Funny Words That Start With L (With Definitions)

Funny words that start with L include ‘lollygagging’, ‘lambasting’ and ‘lollapalooza’. All these funny words starting with L show how creative language can be.

These L words have made the list if they either sound funny, have a funny definition or the word itself just seems ridiculous.

Funny Words That Start With L

List of Funny Words that Start with L:

Labefaction: The process of becoming weakened or destroyed; the opposite of fortification.

Laborious: Requiring or involving a lot of hard work, often with little reward.

Lachrymose: Excessively sorrowful or tearful, usually due to emotional distress.

Lackadaisical: A person who is lethargic and apathetic, to the point of laziness.

Lambasted: To harshly criticize or berate; usually done in a very public manner.

Lampoon: To mock or make fun of someone in a humorous way.

Lampooner: A person who mocks or teases someone in a humorous manner.

Lapidary: The art of cutting, polishing, and engraving gems or other stones for decorative or symbolic purposes.

Lard: To cover or fill with fat, usually for the purpose of tenderizing meat.

Largess: Generous giving; the act of bestowing gifts upon others in abundance.

Laugh: A vocal expression of pleasure, typically associated with happiness or amusement.

Lazy: A person who is habitually unwilling to exert effort; characterized by apathy and lethargy.

Legerdemain: Sleight of hand, particularly involving skilled manipulation of objects for the purpose of illusion and entertainment.

Leitmotif: A recurring theme or phrase, often associated with a particular person, place or idea.

Levity: Laughter or joking that is light-hearted and not meant to be taken too seriously.

Limerence: An intense feeling of love or infatuation; the “honeymoon” stage in a relationship.

Litotes: Using understatement for rhetorical effect; saying something in less than the actual words it implies.

Lobotomize: To perform a surgical operation that removes part of the brain, usually done as a form of mental treatment.

Logophile: An avid lover of words; a person who enjoys playing with language or collecting rare words.

Lollapalooza: A fantastic or excellent thing; something extraordinary.

Lollygag: To take one’s time and dawdle, often without purpose.

Lollygagger: Someone who takes their time and dawdles, usually without purpose.

Loquacious: Someone who talks a lot and is overly talkative; often in an irritating manner.

Ludibrium: A playful game or activity usually involving physical danger, such as climbing a rock wall.

Ludicrous: Something that is ridiculous, absurd and worthy of ridicule.

Lummox: An overzealous but clumsy individual who often tries to accomplish too much at once.

Lunatic: Someone who is mentally disturbed or deranged; usually applies to a person who has an irrational fear of something.

Lunge: A clumsy and awkward movement, usually made in an attempt to avoid an obstacle or reach something high up.

Lunkhead: An exceptionally slow-witted person who often fails to understand jokes or social cues.

Lurid: Something that is shocking, sensational or grotesquely exaggerated.

Lurk: To move around in a sneaky or furtive manner, typically to observe without being noticed.

Luxate: To dislocate or force out of position; usually used in reference to a joint or bone.

Whether you’re looking for an interesting word to impress your friends, or just wanting to add some humor to your conversations, these words are sure to do the trick.

Funny Words L

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