Funny Words That Start With W (With Definitions)

This list of funny words starting with W include some classics such as wacky, wedgie, whippersnapper, wibbly-wobbly and wormhole.

These words are all listed because they are either funny in meaning, they sound funny or a little bit of both.

Funny Words That Start With W

List of Funny Words that Start with W:


Wabbit: Someone who is lazy and unreliable.

Wacko: A person who behaves erratically or unpredictably.

Wacky: Something that is silly, amusing, or out of the ordinary.

Waffle: To talk at length without reaching a conclusion.

Wainscoting: A type of wall panelling used to decorate a room.

Walderdash: A nonsense or ridiculous statement.

Waltz: A type of dance that originated in Austria.

Wanderlust: A strong desire for exploration and adventure.

Wastrel: Someone who is irresponsible with their time, money, or resources.

Waxwork: A life-size model of a person made out of wax.

Wedgie: A prank involving pulling someone’s underwear up from the back.

Whackadoodle: A mischievous or eccentric person.

Whiffle-whaffle: To talk endlessly without saying anything useful.

Whimsy: Something that is fun, imaginative, or whimsical.

Whippersnapper: An annoying, rude young person.

Whizbang: Something or someone that is exceptionally impressive.

Whizz: To move quickly or to do something with speed and ease.

Whoomph: An exclamation of surprise or shock.

Wibble-wobble: To move around in an unsteady, jittery manner.

Wibbly-wobbly: Something that is shaky or unsteady.

Widget: A small device or object that is used for a specific purpose.

Wisecrack: A witty or sarcastic comment.

Wizard: Someone who is very smart and knowledgeable.

Wombat: A small, furry marsupial native to Australia. Also used to describe a silly person.

Wonderment: A feeling of amazement and awe.

Wondrous: Something that is extraordinary or marvelous.

Wonk-a-doodle: An expression of surprise or excitement.

Wonky: Something that is slightly off-kilter or crooked.

Woot: An expression of joy and excitement.

Woozy: A feeling of dizziness or confusion.

Wormhole: A shortcut through space-time that connects two distant points.

Wowzer: Something or someone that is remarkable, amazing, or impressive.

Wunderkind: An exceptionally talented young person.



Whether you’re looking for an interesting word to impress your friends, or just wanting to add some humor to your conversations, these words are sure to do the trick.

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