Funny Words That Start With M (With Definitions)

This list of funny words all start with M and are either funny by definition, funny by sound or just completely random – which of course then makes them funny and entertaining.

Words like malarkey, mollycoddle and mullet are just a few funny words that all start with the letter M.

Funny Words That Start With M

List of Funny Words that Start with M:

Macabre: Relating to death or the supernatural; expressing something sinister or morbid.

Macaronic: A mixture of languages, used for humorous or satirical effect; a jumble of different words from various sources.

Macrocosm: A large, complex system viewed as a whole; the wider universe or global society.

Macroscopic: Visible to the naked eye; not requiring magnification for observation.

Microsmatic: Having an unusually bad sense of smell.

Maculate: To stain or tarnish something.

Madcap: Acting in a wild and reckless manner; behaving in a foolish or highly amusing way.

Madman: A man who is considered to be mentally unbalanced or dangerous.

Madwoman: A woman who is considered to be mentally unbalanced or dangerous.

Maelstrom: A powerful whirlpool or raging storm; a chaotic and confused situation, often involving different forces.

Maffick: To celebrate wildly in a public display of joy and exuberance.

Majestic: Impressive and grand, especially in size or appearance; majestic and awe-inspiring.

Magic: The power of using supernatural forces to produce effects beyond the natural world; the art of sleight-of-hand.

Magisterial: Possessing or displaying authority, dignity and grandeur; having a commanding presence.

Magnanimous: Generous and noble in spirit; having a generous heart and an unselfish attitude.

Maim: To injure or disable someone permanently; to cause serious harm.

Majestic: Grand and imposing in appearance, bearing an impressive and regal air; awe-inspiring and stately.

Malarkey: Nonsense, foolish talk.

Malediction: The uttering of curses or threats against someone; the use of offensive language.

Malleable: Easily changed, shaped or molded; capable of being changed or influenced in a positive way.

Mammock: To tear something apart roughly and carelessly.

Masticate: To chew or grind food in the mouth; to chew something thoroughly.

Maunder: To speak in a vague and wandering manner, without any real meaning or purpose.

Mawkish: Excessively sentimental, often to the point of being saccharine; overly emotional or overly sweet.

Meddlesome: Excessively interfering or nosy; prying into the affairs of other people and trying to control them.

Megalithic: Pertaining to gigantic stones or structures made from them; relating to ancient monuments.

Megalomania: An excessive feeling of power or importance; an unrealistic belief in one’s own ability or grandeur.

Mendacious: Lying, deceptive, or untruthful; making false statements in order to deceive others.

Meretricious: Attractive on the surface but lacking any real value; superficially appealing or showy.

Meticulous: Taking great care to pay attention to detail; extremely precise and accurate.

Miasma: An unpleasant atmosphere, feeling or smell; a pervasive sense of gloom or foreboding.

Mime: A person who imitates another’s speech or behaviour in a humorous manner.

Misanthrope: Someone who dislikes all people and avoids human contact; generally hostile to the human race.

Mischievous: Playful, mischievous, and unpredictable.

Misoneism: An extreme dislike of change and new ideas; a fear of innovation and progress.

Mizzle: To rain in very small droplets; misty rain.

Mollycoddle: To excessively pamper someone; to coddle or spoil.

Mondegreen: A misheard phrase or sentence, often produced by a misunderstanding of lyrics in a poem or song.

Monster: A creature of immense size, strength and ferocity; something so extraordinary as to seem outside the natural order.

Moralism: The belief that moral action should be the basis for all behaviour.

Moron: An extremely stupid or foolish person; an idiot.

Motley: Showing a great variety of elements; made up of different types or parts.

Mugger: A thief who physically assaults their victims in order to steal their possessions.

Muggle: Someone who doesn’t have a particular skill or talent. An ordinary person who is not aware of the magical world; someone without magical abilities.

Muggy: Unpleasantly humid and hot, making the atmosphere uncomfortable; heavy with moisture.

Mugwump: Someone who is independent or neutral in their political views, refusing to take sides.

Mulct: To defraud or swindle someone out of money or property.

Mullet: A hairstyle popular in the 80s, featuring short hair on the top of the head and long hair in the back; ‘business in the front, party in the back’.

Mulligrubs: Feeling sad, depressed, discouraged, and generally down.

Muse: To be lost in thought or contemplation; to ponder deeply about something.

Mussitate: To mumble, grumble, or murmur in a continuous low tone.

Muzzy: Confused or disoriented; having a foggy, hazy feeling.

Myopic: Not able to see distant objects clearly; unable to think about the long-term consequences of actions.

Myriad: A great number of things, people or events; an immense amount.

Mystical: Related to mysticism; having an unusually deep and profound spiritual meaning beyond what is known or seen.

Whether you’re looking for an interesting word to impress your friends, or just wanting to add some humor to your conversations, these words are sure to do the trick.

Funny Words M

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