Funny Words That Start With B (With Definitions)

These funny words all start with B and can bring a smile to your face.

These words may be funny because of:

  • their meaning,
  • they are a synonym for ‘funny’, or
  • simply the complete randomness of the word.
Funny Words That Start With B

List of Funny Words That Start With B

Bablah ooey: Used as an exclamation when you don’t know what else to say.

Bafflegab: Nonsensical language that is difficult to understand or make sense of – often used to make fun of politicians.

Balderdash: Nonsense, gibberish, or something made up.

Ballyhoo: An exaggerated display of enthusiasm or excitement.

Bally hooey: Exaggerated claims or statements designed to impress people.

Bally ragger: Someone who talks in an arrogant manner to gain attention.

Bally whoop: A loud, excited noise made to show enthusiasm or agreement.

Bamboozle: To deceive or outwit someone through trickery.

Bamboozler: Someone who is successful at deceiving others.

Bananabender: An Australian word for someone who hails from the state of Queensland.

Bangarang: An exclamation of surprise, excitement, or joy.

Banterer: Someone who engages in playful, good-natured teasing or banter.

Barmy: Crazy, nonsensical, and irrational.

Bedswerver: A person who is unfaithful in marriage or any romantic relationship.

Beelzebub: An evil-looking bubble that is full of lies and deceit.

Befuddle: To confuse or bewilder someone.

Bejigger: To do something unexpectedly or surprisingly well.

Bejumble: To mix up, disorganize, or confuse something.

Belphegor: An imaginary creature that represents mischievousness and chaos.

Bequeath: To give something, usually of sentimental or financial value, to someone in one’s will.

Berfuffle: To be thrown into a state of confusion or disarray.

Bewitching: To bewitch or enchant someone with a spell.

Bezzle: A fraudulent scheme or swindle of some kind.

Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo: A magical phrase used to transform something or bring it to life (from Cinderella).

Bibble-Blabble: To talk without any real direction or meaning. Gibberish or nonsense talk.

Biggity-Bam: An exclamation used to show excitement or enthusiasm.

Bigmouth: Someone who talks too much and cannot keep a secret.

Bizwazzle: To be full of enthusiasm and energy, usually while talking.

Bizwop: An exclamation used to express confusion, surprise, or disbelief.

Bizzwack: Something foolish or silly that is said in order to amuse someone.

Blabberwocky: A nonsensical language full of made-up words.

Blagger: To talk big or boast excessively.

Blague: A joke or prank that is intended to deceive someone.

Blarney: Flattery that is intended to deceive or manipulate.

Blasphemy: The act of speaking or writing something that is disrespectful towards religion.

Blatherskite: Someone who talks a lot but has nothing meaningful to say.

Bleak: Hopelessly depressing or disheartening.

Bletherskate: Someone who talks too much and never listens.

Blimey: An expression of surprise or amazement.

Blinkard: Someone with bad eyes.

Blithering: To talk nonsense in a long-winded, rambling way.

Blitzen: To move at a very fast speed or act with great energy.

Blivet: An impossible object with three points and two prongs at each end.

Bloviate: To speak pompously or eloquently.

Bludger: someone who is lazy and take off others without contributing.

Blurting: To speak without thinking, often resulting in saying something inappropriate or embarrassing.

Blusterous: Boisterous and noisy in a way that is annoying or intimidating.

Bodacious: brave, daring and bold; usually used in admiration.

Boffle: A sound made to express frustration or disagreement.

Boffo: An exceptionally well-received performance, usually in the entertainment industry.

Boffola: A laugh that is loud and boisterous.

Boggle: To be surprised or shocked by something.

Bogusly: Something that is not genuine, authentic, or trustworthy.

Boondoggle: A wasteful or pointless activity.

Bork: To make a mistake or mess something up.

Bosh: Nonsense or rubbish; used to express disbelief.

Bozzo: Someone who is clumsy and inept.

Brouhaha: A commotion or fuss caused by a lot of excited activity.

Buffoon: A person who behaves foolishly or inappropriately in order to amuse others.

Bulldozer: a person who is determined to get what they want regardless of the consequences.

Buffoonery: Foolish, ridiculous behavior or antics.

Bumfuzzle: To be confused and bewildered.

Bumptious: Overly confident and self-important in manner.

Bungler: Someone who is clumsy and inept at a task.

Busy bee: A person who is constantly busy and industrious.

By golly: An expression of surprise, disbelief, or agreement.

Byword: A phrase that has become a popular saying due to frequent usage in everyday speech.

We hope this list of funny words starting with B has been fun.

Whether you’re looking for an interesting word to impress your friends, or just wanting to add some humor to your conversations, these words are sure to do the trick.

Funny Words B

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