Funny Words That Start With Q (With Definitions)

When compiling this list of funny words that start with Q, we were sure to include words that made us laugh out loud! They are unique, witty, and often quite silly. Let’s get started:

Funny Words That Start With Q

List of Funny Words that Start with Q:


Quackpot – A person who has very fixed and alternative opinions, believes in conspiracy theories and/or questions science-based research.

Quaff – To drink something heartily or with gusto.

Quagga – An extinct species of Zebra, once native to southern Africa.

Quaggy – Soft and soggy, like a wet marsh or bog.

Quagmire – A difficult and often dangerous situation.

Quagswagging – To walk in a clumsy, awkward manner.

Quandary – A state of perplexity, uncertainty, or doubt.

Quander – To question or ponder something.

Quasicrystal – A type of solid material with an unusual atomic structure that does not repeat in a regular pattern.

Querulous – Prone to complaining; habitually fault-finding.

Quesadilla – A Mexican dish prepared with a tortilla filled with cheese and other ingredients. It’s ‘funny’ because it’s hard to say 😊

Quest – A journey to seek a particular thing or to achieve a desired outcome.

Quibble – To argue over insignificant details or make minor complaints or objections.

Quicksticks – To do something very quickly and efficiently.

Quiddity – An elusive or hard-to-define quality or concept.

Quiff – A hairstyle consisting of a pompadour, where the hair is combed up and away from the face.

Quiffle – To make an amusing sound when laughing or snorting.

Quindecillennial – A period of fifteen years or an event celebrated every fifteen years.

Quintessence – The highest essence, purest form, or most perfect example of something.

Quintic – A fifth order polynomial equation.

Quip – A clever remark or witty comment.

Quipster – A person given to making clever remarks or quips.

Quirky – Possessing an unusual or humorous quality.

Quixotic – A foolishly romantic or impractically idealistic action or idea.

Quokka – An Australian marsupial species, known for its friendly nature and cheerful disposition.

Quondam – Of a former time; having once been past.

Quotidian – Something that occurs on a daily basis.

Qwerty – The most common type of keyboard layout used on computer keyboards.


Whether you’re looking for an interesting word to impress your friends, or just wanting to add some humor to your conversations, these words are sure to do the trick.

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