Funny Words That Start With R (With Definitions)

This list of funny words that start with R all have something in common – they all make for a great laugh!

They are all either synonyms for funny, sound funny or just plain ridiculous. From ruffian, to rascal, rattletrap to rogue, there are plenty of funny R words.

Funny Words That Start With R

List of Funny Words that Start with R:


Rabblement: a disorderly mob of people.

Rabid: extremely enthusiastic or passionate about something.

Ragamuffin: a mischievous person, especially a young child.

Raging: behaving in an uncontrolled and intense manner.

Rambunctious: noisy and full of energy in an uncontrolled way.

Rampageous: chaotic and out of control.

Rampant: uncontrolled and excessively energetic.

Randy: a person who is playful, lively and full of enthusiasm.

Rapscallion: a mischievous person, especially a young child.

Rascal: a mischievous person, especially a young child.

Rattletrap: something that is old, broken down, and no longer useful.

Ravishing: extremely attractive or beautiful.

Razzledazzle: a noisy and exciting display of energy.

Razzmatazz: Exciting activity, commotion, or show; great fanfare and activity.

Rebounder: someone who is able to quickly shrug off failure and continue on with life or work.

Recharger: someone who helps to restore energy and motivation in others.

Reckoner: someone who is adept at calculating or estimating things.

Recumbently: in a relaxed, laidback manner.

Reenergizer: someone who helps revive enthusiasm and energy in others.

Reinvigorator: someone who helps revive enthusiasm and energy in others.

Rejuvenator: someone who helps restore energy, optimism, and enthusiasm in others.

Reliever: someone who helps provide relief in difficult situations.

Relooper: someone who does not adhere to social norms or expected behaviour.

Reveler: someone who has an excessive amount of fun.

Ridiculous: something that is silly, outrageous, or downright absurd.

Rigmarole: A lengthy and complicated procedure; an excessively lengthy speech.

Roguishly: mischievously and playfully naughty.

Rudimentary: basic and simple in nature.

Ruffian: a person who behaves in a rough and violent manner.

Rumbustious: boisterous and loud.


Whether you’re looking for an interesting word to impress your friends, or just wanting to add some humor to your conversations, these words are sure to do the trick.

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