Funny Words That Start With D (With Definitions)

This list of funny words all start with D and are sure to bring a smile and chuckle to your day.

From dillydallier, to dingbat and dumbwaiter to dingleberry, there are so many funny words all starting with the letter D!

Funny Words That Start With d

List of Funny Words That Start With D

Dabble: To do something in an unfocused and casual manner.

Dander: An old-fashioned word meaning to get angry or annoyed.

Dandiprat: A small, insignificant person.

Dap-happy: Feeling cheerful, optimistic and enthusiastic.

Dapple: To mark something with spots or patches of color.

Debonair: Charming and suave in manner.

Defenestrate: To throw someone or something out of a window in anger.

Defenestration: The act of throwing someone or something out of a window.

Deftly: Doing something skillfully and gracefully.

Deftness: Skillful and quick at doing something.

Deipnosophist: An expert in the art of dinner-table conversation.

Deliriously: A state of being in complete and utter bliss.

Delirium: A state of confusion and disorientation caused by a sudden illness.

Deranged: Describing someone as crazy or disturbed.

Derring-do: An action that is brave, heroic and full of daring.

Diddle-daddle: To dawdle, meander or waste time doing something pointless.

Diddlery: To do something uselessly, often in an attempt to waste time.

Diddlysquat: A term used to describe something that is absolutely worthless.

Digger-dagger: An object used for stabbing and digging simultaneously.

Diggled-eyed: Having eyes that bulge out in an amusing way.

Dillydallier: A person who wastes time doing unimportant things.

Dillydally: To waste time by doing nothing or going around in circles.

Dillywag: A silly and mischievous person.

Dingaling: An exclamation used to emphasize a particular point.

Dingbat: A silly, foolish person.

Dingleberry: A small annoying person or thing.

Dinglebop: An object that is difficult to identify or describe.

Dirigible: Someone who is easily swayed by different opinions.

Discombobulate: To confuse, disorient or perplex someone.

Dishabille: A state of being dressed in a careless or sloppy manner.

Disharmonious: Describing something as being out of tune or discordant.

Disharmonize: To make something sound dissonant or out of tune.

Ditzel: A silly, foolish person.

Ditzy: Describing someone as airheaded or scatterbrained.

Ditziness: Describing someone as being ditzy or absentminded.

Doggerel: A comical, often nonsensical poem.

Doggone: Being so exasperated or frustrated that you have to swear.

Doggonit: An exclamation used when one is feeling particularly put out.

Doink: To make a silly noise or movement.

Dollop: A large portion of something, usually served with a spoon.

Doodad: Another word for a doohickie.

Doodah: A nonsense word used to describe something that has no real name.

Doohickie: A gadget or a device whose name you don’t know or can’t remember.

Doohickies: Small objects that are difficult to identify but serve a purpose.

Doppelganger: A lookalike or a double of a person.

Dracula: A person whose behavior is mysterious and unnerving.

Draggle-tail: Describing someone as unkempt or dishevelled.

Dratification: The act of giving someone an exasperated sigh because they did something annoying or reckless.

Dream-weavering: Creating elaborate fantasies or daydreams in your mind.

Dreariness: Describing something as dull, gloomy and depressing.

Driftometer: A device used to measure the speed and direction of a current.

Drivel: Meaningless or foolish talk.

Droll: Something amusingly odd or peculiar.

Drone-it-out: To continue doing something in a dull and monotonous manner.

Drongo: A person who is slow to understand or foolishly stubborn.

Droning: To speak with a low monotonous voice, often in a boring manner.

Drooble: An awkward or clumsy person.

Drunkenly: Moving around unsteadily while intoxicated with alcohol.

Druthers: A preference or a wish for something.

Dubiosity: Having a feeling of doubt or uncertainty about something.

Duck-and-dodge: To avoid something, usually an unpleasant situation.

Dudgeon: Describing someone as being angry or resentful.

Dulcet: Sweet and melodious in sound.

Dumb-dumb: Describing someone as being exceptionally foolish or lacking in intelligence.

Dumbfoundry: A place where dumb things are made 😊

Dumbwaiter: A device used in restaurants to transport food from one floor to another.

Dunderhead: Another word for a fool or an idiot.

Dunderheaded: Describing someone as being so foolish that their actions are silly.

Dunderpate: Yet another word for an idiot or a fool.

Dust-bunny: A collection of lint, dust and other small particles that accumulate under furniture.

Dustup: An argument or a disagreement between two people.

Dweebish: Describing someone as socially awkward or nerdy.

Dweezil: A silly, goofy person.

Dystopian: Describing a society where life is miserable and oppressive.

Funny Words D

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