Funny Words That Start With O (With Definitions)

This list of words all start with O and can be considered funny – either because of their definition, the sound of the word or a bit of both. Words such as omnishambles, outfox and oofta provide a good chuckle and can be used in a variety of situations!

Funny Words That Start With O

List of Funny Words that Start with O:


Oaf: A clumsy or stupid person; a lout.

Oafish: Awkward, clumsy or lacking grace.

Obfuscate: To make something unclear or harder to understand through deliberate complexity or obscurity.

Obsequious: Excessively obedient or eager to please; servile.

Obstreperous: Noisily and stubbornly defiant; unruly.

Obtuse: Slow to understand; stupid.

Obviate: To prevent or make unnecessary.

Occlude: To obstruct or block; close up.

Oddball: A person who is unconventional and peculiar in behavior.

Odiferous: Having an unpleasant smell, malodorous.

Oenophile: A person who loves and appreciates wine.

Offal: The remains of a butchered animal, especially the entrails and other parts not usually eaten.

Omnibus: Comprising many different items or parts; comprehensive.

Omnipresent: Everywhere at once; ubiquitous.

Omniscient: Knowing everything; having infinite knowledge.

Omnishambles: A situation that has been comprehensively mismanaged, especially one involving a government or other organization.

Omphaloskepsis: Contemplation of one’s navel; self-absorption.

Onerous: Involving or imposing difficult labor or burdensome responsibilities.

Oofta: An expression of surprise or astonishment.

Ophiophagy: The practice of eating snakes.

Opprobrium: Disgrace, contempt, and shame that comes from a malicious act.

Optative: Expressing a wish or hope; having to do with wishes.

Opulent: Showy and richly elegant; lavish.

Ornery: Having a bad disposition; ill-tempered and irritable.

Ornithology: The study of birds and their behavior.

Orotund: Having a full, round sound or tone; resonant.

Orthogonality: The state of being at right angles; perpendicular.

Oscillate: To move back and forth regularly between two positions, states, or extremes; to swing from one side to the other.

Osseous: Composed of or resembling bone; bony.

Ossify: To become hardened or rigid, especially from lack of change or innovation.

Ossuary: An area where bones are unearthed and placed.

Ostensible: Superficially appearing to be something; seeming.

Ostentatious: Intended to attract attention and impress others; showy.

Ostracize: To exclude from a group by common consent; to ignore someone socially.

Otiose: Lazy and wasteful; sluggish and unproductive.

Outfox: To outwit or defeat with superior intelligence or cunning.

Outlandish: Bizarre; very strange and unfamiliar.

Outpace: To move faster than someone or something else.

Outstare: To face someone down with a fixed stare.

Overshoot: To exceed something in amount or degree.

Overtly: Openly; without any attempt at concealment.

Oyez: A traditional cry to draw attention, especially to a court of law.


Whether you’re looking for an interesting word to impress your friends, or just wanting to add some humor to your conversations, these words are sure to do the trick.

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