomely: tending to argue or fight; argumentative.

Quash: to suppress or nullify something officially.

Queasiness: having an uneasy feeling in one’s stomach; feeling nauseous.

Queasy: feeling nauseous; uneasy.

Quelch: to suppress; to stifle; to put an abrupt end to something.

Quelched: crushed; suppressed.

Querulous: habitually complaining; irritable.

Querulousness: having a tendency to complain, grumble, and whine.

Questionable: likely to be doubted or called into question; of questionable quality or authenticity.

Quibble: to argue or quibble over small matters.

Quip: a sarcastic, often ironic comment or reply.

Quip: a witty or mocking remark.

Quipping: making witty remarks or jokes.

Quirk: a peculiar or unexpected behavior.

Quirkily: behaving in an odd or eccentric way.

Quirkiness: behavior that is strange or unusual in an endearing way.

Quitclaim: a legal document that relinquishes all claims to something without offering any guarantees.

Quixotic: unrealistically optimistic; pursuing wild and impractical schemes.

Quizzical: making one feel perplexed and uncertain.

Quizzically: with puzzlement or uncertainty; as if asking a question.


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