Negative Words Starting With D (With Definitions)

This list of negative words all start with D and their definitions illustrate the negative feelings and emotions they evoke.

These words can be discouraging, disheartening, and disheartening to think about. They can leave one feeling discouraged, dejected, and dispirited. But understanding them is essential for recognizing the dark cloud of negativity that can linger over our lives and how to combat it with love, compassion, and courage. With this knowledge, we can take the necessary steps to create brighter days for ourselves and those around us.

List of negative words starting with D

List of Negative Words Starting With D


Dangerous: Involving potential risk of death or physical harm; hazardous.

Dastardly: Despicably cowardly; base and despicable in behavior.

Debased: Diminished in quality or value; having lost integrity or purity.

Debilitating: Making someone weak or helpless; incapacitating.

Deceitful: Intentionally deceptive or dishonest in one’s actions; fraudulent.

Deceptive: Intentionally misleading or deceptive; a deceptive advertisement.

Defamatory: Making false and malicious statements about someone, damaging their reputation.

Defaming: Damaging someone’s reputation by making false statements about them.

Defective: Having a flaw that prevents it from functioning properly; defective product.

Defiance: Refusing to obey orders or comply with established rules or conventions.

Defiant: Refusing to obey orders or comply with established rules or conventions

Deficient: Lacking in some fundamental quality or ability; inadequate or incomplete.

Defunct: No longer existing or in operation; extinct or obsolete.

Delinquent: Neglectful of or failing to do one’s duty; delinquent in their responsibilities.

Demanding: Requiring a lot of work and effort; exacting and laborious.

Demeaning: Degrading someone’s dignity or self-respect; belittling.

Demoralizing: Undermining someone’s confidence or morale; demoralizing experience.

Deplorable: Unacceptable, contemptible, and deserving of strong criticism or disapproval.

Depraved: Showing a complete lack of moral values; morally corrupt.

Depreciatory: Depreciating in value; tending to lessen the esteem of something.

Depressing: Making someone feel downcast, gloomy, and dispirited; saddening.

Desecrate: To treat something sacred with disrespect or contempt.

Desolate: Lonely and abandoned; desolate atmosphere or surroundings.

Despicable: Deserving of contempt and scorn; morally reprehensible or loathsome.

Despotic: Possessing absolute power in a cruel or oppressive way.

Destitute: Completely lacking in resources or funds; destitute of food and shelter.

Destructive: Causing great damage, harm, or ruin; ruinous and damaging.

Detached: Not emotionally involved or connected; impartial and objective.

Detestable: Evoking intense dislike and loathing; detestable behavior.

Detrimental: Causing harm or damage; injurious to one’s interests or well-being.

Devastating: Causing great destruction and distress; devastatingly powerful.

Devil: Wicked, mischievous person or spirit; a malevolent being.

Devious: Crafty and cunning in a sneaky way; using trickery to get what you want.

Devoid: Completely lacking in something; empty or void of an important quality.

Difficult: Hard to do or deal with; requiring a lot of effort, skill, or thought.

Diffidence: A lack of self-confidence; shyness and timidity.

Diffident: Shy, lacking in confidence; diffident about making decisions.

Dire: Very serious or dire consequences; grave and immediate danger.

Direful: Full of fear and dread; causing great distress or anxiety.

Disadvantageous: Not favorable or beneficial; harmful or detrimental.

Disastrous: Causing great damage, harm, or ruin; disastrous consequences.

Disastrous: Causing great damage, harm, or ruin; disastrous consequences.

Disconcerting: Making someone feel uneasy, uncomfortable, or confused.

Discordant: Unpleasant and disagreeable; not in harmony with each other.

Discordant: Unpleasant sounding, disharmonious; discordant music.

Discouraging: Making someone feel dejected or disheartened; causing despair.

Discourteous: Rude and impolite in a way that shows a lack of respect.

Discredit: To damage someone’s reputation or standing.

Discriminatory: Making distinctions based on prejudice and bias; discriminatory practices.

Disdain: A feeling of contempt or scorn for something, or someone considered unworthy or inferior.

Disdainful: Showing a lack of respect and contempt for something.

Disenfranchised: Deprived of rights or privileges, such as voting.

Disgraceful: Shameful and dishonorable; bringing public humiliation.

Disgruntled: Badly dissatisfied; feeling disappointed and resentful.

Disheartening: Discouraging by causing a lack of enthusiasm, hope, or courage.

Dishonest: Not honest or trustworthy; deceitful, sly, and unethical.

Dishonest: Not truthful, often deliberately misleading; dishonest behavior.

Dishonorable: Without honor or integrity; lacking in moral character.

Disillusioned: Feeling let down or disappointed due to certain expectations not being met.

Disingenuous: Not honest or sincere in nature; deceitful.

Disloyal: Unfaithful to one’s obligations, especially to a partner or employer.

Dismal: Very gloomy, depressing.

Dismissive: Showing a lack of interest and disregard for something; contemptuous.

Disobedient: Not following instructions, rules, or authority; defiantly rebellious.

Disobliging: Uncooperative, unwilling to comply with requests; unhelpful.

Disparaging: Criticizing someone or something in a disrespectful manner.

Disparate: Different in kind or nature; not comparable due to having dissimilar characteristics.

Disreputable: Of questionable character and reputation; dishonorable.

Disrespectful: Showing a lack of courtesy and consideration for someone else.

Disruptive: Causing disturbance or interference; causing a disturbance.

Dissatisfactory: Not acceptable due to being inadequate in some way.

Dissuasive: Intending to discourage someone from taking a particular course of action.

Distasteful: Unpleasant, offensive, or disgusting in some way.

Distressing: Causing worry, anxiety, or concern; troublesome.

Distrustful: Feeling a lack of trust, suspicion in someone’s honesty and integrity.

Disturbing: Causing uneasiness, anxiety, or alarm; upsetting.

Divisive: Creating tension and conflict between people by encouraging them to disagree.

Dogmatic: Adhering to unchangeable principles, opinions, or doctrines; rigidly opinionated.

Dogmatic: Following an inflexible, unbending set of beliefs without any regard for evidence or practicality.

Domineering: Bossy and aggressive; using force to control or dominate others.

Doubtful: Uncertain, not convinced; feeling hesitation or having reservations.

Downcast: Disheartened, despondent, and dejected; feeling discouraged.

Dreaded: Filled with fear or apprehension; dreaded situation or outcome.

Dreadful: Causing great fear, dread, or terror; extremely frightening.

Dreary: Dull, gloomy, and tedious; lacking liveliness or cheerfulness.

Dubious: Suspicious and untrustworthy; having doubts and suspicions.

Dull: Lacking interest, vigor, or spirit; a dull book.

Duplicitous: Deceitful, engaging in deceptive practices or behavior.

Dwindling: Decreasing gradually in size or strength; dwindling resources.


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