Funny Words That Start With C (With Definitions)

Funny words that start with C may have you thinking of clowns, conundrums, conniptions and crackpots.

Which are all, of course, funny words, but there are many more funny words all starting with C that can get a laugh – either through their definitions or their crazy, creative words themselves.

Funny Words That Start With C


List of Funny Words That Start With C


Cacodemonomania: The belief that one is possessed by a demon.

Cacophonous: Incongruous and unpleasant sounding.

Cankles: A slang term for thick ankles.

Canoodle: To engage in intimate behavior such as cuddling or kissing.

Cantankerous: Bad tempered, argumentative, and irritable.

Captivology: The study of why certain messages persuade people to act.

Caricaturist: A person who makes humorous drawings or sketches.

Carnivalesque: Having a festive, chaotic atmosphere like that of a carnival or fair.

Cartophilia: The collecting of maps.

Cartwheel: An acrobatic move in which the body is spun around while suspended horizontally.

Casuistry: The application of ethical principles to particular cases in order to resolve moral dilemmas.

Cataphrenia: A delusion in which a person believes that their own thoughts are being imposed on them from outside sources.

Cattywampus: In a disorderly or crooked way

Cavil: To raise trivial or frivolous objections.

Cheesy: Something of poor or low quality, and/or of bad humor.

Chicanery: Deceptive or dishonest behavior used to trick someone.

Childish: A behavior that is immature, and inappropriate for an adult’s age.

Chimerical: Something that is highly improbable or impossible.

Chimeristic: A combination of two different species or forms.

Chirography: The art of handwriting and penmanship.

Chirpy: High-spirited, good humored, and cheerful.

Chortle: A combination of a chuckle and a snort.

Chronophage: Something that eats up time, such as an activity that requires a lot of time

Churl: A rude, mean-spirited person.

Circumforaneous: Moving around in a circle, especially for the purpose.

Claptrap: Talk or writing that is empty, foolish, or insincere.

Clodhopper: An awkward, clumsy person.

Clown: A professional entertainer or comedian who typically dresses up in a colorful costume and performs silly physical stunts.

Cobblepot: A small bowl for collecting coins.

Cockalorum: An overly self-important person who speaks in a boastful manner.

Collywobbles: A feeling of worry or nervousness

Comedian: A person who performs in a humorous or satirical manner, typically on stage.

Commensalism: A mutual relationship between two organisms where one organism benefits and the other is unaffected.

Compunction: A feeling of guilt or regret for one’s actions.

Concatenate: To link together in a series or chain.

Concupiscence: An intense desire or lust for something.

Confabulation: Creating stories to fill in memory gaps.

Confiture: An old-fashioned term to describe jam or preserves.

Confusticate: To confuse or perplex someone

Congeries: A collection of different things, often diverse and disparate.

Conniption: A fit of rage, hysteria, or panic.

Contentious: Involving a dispute or disagreement.

Contumely: Rudeness or insult directed at someone.

Conundrum: A riddle or puzzle that is difficult to solve.

Convivial: Friendly, cheerful, and sociable.

Cosset: To treat someone with excessive kindness and attention.

Coulrophobia: Fear of clowns.

Cowabunga: An expression used to express excitement or joy.

Coy: A behavior characterized by being shy and reserved.

Cozenage: Deceptive behavior or trickery.

Crabbed: Difficult to understand, especially because of being old-fashioned or obscure.

Crackpot: A person who has strange or impractical ideas.

Crapulence: The feeling of extreme sickness or discomfort after heavy indulgence in food or drink.

Crotchety: Easily annoyed and grumpy.

Cuckoo: A person who behaves in a foolish or eccentric manner.

Cutesy: Extremely adorable and innocent looking.

Cynanthropy: The delusion of believing one is a dog.



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