Funny Words That Start With I (With Definitions)

Funny words that start with the letter I can be a great source of entertainment and amusement.

Whilst a lot of them revolve around some form of the word ‘idiot’, there are plenty more funny meaning and funny sounding words that all start with I.

Funny Words That Start With i

List of funny words that start with I:

Ickle: A humorous and affectionate term used to describe someone or something that is small, cute or endearing.

Idiot: A person who is exceptionally lacking in intelligence, common sense, and judgment.

Idiotbox: A slang term for a television, implying that it is an instrument used to make people stupid.

Ignoramus: A derogatory term for someone who is extremely ignorant.

Imagineer: A creative problem solver who can think outside the box.

Imbibe: To consume liquids or food; to take something in.

Imbroglio: A confusing, complicated and often heated situation.

Immobilize: To prevent an action or movement from happening; to hold something in place.

Imperative: Absolutely necessary or essential; urgent.

Imperturbable: Unable to be affected by stress, worry or difficulty.

Impervious: Impossible to penetrate or affect; resilient in the face of difficulty.

Impromptu: Something that is done without prior planning or rehearsal.

Impugn: To strongly criticize someone’s character, intentions or actions.

Incinerate: To burn something completely, reducing it to ash.

Incogitant: A person who lacks thought or discernment; an idiot.

Inconsequential: Having no importance or relevance; unimportant.

Inconvenience: An annoyance or source of difficulty that interferes with one’s plans.

Incubate: To nurture something until it is mature or ready for use.

Indulgent: Willingly granting something desired, usually with pleasure or generosity.

Infantilize: To treat someone as if they were a child, often in an inappropriate manner.

Inflate: To blow up something with air or gas, often to make it larger.

Ingenious: An adjective that describes someone who is clever, inventive and original.

Ingenue: A naive and innocent young woman, typically portrayed in fiction and drama.

Innovator: Someone who creates something new and original.

Inquisitorial: Characteristic of one who inquires deeply into a subject or area of study.

Insinuate: To suggest something indirectly and subtly, without actually saying it directly.

Interpolate: To introduce something new in between existing elements; to insert something into an existing situation.

Inure: To make something immune to negative consequences; to harden against external influences.

Invidious: Deserving of hatred or resentment; calculated to create ill will or envy between people.

Iota: A very small amount; a tiny particle.

Irascible: Easily angered; having a quick temper.

Irate: Extremely angry and impatient

Irritate: To bother or annoy someone; to cause them distress.

Itis: A slang term used to describe a state of listlessness, laziness or boredom.

Itty-Bitty: Very small and insignificant.

Whether you’re looking for an interesting word to impress your friends, or just wanting to add some humor to your conversations, these words are sure to do the trick.

Funny Words I

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