Negative Words Starting With H (With Definitions)

Negative words starting with H can be used to describe a range of unpleasant emotions, experiences, and situations. They can be used to refer to feelings like hatred, humiliation and heartbreak, or physical sensations such as headaches and hunchbacks.

They can also be used to describe undesirable behavior such as hooliganism or disorderly conduct, or the tendency towards herd mentality. Additionally, terms such as hackneyed or haphazardly can be used to describe a lack of creativity and order.

Ultimately, understanding the various definitions for negative words starting with H is essential for effectively communicating in both casual and formal conversations. Knowing when and how to use them appropriately can help you articulate ideas more clearly or make a point in a powerful way.

negative words starting with h

List of Negative Words Starting With H


Hackneyed: lacking originality; trite.

Haggard: looking worn and exhausted, as from overwork or suffering; gaunt.

Haggle: to argue about the terms of a deal or negotiation, usually in an attempt to get a better bargain; negotiate.

Haggle: to argue or bargain persistently, especially over the cost of something.

Hag-ridden: tormented by someone or something; haunted.

Hair-trigger: responding quickly and sometimes overly aggressively to something; reactive.

Halfhearted: lacking enthusiasm, energy, or commitment; indifferent.

Hallucinate: to experience false sensations that appear to be real; to dream while awake.

Halt: to come to a stop; cease.

Haphazard: random; without any clear plan.

Haphazardly: in a disorganized or random manner; haphazardly.

Hapless: unfortunate and likely to have bad luck.

Harangue: an aggressive and lengthy speech, often delivered in an angry or forceful manner.

Harass: subjecting someone to unwanted and persistent attention or criticism.

Harassing: subjecting someone to unwanted and persistent attention or criticism.

Harassment: subjecting someone to unwanted and persistent attention or criticism.

Harbinger: an omen or sign of something to come; a forerunner.

Hardheaded: having a stubbornly unyielding attitude; unreceptive to advice

Harmful: causing or capable of causing injury, damage, or loss.

Harried: feeling overwhelmed by too many demands; harassed.

Harsh: unpleasantly rough or jarring to the senses; severe.

Hastiness: acting precipitately without due consideration; rashness.

Hate: intense dislike or hostility.

Hateful: filled with or expressing intense dislike or prejudice; hostile.

Hater: one who intensely dislikes another or something.

Hatred: intense dislike; detestation.

Haughty: having or showing an attitude of superiority.

Haunted: feeling troubled or oppressed by something; obsessed.

Havoc: great destruction, ruin, and disorder; mayhem.

Hazard: a potential source of danger; a risk.

Hazardous: full of danger or risk; unsafe.

Headache: a physical pain in the head, usually caused by stress, tension, or illness; migraine.

Headstrong: stubborn and determined, often to the point of being reckless; willful.

Heartache: intense emotional pain or sorrow; anguish.

Heartbreak: intense sorrow from a love lost or disappointment; anguish.

Heathen: an unbeliever in the true faith; an irreligious person.

Heavy-handed: using excessive force or being overly forceful.

Heckle: to badger or harass with questions, gibes, or ridicule; jeer.

Heckler: a person who interferes with or disrupts an event by making loud comments; heckle.

Hedonism: the pursuit of pleasure as a personal goal, often to the exclusion of other values.

Hedonism: the pursuit of pleasure as a primary goal in life; indulgence.

Hedonist: one that pursues pleasure as a goal in life, often at the expense of others; an egoist.

Heedless: careless; recklessly disregarding danger or the consequences of one’s actions.

Heinous: extremely wicked, cruel, or vile.

Hellish: extremely unpleasant, painful, or difficult; diabolical.

Hemorrhage: a large amount of blood loss in a very short period of time; a sudden outflow or overflow.

Hemorrhaging: to suffer from a large, sudden loss; to bleed out.

Herd mentality: the tendency for individuals to think and act as part of a group rather than as independent individuals; conformity

Hideous: extremely ugly and unpleasant to look at; repulsive.

High-handed: assuming power without justification; arbitrary and overbearing.

High-strung: easily excited, nervous, or irritable; tense.

Hijacking: to forcefully take control of something, typically a vehicle or aircraft.

Hinder: to obstruct the progress or accomplishment of something; impede.

Hindering: preventing progress, development, or accomplishment; obstructive.

Hindrance: an obstacle that hinders progress or achievement; a nuisance.

Hoarder: one who accumulates possessions and keeps them beyond what is necessary or reasonable; a pack rat.

Hoarding: collecting and accumulating possessions without regard or utility.

Hoax: a joke played on someone with the intention to deceive them.

Hoaxer: one who perpetrates a hoax, especially for malicious purposes.

Hobble: to move with difficulty, usually due to an injury or disability; limp.

Hobbled: crippled, disabled, or impaired in any way.

Hobgoblin: an object of fear or alarm; a terror.

Hogwash: foolish or nonsensical talk; nonsense.

Hollow: lacking real value or substance; empty.

Hoodwink: to deceive someone by means of trickery or cunning.

Hooligan: a person who engages in rowdy and disruptive behavior; a troublemaker.

Hooliganism: disorderly conduct or vandalism; rowdiness.

Hopeless: having or showing no hope; disheartened and despairing.

Horrendous: causing shock or horror due to its size, extent, or intensity; awful.

Horrible: causing shock, fear, loathing, or disgust; terrible.

Horror: intense fear and revulsion; terror.

Hostile: unfriendly, aggressive, or dangerous.

Hubris: an excessive sense of pride or self-importance; arrogance.

Hugger-mugger: involving confusion and disorder; chaotic.

Humble: lacking in pride and self-assertion; meek.

Humbled: made to feel ashamed or embarrassed; humiliated.

Humiliate: to cause someone to feel ashamed or embarrassed; degrade.

Humiliating: causing loss of dignity and self-respect; demeaning.

Humorless: lacking any sense of amusement or enjoyment; grim.

Hunchback: an abnormal curvature of the spine, causing one’s back to slope downwards; stoop.

Hunger: a prolonged feeling of emptiness and lack of nourishment.

Hungry: having a strong desire or craving, especially for food.

Hurt: to cause physical or emotional pain or distress; injure.

Hurtful: causing emotional or physical pain.

Hurting: causing pain, distress, or injury.

Hypercritical: inclined to find fault in others overly harshly; nitpicky.

Hypochondria: the excessive worry of having a serious illness or condition; morbid fear.

Hypocrite: one who pretends to have beliefs, feelings, or virtues that one does not actually have; deceiving others.

Hypocritical: pretending to have beliefs, feelings, or virtues that one does not actually have; deceiving others

Hysteria: uncontrollable emotion or excitement, usually derived from fear; frenzy.

Hysterical: displaying extreme emotion or excitement, often in a chaotic manner; agitated.


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