Funny Words That Start With T (With Definitions)

A list of funny words that start with T.

They are funny either because of their sound, their meaning or a bit of both.

Words like twinkle, twerp, and thingamabob are simply amusing.

funny words that start with T

List of Funny Words that Start with T:


Tabloid: A type of newspaper that focuses on celebrity gossip and sensationalist stories.

Tantalize: To tantalize someone with something they can’t have.

Tarantula: A large, hairy type of spider found mainly in the Americas.

Tartle: A Scottish term used to describe the act of hesitating while introducing someone because you’ve forgotten their name.

Tattletale: A person who tells on others.

Tawdriness: Showy but having a cheap and tasteless appearance.

Teacupful: As much as can fit in a teacup.

Teenybopper: Someone who is obsessed with teenage music, fashion, or trends.

Thingamabob: A term used to describe an object whose name one does not know or cannot remember.

Thirst-trap: An image or statement that is designed to attract attention and arouse curiosity.

Thrilling: Something that is exciting and stimulating.

Thrumming: To hum or buzz in a continuous, low sound.

Thud: a dull sound made on impact or when something

Thumping: The sound made when someone is stomping their feet.

Ticklish: When something is sensitive to being tickled.

Tidbit: A small, tasty morsel of food.

Tight-lipped: Keeping secrets or being secretive.

Tightwad: A person who is very stingy with their money.

Tinkle: To make a light sound.

Tirade: A long and angry speech filled with criticism.

Titillate: To excite or provoke someone, usually in a pleasant way.

Titter: To giggle or laugh nervously in response to something amusing or embarrassing.

Tittle-tattle: Gossiping or exchanging rumors about other people.

Tomfoolery: Silly or mischievous behavior.

Tongue-in-cheek: A humorous or sarcastic statement, usually intended to be taken lightly.

Tongue-twister: A phrase or sentence that is difficult to pronounce.

Tonitruous: A loud or booming sound.

Tooted-up: Being drunk on alcohol.

Tootles: A phrase used to say goodbye in a friendly and informal way.

Topsy-turvy: A state of disarray or confusion.

Totality: The state of being complete or comprehensive.

Toxic: Containing or being poisonous or dangerous.

Toxiphobia: The fear of being poisoned.

Tremulant: Someone who is trembling with emotion.

Trepidation: A feeling of apprehension caused by being uncertain about the outcome of something.

Trespassing: An illegal act that involves entering or crossing someone else’s property without permission.

Trickery: The use of deception or cunning in order to achieve one’s goals.

Triumphant: Feeling joy and pride from a successful accomplishment.

Truculence: A state of being belligerently aggressive or hostile.

Tubthumping: A term used to describe a person who continues to push their agenda despite opposition.

Tumultuousness: Unrest or chaos, usually caused by a group of people.

Twaddle: Something that is foolish or meaningless.

Tweed: A type of cloth woven from wool.

Twerk: A type of dance that involves shaking and thrusting one’s hips in a suggestive way.

Twerp: A person who is silly or foolish.

Twiggy: Someone who is very thin, typically due to lack of nutrition.

Twinkle toes: A phrase used to describe someone who is light on their feet and graceful in the way they move.

Twister: A type of game that involves contorting one’s body into various positions.

Twit: A foolish or silly person.


Whether you’re looking for an interesting word to impress your friends, or just wanting to add some humor to your conversations, these words are sure to do the trick.

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