Funny Words That Start With F (With Definitions)

When you think of funny words that start with F, the list can seem endless! From fandangle to fracas, there are plenty of humorous words that start with F.

Here is a list of funny words that start with F, that may be funny because of:

  • their meaning,
  • they are a synonym for ‘funny’, or
  • simply the complete randomness of the word.
Funny Words That Start With f

List of funny words that start with F:

Fanciful: Whimsically imaginative; not practical or realistic.

Fandangle: An unnecessary decoration or addition.

Fantabulous: Outstandingly wonderful or fabulous.

Fantods: An intense feeling of agitation or restlessness.

Farcical: Absurdly humorous; ridiculous.

Feckless: Ineffective; careless; irresponsible.

Feisty: Quick to take offense or angry; full of spirit and energy.

Fiasco: A complete failure or disaster.

Fiddlesticks: An exclamation of annoyance or disbelief.

Fisticuffs: A fight involving punching with the fists.

Fizgig: A prank or practical joke.

Flabbergast: To surprise and shock someone; to be overwhelmed by astonishment.

Flapdoodle: Nonsense or foolish talk.

Flay: To startle or frighten with sudden noise.

Flibbertigibbet: A silly, flighty person; a chatterbox.

Flimflam: Deception; trickery, nonsense.

Flimflammery: Trickery; deceptive speech or behaviour aimed at deceiving someone.

Flummadiddle: To fuss or engage in idle conversation; to talk nonsense.

Flummerdoodle: Foolish or nonsensical talk; idle chatter.

Flummery: Excessively flattering language or behaviour; flattery.

Flummox: To confuse, baffle, or perplex someone.

Flummoxed: Confused; bewildered.

Fluxion: A continuous flow or change.

Foofaraw: An excessive display of finery, ornamentation, or excitement.

Forefend: To protect from danger or bad luck.

Forker: A person who loves to eat food with a fork.

Frabjous: Extremely delightful; joyous and merry.

Fribble: To fritter away time or money; to waste or squander.

Frolic: To playfully move around in a lively manner.

Frolicsome: Playful; full of high spirits and energy.

Froogle: To search for something on the internet in a confused and disorganized way.

Froufrou: Showy, frilly clothing; excessive ornamentation.

Fuddy-duddy: A stuffy, conservative person who is out of touch with modern trends.

Fudgicle: A flavoured frozen dessert on a stick, usually chocolate-flavored.

Fugacious: Vanishing or fleeting quickly.

Fuggle: To fidget or squirm about nervously.

Funambulist: A tightrope walker.

Funny: Amusing or provoking laughter; comical.

Furbelow: An excessive amount of detail on a garment or object.

Furgle: To fumble or make mistakes while doing something.

Furphy: A rumour or tall tale.

We hope this list of funny words starting with F has been enjoyable and helpful for you!

Whether you’re looking for an interesting word to impress your friends, or just wanting to add some humor to your conversations, these words are sure to do the trick.

Funny Words F

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