Funny Words That Start With G (With Definitions)

Here is a list of funny words that start with G, that may be funny because of:

  • their meaning,
  • they are a synonym for ‘funny’, or
  • simply the complete randomness of the word.

Funny words that start with G are plentiful. From geezer, to gobbledegook there are gobs of choices! We hope you enjoy this list.

Funny Words That Start With g

List of funny words that start with G with their definitions:

Gaberlunzie – an itinerant beggar or mendicant.

Gadabout – a person who is constantly on the go and never stays in one place for too long.

Gadarene – characterized by a headlong rush into danger or difficulty.

Gadfly – someone who persistently annoys people with their opinions or behavior.

Gadzookery – language that is overly extravagant or showy.

Gag – to prevent someone from speaking or expressing themselves.

Gainsay – to deny or oppose something.

Gallimaufry – a confused jumble of words or ideas.

Gallivant – to travel around and have fun in a carefree manner.

Galoot – an awkward or boorish man or boy.

Galumph – to move in an awkward but enthusiastic manner.

Galumphing – to move in an awkward but enthusiastic manner.

Gambol – to skip about playfully or friskily.

Gamey – having a strong flavor derived from age or seasoning.

Gamy – daringly unconventional and slightly disreputable.

Garbology – the study and analysis of discarded materials.

Gargantuan – gigantic in size or proportions.

Gargoyle – a grotesque figure carved in stone as a spout for water or as an ornament on a building.

Gewgaw – an object of little value or use but often decorative in appearance.

Geezer – an elderly person who is eccentric in some way.

Gelidity – the state of being cold and icy.

Gerrymander – to divide a geographic area into political units in a way that gives an unfair advantage.

Gesticulation a gesture made with the hands or body for emphasis.

Ghastly:  causing shock or horror.

Gibber – a rapid stream of unintelligible words or sounds.

Gibberish – language that is unintelligible or nonsensical.

Gibble-gabble – meaningless or nonsensical speech.

Gigantify – to make something larger or more powerful than it already is.

Gimcrackery – something that is showy but of no real use or value.

Gimlet-eyed – having a sharp and penetrating gaze.

Gloaming – the period between twilight and nightfall.

Gloat – to show smug pleasure in someone else’s misfortune.

Glop – an unappetizing mixture or mass of food.

Glutinous – having a thick and sticky texture.

Gnarly – difficult to deal with or manage.

Gnome – a small imaginary creature that lives underground.

Gnomic – expressing an often-profound truth in a short, pithy statement.

Gobbledegook – language that is overly complicated and difficult to understand.

Gobemouche – a person who believes everything they are told without question.

Gobs – a large amount.

Gobsmacked – extremely surprised or astonished.

Gonzo – an eccentric individual who pursues their goals with extreme single-mindedness and self-assurance.

Goofy – silly or foolish in appearance or behavior.

Googly-eyed – having eyes that appear to bulge out.

Gorgonize – to turn someone into stone with a single glance.

Gormless – lacking sense or intelligence.

Gossamer – extremely delicate or light.

Grandiloquent – speaking in an extravagant or pompous manner.

Grangerize – to add illustrations or other material to a book to make it more appealing.

Gratuity – money given as a tip, reward, or expression

Gravamen – the main thrust of a legal complaint or argument.

Grift – to obtain money or other goods illegally.

Grimalkin – an old female cat that is especially cunning or sly.

Grinch – a person who is determined to ruin the holiday cheer of others.

Griselda – an archetype of patient longsuffering and obedience in adversity.

Gristle – tough connective tissue found in some meats.

Grok – to understand something instinctively and intuitively.

Grommet – a small metal or plastic ring used to reinforce a hole in fabric or other material.

Groucho – a person who is always making jokes or puns.

Grouse – an expression of complaint or discontent.

Gubbins – miscellaneous small items or details.

Guffaw – a loud and hearty laugh.

Gumble – to mumble or murmur.

Gyp -to swindle someone out of money or possessions.

We hope this list of funny words starting with G has been enjoyable and helpful for you!

Whether you’re looking for an interesting word to impress your friends, or just wanting to add some humor to your conversations, these words are sure to do the trick.

Funny Words G

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