Negative Words Starting With B (With Definitions)

When we think of negative words starting with the letter B, we  often think of words like bad, bored and broken. But there are actually many more negative adjectives, verbs and nouns that start with the letter B.

Below is a comprehensive list of some of the most commonly used negative words starting with the letter B:

Negative Words Starting With B

Negative Words Starting With B


Backhanded: indirect and often condescending in manner.

Bad: not good; undesirable, inferior, or of poor quality.

Baffling: confusing because of being difficult to understand or explain.

Baleful: threatening or foreboding evil.



Balk: refuse to go along with something; resist compliance.

Balking: refusing to co-operate; stubbornly uncooperative.

Bane: something that causes misery, distress, or annoyance.

Baneful: causing great harm or destruction; deadly.



Banish: to force someone to leave a place or region, usually as punishment.

Bankrupt: having no money or resources; financially ruined.

Barbaric: savage, cruel and primitive behaviour.

Barrage: an overwhelming number of things coming at once; a sustained attack.



Barren: unfruitful and unproductive.

Baseless: having no foundation in fact or reason; false and groundless.

Beat: to strike repeatedly, often with some force.

Beaten: change the shape or appearance of something by hitting it repeatedly.



Bee-stung: angrily resentful or hurt.

Befoul: make something dirty or polluted; contaminate.

Befuddle: confuse or bewilder someone.

Befuddled: confused and disoriented.

Begrudge: resent having to give up something or feel jealous of someone who has it.



Beleaguered: suffering distress or difficulty; besieged and hard-pressed.

Belittle: make someone or something seem unimportant by speaking or acting in a certain way.

Bellicose: eager or quick to fight; aggressively hostile.

Belligerent: hostile and aggressive.

Bemoan: to express grief or disappointment about something.



Bereaved: grieved or sorrowful due to the loss of someone.

Bereft: deprived, lacking, or bereaved.

Besmirch: damage the reputation of someone or something by making false accusations.

Betrayal: an act of treachery or disloyalty to a friend, trust, or cause.

Bewildering: confusing or perplexing; difficult to understand.



Bickering: petty quarrelling and arguing.

Bigoted: prejudiced in favour of one’s own group and intolerant of those from different backgrounds.

Bigotry: hatred and intolerance of others, especially on the basis of race, religion, or sexual orientation.

Bitter: having a sharp, acrid taste; feeling or expressing intense animosity.

Blameworthy: deserving blame, censure, or condemnation.



Blandish: use flattery in an attempt to persuade someone.

Blasphemy: something said or done that is disrespectful to religion or religious figures.

Blatant: glaringly obvious; without any attempt at concealment.

Blatant: obvious and offensive.

Blighted: ruined or destroyed, often referring to a place or situation.



Blithe: thoughtless or careless.

Bloated: swollen with a lot of something, such as liquid or air.

Boastful: excessively proud and talking too much about oneself or one’s achievements.

Bogged down: overwhelmed with.

Bogus: not genuine; counterfeit or fake.



Boorish: rude and insensitive behaviour.

Bored: feeling listless and uninterested.

Boring: uninteresting and tedious.

Bossy: excessively domineering and demanding; attempting to control everything.

Braggart: a person who talks too much about their achievements or abilities.



Brainwash: manipulate someone’s beliefs, thoughts, or feelings, especially by using deceptive propaganda or intimidation.

Brash: overly confident and lacking tact or sensitivity.

Brazen: shamelessly bold or impudent.

Breach: breaking a rule or promise.

Bristling: standing erect; bristly; showing anger or impatience.



Brittle: easily damaged or broken; fragile.

Brutal: savagely violent and cruel.

Bullying: the use of force or coercion to abuse or intimidate others; aggressive behavior that is typically repeated over time.

Bumbling: clumsy, ineffectual, and awkward.

Burdensome: oppressive; difficult to bear.


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