Funny Words That Start With E (With Definitions)

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Funny Words That Start With E

List of funny words that start with E:

Ear-splitting: so loud as to cause pain to the ears; deafening.

Earwig: an insect with long antennae, characterized by a belief that it burrows into the ears of humans.

Ebullience: an overflowing of enthusiasm and energy; high spirits.

Ebullient: showing immense enthusiasm and joy; high-spirited.

Eccentricity: the quality of being unusual, unpredictable, or contrary to normal expectations.

Eclat: great acclaim or admiration; widespread fame.

Effervescence: a joyful sparkle or bubbly enthusiasm.

Effervescent: characterized by high spirits and enthusiasm; bubbly and vivacious.

Efficacious: having the power to produce a desired effect; effective.

Effluvium: unpleasant-smelling emissions or vapors.

Effrontery: boldness, insolence, and disrespect shown toward someone in a position of authority.

Effulgent: dazzlingly bright and radiant; shining brilliantly.

Egoism: the belief that one’s own interests are more important than those of others.

Egregious: extremely bad; shockingly offensive or heinous.

Eidetic: having a vivid mental image that is so precise that it seems to be real when recalled.

Eloquence: the power of expressing oneself fluently, forcefully, and impressively in speech or writing.

Emendation: an amendment to something already written or established; a correction or revision.

Emoji: an iconic image, often quite small in size, used to express an emotion or idea.

Empiricism: the theory that all knowledge comes from experience.

Enervate: to weaken or reduce in strength; sapping energy and vitality.

Enervating: weakening or sapping the strength, energy, and vitality of something.

Enigma: something that is puzzling, mysterious, or difficult to comprehend; a riddle.

Enmesh: to catch or involve something in an intricate or complicated network; entangle.

Enmity: deep-seated hatred; hostility or ill will.

Ennoble: to raise in rank, character, or status; to exalt.

Ensconce: to settle securely or snugly; establish firmly.

Entreaty: an earnest request or appeal; supplication.

Ephemeral: lasting for a very short time; fleeting.

Epicureanism: the pursuit of pleasure as a way of life, with emphasis on leisure and indulgence in good food and drink.

Epiphany: a moment of sudden and great revelation or realization.

Equanimity: mental calmness, composure, and evenness of temper, especially in a difficult situation.

Erstwhile: former; at one time but not now.

Erudite: having or showing great knowledge, wisdom, or learning derived from study.

Erudition: profound knowledge acquired by learning, study, and research.

Eschatology: the branch of theology concerned with the end of the world and final destiny of humanity.

Esoteric: intended for a small circle of initiated persons; private.

Esotericize: make something esoteric.

Espionage: the practice of spying or gathering secret information about the activities of an enemy or competitor.

Eugenics: the study of methods used to improve genetic qualities by selective breeding and other techniques.

Euhemerism: the belief that mythological gods were originally historical human beings.

Euphonious: having a pleasant sound; harmonious or agreeable to the ear.

Euphoria: a feeling of overwhelming happiness and contentment.

Evanescent: quickly fading or disappearing from sight, memory, or existence.

Evocation: an act of calling forth or summoning up something, such as memories or emotions.

Exalt: to raise in rank, power, or character; glorify.

Exasperate: to irritate or annoy greatly; vex.

Excogitate: think out carefully and in detail; devise by careful thinking.

Exculpate: to clear from alleged fault or guilt.

Exhort: to urge or advise strongly; encourage earnestly.

Exigence: an urgent demand or pressing need; a requirement.

Exigency: a pressing or urgent situation; an emergency.

Exonerate: to clear of blame or guilt; acquit.

Exorbitant: greatly exceeding bounds of reason or moderation.

Exorcism: a religious ceremony intended to drive out evil spirits from a person or place.

Expatiate: speak or write at length or in detail; discourse freely.

Expedite: to speed up progress or accomplishment; accelerate.

Experiential: derived from experience or observation.

Explicate: explain something in great detail.

Explication: an act of detailed explanation or interpretation of something, such as a literary work

Expostulate: argue earnestly or urgently in protest, remonstrance, or expostulation.

Expunge: to erase completely; obliterate.

Extol: to praise highly; glorify.

Extraneous: irrelevant and unrelated to the subject at hand; foreign.

Exuberance: abundant joy and energy; effervescence.

Funny Words E

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