Funny Words That Start With V (With Definitions)

This list of funny words that start with V, is interesting and amusing with the words vagabond, vamoose and vexed just a few ideas.

Funny Words That Start With V

List of Funny Words that Start with V:


Vacillate: to waver indecisively between two opinions or courses of action; oscillate.

Vacuous: lacking content, intelligence, or vigor; empty.

Vagabond: a person who wanders from place to place without any permanent home or employment; a drifter.

Vamoose – A slang term meaning “to leave quickly” or “get out of here”.

Vampire:  a mythological creature that sucks the blood of the living.

Vallecula: a shallow furrow or depression, especially one between the inner edges of a pair of lips.

Valediction: an expression of farewell; adieu.

Valorous: possessing or acting with bravery and boldness; courageous.

Vapid: dull, flat, and uninteresting; tedious.

Vaticinate: to predict the future; prophesy.

Vegetate: existing in a dull, inactive, or weakly developed state; to lead a dull, inactive life.

Vegetation: plant life growing in a particular area; vegetation.

Vehement: forceful and passionate in manner or expression; intense.

Vellicate: to tickle or cause a slight prickly sensation on the skin.

Venal: willing to do something immoral or illegal for money.

Venerable: commanding respect because of great age, wisdom, character, and dignity.

Venerate: worship with reverence and devotion; adore.

Vexatious: Adjective meaning causing irritation, annoyance, or frustration; troublesome.

Vexed: irritated or annoyed; exasperated.

Vibrancy: having a vivid and energetic quality; lively.

Viceroy: a ruler appointed by a sovereign to rule over a dependent colony or province.

Vigorous: strong, active, and healthy; vigorous activity.

Vile: shockingly immoral or evil; contemptible.

Virulent: extremely infectious, poisonous, or malignant; bitterly hostile or antagonistic.

Visceral: based on instinct or emotion rather than intellect; intuitive.

Viscid: having a sticky consistency, like glue.

Viscous: having a thick, sticky consistency like syrup or tar.

Vituperate: to criticize severely or abusively; berate.

Vogue: the popular fashion of the moment; style.

Voluptuous: having fullness of form and an attractive figure; sensually pleasing.

Voracious: having an insatiable appetite for an activity or pursuit; greedy.

Vulgarity: an act or expression of inferior taste or quality.


Whether you’re looking for an interesting word to impress your friends, or just wanting to add some humor to your conversations, these words are sure to do the trick.

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