Funny Words That Start With N (With Definitions)

To provide a list of funny words that start with N, we thought of words that have a funny meaning, a funny sound, or both. Some are serious (but can have funny connotations) and some are just plain silly – like numpty, noob and nincompoop πŸ™‚ 


Funny Words That Start With N

List of Funny Words that Start with N:

Nagivating – the act of nagging or complaining repeatedly – normally as a β€˜backseat driver’.

Nailed-it – used to express that something has been done perfectly or with great success. Also, can be sarcastically used when something completely fails.

Namby-pamby – a person who is weak, timid, and ineffectual.

Natterjack – a person who talks non-stop and never stops to listen.

Nefarious – wicked, criminal, and morally reprehensible behavior.

Negatory – a negative response or reply.

Neoteny – the retention of youthful features into adulthood.

Nerd – an intelligent but socially awkward person.

Nerdburger – someone who is overly focused on a single subject or hobby.

Nerdling – an awkward and eccentric person.

Neurotic – someone who has an excessive amount of anxiety or fear.

Nibbler – someone who eats cautiously and slowly.

Nidget – a silly, insignificant person.

Niggle – to complain or find fault with something in a persistent but petty way.

Nimrod – someone who is slow-witted or clumsy.

Nincompoop – a fool or simpleton.

Ninnyhammer – an idiot or simpleton.

Ninny – a foolish person.

Nitwit – an incredibly stupid person.

Nix – to cancel or reject something.

Nocuous – having a harmful or dangerous effect.

Noisome – extremely unpleasant, offensive, or disgusting.

Nonsensical – something that is completely illogical or absurd.

Noob – an inexperienced or unskilled person.

Noobishness – acting like an inexperienced novice.

Noodle – a foolish or silly person.

Nosey – overly curious or inquisitive

Nosiness – excessive curiosity or prying into something that is none of one’s business.

Nudnik – a pest who annoys people with constant nagging.

Nudnikery – annoying behavior, especially of somebody who is a pest.

Nugget – something small but valuable; an insightful or witty remark.

Nuisance – an annoying, disruptive, or bothersome person or thing.

Numbskull – a foolish or stupid person.

Numbnut – an incompetent person; a fool.

Numpty – an incompetent person; a fool.

Numbskull – a foolish, stupid person.

Numbskullery – behavior that is silly and foolish.

Nunchucks – two short wooden sticks connected at one end by a length of rope or chain, used as a weapon in martial arts.

Nurd – an unpleasant, boring, unattractive person.

Nutter – someone who is crazy or eccentric.

Nuttiness – foolishness, craziness, or silliness.

Nutty – someone who is crazy or eccentric.


Whether you’re looking for an interesting word to impress your friends, or just wanting to add some humor to your conversations, these words are sure to do the trick.

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