55+ Negative Words Starting With W (With Definitions)

This list of negative words starting with W and their definitions can be used to better understand the nuances of language and negative connotations associated with certain words.

Knowing the precise meanings behind these terms can help in avoiding miscommunication and promoting clearer communication.

List of Negative Words Starting With W

Waffle: To speak in an evasive or noncommittal way; equivocate.

Wail: To make a loud high-pitched cry or wail of grief, pain, or dissatisfaction.

Wallow: To remain or lie in a relaxed, self-indulgent manner; luxuriate.

Wanton: Showing no regard for moral principles; dissolute and unrestrained.

Wantonness: An irresponsible attitude that disregards the consequences of one’s actions.

War: A state of armed conflict between countries or states; a battle.

Warily: Cautiously and watchfully; alert to possible danger or deception.

Warlike: Aggressively or defiantly hostile.

Warp: To twist or distort out of shape; bend out of true alignment.

Warped: Bent out of shape; distorted.

Wary: Cautious and watchful; alert to possible danger or deception.

Waste: To squander or misuse; to use up carelessly.

Wasteful: Characterized by unnecessary expenditure or squandering.

Wastrel: A person who carelessly wastes time, money, or resources.

Wastrel: A person who carelessly wastes time, money, or resources.

Wayward: Disregardful of moral, social, or legal standards; rebellious.

Wayward: Resisting control or authority; unruly or capricious.

Waywardness: Disregard for accepted rules of behavior; unruliness.

Weak: Having little or no strength; lacking physical power.

Weakling: A person who is physically weak and lacks courage.

Weakness: A lack of strength or power; physical or mental feebleness.

Weariness: A feeling of tiredness.

Wearisome: Tedious and tedious; tiring and burdensome.

Weary: Physically or mentally exhausted due to overwork, strain, or fatigue.

Weasel: To act in a shifty, sly, or deceitful manner.

Whimper: To make low, feeble cries of distress.

Whimsey: A sudden change of mood brought on by an impulsive idea or caprice.

Wicked: Evil, immoral, or malevolent in nature.

Wickedness: Evil, immoral, or malevolent in nature; depravity.

Wildness: A lack of restraint and control; being untamed or uncontrollable.

Wilfulness: A willful refusal to obey rules or laws; obstinacy

Wince: To make a slight involuntary grimace, as from pain or embarrassment.

Woe: Deep sorrow or misery; extreme grief.

Woebegone: Showing deep sadness and distress; full of woe.

Woeful: Very sad; causing sorrow or grief.

Woefulness: An emotional state of deep sadness and despair.

Worrisome: Causing worry or anxiety; worrisome thoughts.

Worry: To torment oneself with disturbing thoughts; disturb the peace of mind.

Worrywart: A person who worries excessively about trivial matters.

Wrack: To cause great harm, destruction, or havoc.

Wrangle: To quarrel or argue with someone in a noisy, angry manner.

Wrath: Intense anger, rage, fury.

Wrathful: Filled with anger and hatred; fiercely vengeful.

Wreak: To cause great harm, destruction, or havoc.

Wreck: To cause severe damage to something through negligence or carelessness.

Wreckage: The remains of something that has been destroyed or damaged badly.

Wretched: Miserably unhappy or uncomfortable; miserable.

Wriggle: To twist or squirm in order to escape from confinement or control.

Wrinkle: An irregular fold in the surface of an object; a crease.

Wrong: Not in accordance with justice, law, or propriety; immoral.

Wrongdoing: An act that violates a moral, ethical, legal, or social code of conduct.

Wrongful: Contrary to what is legally and morally right; unjust.

Wry: Twisted in a humorous way; droll and ironic.

Wryness: A twisted or distorted expression, often humorous in nature.


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