Funny Words That Start With Z (With Definitions)

On compiling a list of funny words that start with Z, it was quite surprising how many there were. They might not all be funny as in ‘haha’ but some just sound really zany and random – with therefore makes them funny too! I mean, have you even heard of ‘Zeugma’?

Funny Words That Start With Z

List of Funny Words that Start with Z:


Zaftig – Having a full, shapely figure; curvaceous.

Zalambdodont – Having molar teeth with a zigzag pattern.

Zany – A person who acts in a silly and humorous manner.

Zap – To strike or attack suddenly or quickly.

Zarf – A holder for a hot beverage such as a cup of tea or coffee.

Zazzy – Attractive, fashionable, and stylish.

Zealotry – Fanatical devotion to a cause or belief.

Zealous – Showing great enthusiasm and determination.

Zen – A religious and philosophical practice that originated in China and Japan, focusing on meditation and contemplation.

Zephyr – A gentle breeze from the west; a soft, light wind.

Zestful – Showing enthusiasm and eagerness.

Zeugma – The use of a single word to refer to two or more words in the same sentence.

Zigzag – To move or proceed by sudden turns in alternate directions.

Zip – To move quickly and suddenly.

Zippy – Quick, lively and energetic.

Zodiac – A system of celestial charting and astrology based on twelve constellations.

Zoetic – Full of life; vibrant or energetic.

Zoic – Relating to, characteristic of, or resembling animals.

Zombies – Mythical creatures said to be created through sorcery or death.

Zonked – Exhausted; completely worn out.

Zowie – An exclamation of admiration or surprise.

Zugzwang – A situation in which one’s best move will only worsen their position.

Zygote – The fertilized egg cell of animals that develops into an embryo.



Whether you’re looking for an interesting word to impress your friends, or just wanting to add some humor to your conversations, these words are sure to do the trick.

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