Funny Words That Start With H (With Definitions)

Here is a list of funny words that start with H, that may be funny because of:

  • their meaning,
  • they are a synonym for ‘funny’, or
  • simply the complete randomness of the word.
Funny Words That Start With H

When we think of funny words that start with H, we think of the classics like ‘ha-ha,’ and ‘hullabaloo.’ But there are many other humorous words that start with H that you may not have heard before….

List of funny words that start with H:

Hack: To make minor, often unskilful alterations to something.

Hairball: A clump of fur that is coughed up by certain animals, most commonly cats.

Half-cocked: Acting or done without thoroughness, seriousness, or proper preparation.

Hallelujah: An expression of joy, praise, or thanksgiving to God.

Hal luciferous: Generating illusions; having the power to produce hallucinations in the mind.

Ham-fisted: Clumsy and inept; ungraceful.

Hapless: Unfortunate and unlucky, often in a comical way.

Haplessness: Unfortunate and unlucky; often in a comical way.

Happenstance: A chance occurrence; a fortuitous event.

Harangue: A long, aggressive speech that rebukes or belittles someone.

Harbourage: A place of refuge or safety, such as a port in a storm.

Harlequin: A clown or buffoon in a traditional comic theatre performance.

Harum-scarum: Wild and reckless; carefree and irresponsible.

Haw-haw: A loud, exaggerated chuckle used to express amusement.

Haymaker: A powerful punch thrown in boxing or a fight.

Headbanger: An enthusiastic fan of heavy metal music who headbangs during performances.

Hebetude: Mental dullness; lethargy or listlessness.

Heedlessness: Neglecting to pay attention or take caution; careless and imprudent.

Heinous: Extremely wicked and cruel; evil and despicable.

Hellacious: Extremely bad, unpleasant, or severe.

Hickory: Tough and durable; resistant to wear.

Hidebound: Unwilling to change or adapt; rigidly old-fashioned.

Higgledy-piggledy: A state of confusion or disorder; a jumble.

Highfalutin’: Affectedly grand; pompous and pretentious language.

High jinks: Pranks or mischievous behavior; a wild and spirited fun.

Hilarious: Extremely funny; causing great amusement.

Hoax: A deliberately created false story or prank.

Hobble: To move clumsily or awkwardly, especially due to an injury or impairment.

Hobbledehoy: An awkward, gangly adolescent boy; an inexperienced youth.

Hobnob: To consort with someone; to associate.

Hobnobbed: To consort with someone; to associate.

Hocus-pocus: Meaningless, magical-sounding words used to distract people from the truth.

Hodgepodge: A confused mixture of miscellaneous items or ingredients.

Hoedown: An old-fashioned dance characterized by lively music and enthusiastic dancing.

Hogwash: Nonsense; foolish talk or ideas.

Hoity-toity: Pretentious, overly affected, or snobbish behavior.

Holistic: Relating to the whole, rather than focusing on just one part of something; looking at the entirety of a situation or concept.

Holler: To call out in a loud voice; shout.

Holler-than-thou: Someone who makes exaggerated claims about their knowledge, abilities, or authority over others.

Hooey: Meaningless talk; nonsense.

Hootenanny: A gathering for informal singing, dancing, and entertainment.

Hornswoggle: To deceive or cheat, especially by outwitting or tricking.

Huckaback: A heavy fabric with a rough, bumpy surface.

Huckster: A person who engages in aggressive, showy salesmanship.

Hullabaloo: A loud disturbance or commotion.

Humblebrag: An attempt to draw attention to one’s achievements or talents by couching them in a display of false modesty.

Humbug: Pretentious nonsense; something designed to deceive or mislead.

Humdinger: Something exceptionally good or impressive.

Huzzah: An exclamation of joy, praise, or encouragement.

Hyperbole: An exaggerated statement or claim not meant to be taken literally.

Hysteria: An agitated state of intense emotion, such as fear or excitement.

Hysterical: Uncontrollably funny; causing great hilarity.

Funny Words H

Whether you’re looking for an interesting word to impress your friends, or just wanting to add some humor to your conversations, these words are sure to do the trick.

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