Funny Words That Start With Y (With Definitions)

This list of funny words that start with Y are all sure to bring a smile to your face! From yahoo to yobbo and youngling to Yahtzee, there are surprisingly quite a few funny Y words.

Funny Words That Start With Y

List of Funny Words that Start with Y:


Yahoo: A person who is very enthusiastic and full of energy and/or an exclamation of joy, excitement, or enthusiasm.

Yahtzee: A fun dice game where the goal is to score points by rolling five of a kind.

Yakitori: Japanese-style skewers typically made with chicken and cooked over charcoal.

Yakkity-yak – This is the sound made by someone who talks incessantly and nonstop.

Yammer: To talk in a loud, continuous, or excessive manner.

Yammering: Talking or chattering on without pause or in an annoying manner.

Yare: An adjective meaning agile, nimble, and quick in movement.

Yawp: To make a loud, raucous noise; usually used to describe the sound of birds or other animals.

Yeehaw: An expression of joy or excitement, usually used in the context of country music.

Yellowbellies – People with no courage or bravery; cowards.

Yikes: An exclamation of surprise or fear.

Yippee: An expression of joy, excitement, or enthusiasm.

Yobbo: A person who has an unruly and aggressive attitude, often associated with hooliganism.

Yodel: A type of singing characterized by changing between the normal voice and falsetto.

Yodelayhee-Hoo: A traditional mountain-climbing cry used to express joy and accomplishment.

Yodeler: Someone who sings in a style of singing by quickly changing between the normal voice and falsetto.

Yokel: A person from a rural area who is considered to be unintelligent or ill-informed.

Yonks: An informal word meaning a very long time.

Yoo-Hoo: An informal way of calling out to someone, usually in a loud cheery manner.

Youngling: A term of endearment for a young person.

Yowler: Someone who makes a loud, prolonged cry or howl.

Yuckiness: The state of being unappealing or unpleasant in some way.

Yuk: An expression of disgust or disapproval.

Yum: An expression of delight or pleasure at the taste of something delicious.

Yuppify: To make something more fashionable and upmarket.


Whether you’re looking for an interesting word to impress your friends, or just wanting to add some humor to your conversations, these words are sure to do the trick.

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