Negative Words Starting With E (With Definitions)

These negative words all start with E and represent the harmful and destructive forces that can affect our lives, from envy and evasiveness to extortion and exploitation.

It is important to recognize the power of these words and their potential for destruction in order to protect ourselves from them and create a more positive environment around us.

See below for a thorough list of negative words and their definitions to provide context and greater understanding.

Negative Words Starting With E

List of Negative Words Starting With E

Eccentric: Unconventional and strange; eccentric behavior.

Egocentric: Thinking only of oneself; egocentric attitude.

Egomania: An excessive preoccupation with oneself; egomania of a despot.



Egotistical: Believing oneself to be superior, exaggerating one’s importance or achievements; egotistical behavior.

Eliminatory: Attempting to remove something completely; eliminatory measures taken against a certain group.

Elusive: Difficult to find or catch; an elusive prey.



Embroiled: Involved in a difficult or complicated situation; embroiled in a dispute.

Empty: Without substance or meaning; an empty promise.

End: The point at which something is complete; the end of an era.



Endangered: Being at risk of extinction; endangered species.

Enemy: Someone who is actively opposed to something; the enemy of truth.

Enervating: Depleting someone’s energy or enthusiasm; enervating task.



Enmity: Strong hatred or ill will towards someone or something; enmity between two countries.

Envious: Jealous of someone else’s success or possessions; envious of their wealth.

Envy: Having a strong desire to possess something; envy of someone’s possessions.



Error: A mistake or misjudgement; error in judgment.

Estranged: Having a strained or broken relationship; estranged from family

Evasive: Avoiding giving a direct answer; evasive responses to questions.



Evil: Intending to cause harm; evil intentions.

Exacting: Demanding great effort or attention to detail; exacting standards.

Exasperated: Feeling greatly annoyed and frustrated; exasperated with the situation.



Exasperating: Causing displeasure, annoyance, or frustration; exasperating experience.

Exclusionary: Intentionally leaving out certain people or groups; exclusionary policies.

Exigent: Urgent and requiring immediate action; exigent situation.



Exorbitant: Charging an excessive amount of money; exorbitant fees.

Expansive: Using too many words; an expansive speech.

Exploitative: Taking advantage of someone for personal gain; exploitative relationship.



Explosive: Quickly and dramatically increasing; explosive growth.

Extortionate: Charging an unreasonable amount of money; extortionate prices.

Extravagant: Wasteful and lavish, spending too much money; extravagant lifestyle.


Negative Words That Start With E

list of negative words starting with e

Mean Words That Start With E

  • Evil
  • Ego
  • Egotistical
  • Enemy
  • Earsplitting
  • Extortionate
  • Envy


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